How To Create a Meaningful Vision For Your Funeral Home

Question: What is your funeral home’s vision statement? Do you know what it is? If you do, do me a favor and write it down…now. Chances are, if you didn’t write it down, it was for one of three reasons: 1) You don’t know what it is 2) You forgot it or 3) You don’t […]

These 10 Real Funeral Home Testimonials Reveal What Families Truly Want

What really attracts client families to your funeral home? What turns them away? There’s a lot of research out there about how families see your funeral home, but the best way to find out is to hear their real stories about their experience with you. That’s why we’ve collected 10 REAL reviews to get families’ […]

25 Quotes On Funeral Customer Service From The Best And Brightest

There’s a reason why they call our industry “funeral SERVICE”. And it’s because your families’ customer experience is at the center of your business. It’s true, great customer service has always been and will always be one of the most important competitive advantages for any funeral home. After all, without happy customers, you don’t have […]

One Simple Trick To Truly Understand Your Families

If you’re in the funeral profession, you know that serving your families with kindness and compassion is at the forefront of importance. But the million dollar question is…How well do you REALLY know your families? Like we’ve been preaching for years, the families of today are different from the ones you might be used to […]

The Ugly Truth Part 2: What Baby Boomers ACTUALLY Want From Funeral Service

In a recent blog post, The Ugly Truth: Baby Boomers’ Thoughts on Funeral Service, we learned how funeral service’s biggest demographic felt about funeral service. More importantly, we learned about their negative feelings towards traditional funeral services. After all of the discussion the blog post sparked, I thought it would be a good idea to […]

9 Pieces Of Funeral Service Advice To Live By

  I started the funeralOne blog back in 2009 because there were far too few resources addressing the successes, questions, ideas, trials, and tribulations funeral professionals face throughout their journey. And thankfully, over the years, the response has been through the roof. It’s rewarding to see first-hand how big of an impact  funeral professionals throughout […]

Funeral Professionals: How to be a Hero in Your Community

It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s a … funeral professional?! When you think about the funeral profession, superheroes are the last thing on your mind, but I believe that anyone can be a hero, no matter what their job is. According to an inspiring guide to heroism I read recently, being a hero takes […]

10 Funeral Homes Putting the “Fun” Back in Funerals

When it comes to innovating the funeral industry, it isn’t easy to change a profession whose foundation is in tradition. But let’s be honest, during this time of change, we must be willing to evolve and change the way we work. In the last couple of years, I have found some pretty amazing people who […]

3 Questions That Will Transform Your Funerals

It’s not every day that families have to face the challenge of planning a funeral. And their knowledge of this process is often limited to what they learn from the media, online, or from the past experiences of friends and family. This puts the funeral professional in a unique position to not only help families […]

6 Ways Funeral Homes Can (And Will) Succeed

In a previous article Joe Joachim wrote called 5 Reasons Funeral Homes Fail, he points out the fact that 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months. Some of the reasons he discussed for the failure of a firm included not providing unique value, having no interest in the customer experience or […]