8 Videos That Inspire A New Attitude on Grief, Death & Dying

Whether we like to think about it or not, our own mortality is a very real thing. As funeral professionals, we help people face loss. But what about facing the process of death, and everything else in between? These 8 videos are some of the most inspiring we’ve found on the web to help tackle […]

Watch Our Pet Memorial Tribute Video From ICCFA 2015

This past week, the funeralOne team headed out to San Antonio, Texas for ICCFA 2015. We love these conferences – they’re a really a great opportunity for us to connect with some of the leading innovators in the funeral profession, and also a chance for us to meet some of our amazing funeralOne clients face […]

6 Amazing TED Talks On Death & Dying

Isn’t it strange that death is one of the least talked about topics in today’s society, yet it’s one of the most important events of our lives? Starting my business in the funeral profession over a decade ago has helped me look at this in a new way. Not only do I think understanding and […]

18 Signs You’re Funeral Director In Need of a Vacation

Ahhh, summer time. For your teacher friends, that means two whole months of vacation. For the rest of your friends that means at least one 2-week long vacation. But for you, my fellow funeral director, summer time just means there’s a bigger change you might catch some sunlight when you get out of work. It’s no […]

How to Offer Families An Amazing User Experience

Is your funeral home looking for ways to build better relationships with potential (and current) families? Do the words “social media” and “social networking” confuse the daylights out of you? This exclusive interview with Ryan Thogmartin and I will help you answer some of these questions. This year at NFDA, I was lucky enough to […]

[CASE STUDY] How Schoedinger Funeral Home Transformed Their Business

Operating a funeral home that has been a prominent part of your community for more than 150 years is a tough job to live up to. In order to be successful, you’ve got to connect with – and remain relevant to – your families, even during times of change. So what do you do when […]

8 Of The Most Amazing Eulogies Of All Time

When it comes to funeral services, a eulogy can be the most important element that ties everything together. A eulogy captures the life story, starts conversations, helps us remember the times we shared, and (usually) makes us laugh or cry. As a funeral director, you might sometimes feel numb towards the delivery of eulogies, mostly […]

8 Ted Talks That Changed My Life (And Will Change Yours Too)

Everyday, we search for kind of inspiration – you know, something that will provoke you and make you better than you were yesterday. And if you’re like me, you probably don’t have a ton of time to find that inspiration everyday, do you? That’s why, I compiled a list of my favorite Ted talks of […]

VIDEO: Joe Joachim and Ryan Thogmartin Talk Cremation, Boomers & Technology

Ryan Thogmartin of Connecting Directors sits down with Joe Joachim, CEO & Founder of funeralOne to answer a few questions about the future of the funeral profession, cremation and the perfect online presence. Watch the video here:     Don’t have time to watch? Check out the summary article:   How do you think the […]

What Funeral Service is Really Selling: A Lesson from HGTV

  I was visiting with a friend the other day and I noticed that she had HGTV on her TV… again. It seems like this cable channel is on almost all the time.  And she wasn’t the first person that I noticed watching this show. In fact, recent ratings show HGTV ahead of the Food […]