What the Funeral Home of the Future Looks Like

What does the funeral home of the future look like?

There are so many schools of thought – some people think funeral homes will be incredibly technologically advanced in the future, while others think funeral homes will go off-grid, or even disappear all together.

Whatever your vision is for the funeral home of the future, we invite you to embrace it, visualize it, practice it, or even better… start creating it.

The funeral profession is changing wildly at this very moment, and the sooner we get to collaborating on a bright vision for the future, the sooner it will become a reality.

What are some things you can imagine for the funeral home of the future? Here’s some details of our big vision to get the momentum started…


Warm and welcoming

Gone are the days of being scared to enter a funeral home. The funeral home of the future will be a place that people feel welcome. And when they enter, they feel a warmth from the inside out, because this is a place of love and community.


A space to tell a story

At the center of a funeral service is a story – so naturally, at the center of the funeral home of the future, there will be a space to tell a story. There will be funeral directors eager to hear the story of the loved one, so that they can help them tell it in the most healing, beautiful and inspired way possible.


Backed by inspired funeral directors

The funeral directors of the future will finally be released of the burden of selling expensive caskets, and instead will be inspired to do the work they came to this world to do: help families grieve, celebrate, heal, and tell a story. Every family that walks in the door will walk in a stranger and leave a dear friend. And, they’ll leave feeling more inspired about the end-of-life journey.



The funeral home of the future will have spaces for people to discover and interact with all the options we have to offer them on how to tell that life story. There will be demonstrations on how to have a green funeral, how to have a home funeral, and how to create a memorial for someone. And, people will be genuinely curious to learn more about their end-of-life journey.


Busy with engaged families

And if all mentioned above is true, a funeral home that has evolved will be full of happy people, who understand the value of living well and dying well. They will want to be there because they’ll be curious on all the wonderful ways someone can celebrate and tell a story of a life well lived.


Religiously diverse

Maybe the funeral home of the future doesn’t adhere to one religion, but many. Not one spiritual belief, but all. All are welcome here. All are practiced here. There is no pressure for one or the other, but an open attitude to all.


A social community center

The funeral home of the future will be a community center in many ways. There will be spaces that the funeral home will share with the community. Stunning outdoor spaces for all types of life celebrations, and beautiful indoor spaces that are a community hub. You wouldn’t think it was even a funeral home at first glance, because it’s so beautiful and welcoming.



And we don’t mean the color green. The funeral home of the future will be eco-friendly. The practices and rituals we use won’t pollute the planet. In fact, the funeral home of the future could actually help create more natural space on the planet.


In harmony with nature

Death is a natural cycle of life that is very much a part of nature. The funeral directors of the future will not only understand that, but they’ll embrace that with offerings that are in complete harmony with nature. From the decor, look and feel of the funeral home, to the methods of disposition – everything will be fine tuned to the rhythm of nature.


A classroom

Most importantly, the funeral home of the future will be a space for constant education. A laboratory of sorts. A place of learning. An opportunity for every family to teach us to improve the way we serve them. Because if we’re going to keep adapting to the needs of families, and if we’re committed to offering them real value, then education and learning are at the foundation of everything we do.


What does the funeral home of the future look like for you? Tell us in the comments below!

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