Turn Your Funeral Home Website Traffic Into Dollars

Your funeral home website should be your funeral firm’s most valuable business asset. But without the ability to drive revenues, your website is simply a cost center. What if I told you there was an easy, effortless way to turn your website traffic into dollars? With 84% of Internet users shopping online…eCommerce reveals a world […]

10 Commandments of a Funeral Home Website

  I hope those 25 thought-provoking stats about today’s families inspired you to embrace the digital families of today, and adapt your funeral marketing plan to better meet their needs. Your funeral home website should be your #1 marketing tool. And when optimized correctly, it will be the most effective way for you to attract […]

The Evolution of Traditional Funeral Services

An interesting discussion on our blog about drive-thru funerals got us thinking…Is it the formality of a funeral service that people are shying away from? Or are they simply looking for a more unique, personalized service? So, what better way to find out than to poll our social network of funeral professionals on Facebook? Here’s […]

3 Do-It-Yourself Personalized Services Changing the Game for Funeral Homes

Families are shying away from traditional funeral services and searching for more unique and personal ways to memorialize their loved one. But what are you doing about it? There’s a lot of talk around “personalization” and whether or not it’s the answer for funeral homes looking to attract those less traditional families. Although I don’t […]


Monthly Facebook Mobile Uploads

For the team at funeralOne, February has been filled with winter fun, Valentine’s Day, Fat Tuesday (otherwise known as Paczki Day here in the Detroit area) and our record-breaking Detroit Red Wings! Take a look at some of the staff members mobile uploads to their personal Facebook pages and see what we’ve been up to […]

How Caring For Your Families is Like Hosting a Dinner Party

Caring for families is what the funeral profession is all about. But as the industry evolves and the competition heats up, funeral firms need to up the ante in the level of care and services they provide, to meet their families’ expectations. The biggest difficulty in that is that it’s hard to change your ways […]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas—His and Hers!

If you’re anything like me, Valentine’s Day was much more exciting as a kid. I loved picking out my girly-themed Valentine’s Day cards (probably Rainbow Brite or My Little Pony) and filling them out for each of my classmates. Nowadays, I don’t really care about Valentine’s Day. But apparently a lot of other people do, […]

How Well Do You Know Your Cost Sensitive Families?

It’s no secret that the rise in cremation rates caused a bit of a stir in the funeral industry, forcing funeral homes across the country to revisit their traditional way of marketing to families. Today, you’re faced with an even bigger problem—cost sensitive families. Now, I know you’re all familiar with them, but what you […]

Breathe Life Into Your Funeral Home’s Dying Revenue Stream

In my last post, I outlined 4 opportunities your funeral home is missing out on, by not having The Sympathy Store on your website. Today, I’m going to dig a little deeper and explain to you exactly what eCommerce is and how it can revive your funeral home’s dying revenue stream. What is eCommerce? eCommerce […]

No Sympathy Store? 4 Opportunities Your Funeral Home’s Missing Out On

Every week, I try to write blog posts that educate, inspire and provide solutions to some of the biggest challenges the funeral industry is facing today. Today is no different. Although I don’t always try to push products here, I really believe The Sympathy Store is a no-brainer for funeral homes looking to attract more […]