Why Nobody’s Shopping On Your Funeral Ecommerce Store

Is your funeral eCommerce store not getting the amount of traffic or sales you hoped for? There’s probably several really good reasons behind the problem that may be hard for you to see without putting a virtual magnifying glass up to your store. Thankfully, that’s what we’re going to do today so we can catch […]

4 Easy Ways To Increase Your Funeral eCommerce Store Sales

funeral eCommerce is one of the biggest trends in funeral service. In fact, it’s an industry that’s already worth more than $200 billion. Has your funeral home already tapped into this exploding industry? If not, here’s what you ought to know about it before you begin. But if you’ve been been using funeral eCommerce to […]

7 Ways to Use eCommerce to Comfort Families

Are you looking for ways to help your community find the perfect gifts to comfort families? E-Commerce may be the tool you’re looking for, and the reason is simple. Through eCommerce, your families can connect with each other and their loved ones faster than ever before. Now, a gift of sympathy and love is literally […]

What Everyone Ought to Know About Funeral eCommerce

In recent years, a new trend – funeral eCommerce – has emerged in the funeral profession.  And, as with every innovative solution that emerges, questions, concerns and ideas are soon to follow. For example, is eCommerce affordable? Are we nickel and diming families? Do we need to redesign our website for it? Last year, we […]

18 Questions Your Funeral Home Website Must Answer

  In a world where 97% of  consumers turn to your website before making a purchasing decision, making sure your funeral home website answers all of their questions is essential to having a successful online presence. Chances are, when you visit a website, you have some questions in mind that you’d like to have answered; […]

Funeral Marketing: 4 Baby Boomer Myths Busted

Ah, the Baby Boomers. By 2017, they’re expected to make up half of the population. And they’re changing the game when it comes to funeral marketing. There are a lot of misconceptions about Baby Boomers and how to market to them, and it’s about time we cleared those up. Why? Because the way we used […]

How to Generate $1,000’s From Your Funeral Website (Without Doing a Thing)

  What if I told you your funeral home could generate thousands of dollars of new found revenue from your website without lifting a finger? You’d probably call me crazy, right? Well, for Wasik Funeral Home, it’s more than possible. So how did they do it? Wasik Funeral Home tapped into a well-established online tool […]

Sympathy Flowers: What Significance Do They Have?

I love flowers – especially at funerals. When families tell me they want to use “in lieu of flowers” in the obituary for a loved one, I do my level best to explain just how valuable sympathy flowers are to the funeral experience. The giving and receiving of sympathy flowers during times of mourning, sadness […]

FBA Calls Funeral eCommerce The Next Big Thing

Funeral Business Advisor featured our new funeral eCommerce solution, The Sympathy Store, on the front cover of the May/June 2012 issue—revealing that The Sympathy Store is the next BIG thing. To say that we’re flattered by this recognition is an understatement! Funeral eCommerce is something we’ve been passionate about and have believed in for a […]

7 Critical Elements of a Funeral Home Website

Today, more than ever before, you need to be maximizing the online presence of your funeral home. The truth is, your families have very high expectations, and if your funeral home website doesn’t deliver, you better believe they’ll find one of your competitors whose website does. In order for your funeral home website to be […]