Funeral Marketing: 4 Baby Boomer Myths Busted

Ah, the Baby Boomers. By 2017, they’re expected to make up half of the population. And they’re changing the game when it comes to funeral marketing. There are a lot of misconceptions about Baby Boomers and how to market to them, and it’s about time we cleared those up. Why? Because the way we used […]

How to Generate $1,000’s From Your Funeral Website (Without Doing a Thing)

  What if I told you your funeral home could generate thousands of dollars of new found revenue from your website without lifting a finger? You’d probably call me crazy, right? Well, for Wasik Funeral Home, it’s more than possible. So how did they do it? Wasik Funeral Home tapped into a well-established online tool […]

Sympathy Flowers: What Significance Do They Have?

I love flowers – especially at funerals. When families tell me they want to use “in lieu of flowers” in the obituary for a loved one, I do my level best to explain just how valuable sympathy flowers are to the funeral experience. The giving and receiving of sympathy flowers during times of mourning, sadness […]

FBA Calls Funeral eCommerce The Next Big Thing

Funeral Business Advisor featured our new funeral eCommerce solution, The Sympathy Store, on the front cover of the May/June 2012 issue—revealing that The Sympathy Store is the next BIG thing. To say that we’re flattered by this recognition is an understatement! Funeral eCommerce is something we’ve been passionate about and have believed in for a […]

7 Critical Elements of a Funeral Home Website

Today, more than ever before, you need to be maximizing the online presence of your funeral home. The truth is, your families have very high expectations, and if your funeral home website doesn’t deliver, you better believe they’ll find one of your competitors whose website does. In order for your funeral home website to be […]

Funeral eCommerce: How to Spot the Next Big Industry Trend

Everyone wants to come up with the next big idea that will bring their funeral firm growth, but very few are adept at knowing how. Take eCommerce for example, how many of you thought of it as a passing fad when you first heard about it—claiming your families don’t shop online? Well, with statistics showing […]

eCommerce By The Numbers

Did you know that $1 in every $10 is projected to be spent online this year? And that in the next 2 years, more than half of all retail sales in the United States will be influenced by eCommerce? Interesting facts, but you’re probably wondering what it has to do with you or your funeral […]

ABC’s of Selling Sympathy Gifts & Flowers on Your Funeral Home Website

It’s not often that you can refer back to your 5-year-old self for life lessons. But as eCommerce presents a new opportunity to generate revenue and provide convenience, it’s important to know the basics! Here are the ABC’s of selling sympathy gifts and flowers on your funeral home website: A – Make sure you find […]

Your Questions Answered: The Sympathy Store by funeralOne

There’s been a ton of interest surrounding The Sympathy Store by funeralOne. And since The Sympathy Store—and eCommerce in general—is a fairly new concept to the funeral profession, I figured now was as good of time as any to address some of the questions we’ve been getting. Here are your most commonly asked questions…answered! Q: […]

Funeral eCommerce: 5 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know

The demand for sympathy gifts and flowers is high, and expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. What may surprise you is that demand for these items on the Internet is strong as well. With more than 200,000 searches for sympathy gifts and flowers each month on Google alone, there is a growing opportunity […]