30 (Science Backed) Ways To Connect to Joy In Grief

Sometimes the journey of grief can leave you feeling hopeless, lost, overwhelmed and contracted. And in these moments, joy feels like a distant friend. Thankfully, there are hundreds of tiny ways you can connect with joy in your journey of grief… literally, hundreds! So we bring you 30 ways we personally love to connect to […]

Why Intimacy With Death Is Necessary for a Healthy Life

Death.  The news we all fear to hear of one day. The final destination we certainly don’t wish for. Yet, death is the most inevitable part of life. We love how Dr. Richard Kalish describes the way our society currently views death: Death is blasphemous and pornographic. We react to it and its symbols in […]

21 Conversation Starters To Support A Grieving Friend

Grief is a complex topic. It’s one we’re just honestly beginning to understand in our modern society. And the more we learn about and understand grief, the better we are able to support those who are going through it. I think we could all use a Grief 101 course, even if we’re not funeral directors […]

14 Lessons on Grief & Loss From Our Readers

Lesson #1: “Grief is one of the purest forms of love.” – Gabor S. Some people say that the level to which we love is the level to which we grieve. The more we love, the more at risk we are to dive deep into the ocean of grief when we lose our loved ones. […]

7 Unique Sympathy Gift Ideas For The Modern Griever (That Aren’t Flowers)

Gone are the days of impersonalized sympathy gifts that have zero meaning for the person or family who’s grieving. In the past, we could just send a card to someone and call it good.  Now, grief is more complex.  People are less supported and more isolated.  And in that, we’re learning that a sympathy gift […]

6 Service-Oriented Alternatives To Direct Cremation

Direct cremation rates are on the rise, and have been for a long time. Harsh truth alert: People are increasingly seeing that a full blown traditional funeral isn’t only expensive, but also unnecessary. This could be because of the decreasing religious identifications, the pandemic, a lack of value education or… all three. Whatever the reason […]

4 Grief Wellness Trends To Consider Tapping Into In 2022

Grief wellness. A concept that might seem foreign to you. While you’re scratching your head trying to work out what exactly that means, this industry is booming like none other. While Death Doulas and Soul Midwives, also newer concepts, prepare one for death… grief coaches and AI technology help the bereaved face loss with plenty […]

13 (More) Memorable Last Words Of All Time

The last moments of someone’s life are some of the most sacred, memorable, sometimes terrifying and also sometimes exquisite moments. We have heard tales of all kinds: people seeing spiritual and religious apparitions, meeting ancestors who have passed, telling hilarious jokes as they approach the grim reaper, and everything in between. These kinds of experiences […]

Let’s Talk About These 14 Fears Around Death

Let’s just all say it together and get it out of the way… The idea of death is scary for most, if not all of us. It’s the greatest mystery of all in this life. Which is why we’re scared of it. But the great thing is that we can start to ease our fears […]

Lessons on Death, Life & Everything Between with Thich That Hanh

If you find yourself here, you’re likely someone who has spent a great deal of time contemplating your own mortality.  Or, perhaps you came here because you’d like to get more intimate with your mortality. Either way, we’re glad you’re here. Because we have the honor and privilege to sit with and contemplate on one […]