4 Powerful Social Media Apps Your Funeral Home Isn’t Using (But Your Families Are)

There’s a reason it seems like everyone and their dog is on Facebook: They are. More than (ready for this?) 1.5 billion people use Facebook daily. Social media is responsible for connecting people all over the world who otherwise would have no method of communication with one another, however passive that communication may seem. Utilizing […]

Ryan Thogmartin Shares The Do’s, Don’ts and Future of Facebook Obituaries

When speaking with funeral home owners and directors about our social media services, the question of whether to post obituaries on the funeral home’s Facebook page often comes up. Some folks think it is counterintuitive for Facebook users to Like an obituary (this is about to change as we explain below). But others believe that […]

How To Handle #FuneralSelfies (And Other Modern Funeral Marvels)

Social media has taken over… well, everything. Forget the days of email, or heaven forbid, snail mail. Now when you want to share something, you tweet it out to the world, put it on Facebook, post a picture on Instagram, or upload it to your Snapchat feed. After all, as the 2015 online mantra goes, […]

We Asked, You Responded: When Did You Realize That Funerals Were Your Calling?

Image: Source Whenever we tell people that we work in the funeral profession, we get the same grouping of surprised reactions… “That’s creepy!” “How did you get into that kind of unique job?!” “Uhh…that’s interesting…” *Slowly walks away.* As funeral professionals, you’ve probably heard your own fair share of confused questions and surprised statements about […]

10 Secrets From The Best Funeral Homes On Social Media

Do you know how valuable social media really is to your funeral home’s brand? It wasn’t until 2012 when funeral homes started to finally realize how valuable it can really be. In fact, 52% of brands say social media is the top driver for relationship building/ brand engagement. That’s twice more effective than email, and […]

4 Social Memorial Websites That Went Viral (And Why)

These days, there isn’t much that you can’t do online, and grieving is no exception. In fact, more and more people every day find comfort in grieving online – whether it’s discussing their favorite memories about the loved one, visiting the loved one’s Facebook page, or posting their condolences to the family –  it’s become […]

7 Types Of Content Every Funeral Home Should Be Creating

Myth: I’m a funeral director and no one wants to read any blogs, articles or social media posts I write. Truth: You’re a funeral director and anyone who is going through one of the most difficult times in their life (the loss of a loved one) will benefit from the content you write… if you […]

The Ultimate Who, What, When Where And How Guide To Funeral Social Media

Creating a great funeral social media strategy can be a challenge. That’s because there are so many different elements you need to consider. Whether you’re talking choosing the right social media sites, creating content or getting the timing right, there are a lot of moving parts. That’s why we’ve provided this comprehensive guide to the […]

Transform Your Funeral Marketing With These 35 Amazing Tools

Does the thought of marketing your funeral home online make you think of time, money and effort you don’t have? If so, you’re not alone. Many funeral homes mistakenly think that online funeral marketing is an expensive, complicated and challenging process. But the truth is, marketing your funeral home online won’t cost you a lot […]

How O’Connor Mortuary Reinvented Their Business With Social Media

Is your company accurately represented on social media? Are you aware that Internet users evaluate your online presence and determine your relevancy and value based on the impression or “social proof” that sites like Facebook give? Well, they do, and here’s the story of how our mortuary, O’Connor Mortuary, went from not knowing anything about […]