The Ultimate Who, What, When Where And How Guide To Funeral Social Media

Creating a great funeral social media strategy can be a challenge. That’s because there are so many different elements you need to consider. Whether you’re talking choosing the right social media sites, creating content or getting the timing right, there are a lot of moving parts. That’s why we’ve provided this comprehensive guide to the […]

Transform Your Funeral Marketing With These 35 Amazing Tools

Does the thought of marketing your funeral home online make you think of time, money and effort you don’t have? If so, you’re not alone. Many funeral homes mistakenly think that online funeral marketing is an expensive, complicated and challenging process. But the truth is, marketing your funeral home online won’t cost you a lot […]

How O’Connor Mortuary Reinvented Their Business With Social Media

Is your company accurately represented on social media? Are you aware that Internet users evaluate your online presence and determine your relevancy and value based on the impression or “social proof” that sites like Facebook give? Well, they do, and here’s the story of how our mortuary, O’Connor Mortuary, went from not knowing anything about […]

20 Easy Ways You Can Grow Your Funeral Home’s Social Media Following… Right Now

If you haven’t been hiding in a cave for the last five years, you know that social media is an incredibly important piece of your funeral home’s marketing plan. Just getting started with social media? Sometimes, it can be hard to establish an engaged audience… let alone in the funeral profession! But did you know […]

These 40 Statistics Will Change The Way You Do Funeral Marketing

The way funeral homes do marketing has changed drastically over the last ten years. Heck, it’s even safe to argue that it’s changed drastically since LAST year. We already know that our families have changed, and that the way we used to market to them is no longer relevant (if you’re not sure why, be […]

5 Creative Ways To Leverage Social Memorial Websites

Remember the days before social memorial websites? In those days, you would publish an obituary in the newspaper, and it would fade into the newspaper abyss with the next day’s paper delivery. Now, since the revolution of social media and the Internet, your families want more than that for their loved one. They want a […]

12 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Impact

There is no question, your funeral home should have a social media presence.  Not sure where to get started? In a recent blog, 33 Ways to Use Social Media to Build Relationships With Families, we outlined actionable tactics to help you focus your efforts and highlighted the benefits that social media offers: for connecting and building relationships with […]

How To Build Trust With Your Families Online

Can you guess how most of your families find your funeral home? If you guessed the Internet, you’re right. In fact, 93% of consumers start their search for products and services on Google… and that number is only growing. So when families are searching for you online, what will they find out about your funeral […]

11 Quick Funeral Social Media Fixes You Can (And Should) Make Today

The other day, I read an article on Connecting Directors that reported nearly half of all Facebook users are over the age of 35! In the article, I also read that the 55+ Facebook demographic (also known as the Baby Boomers) has grown nearly 81% in the last two years! So my point is pretty […]

The REAL Value of Social Memorial Websites

  Isn’t it crazy how humans are built to crave connections with others? It’s true, a recent Blue Shield study revealed that “social connectedness” actually makes us happier. And thankfully, the funeral industry has been supporting these social interactions for hundreds of years. As funeral professionals, its your job to bring people together to connect […]