Breathe Life Into Your Funeral Home’s Dying Revenue Stream


In my last post, I outlined 4 opportunities your funeral home is missing out on, by not having The Sympathy Store on your website.

Today, I’m going to dig a little deeper and explain to you exactly what eCommerce is and how it can revive your funeral home’s dying revenue stream.

What is eCommerce?


eCommerce refers to the buying and selling of products or services over the Internet. So basically, online shopping!

Obviously, it’s not exactly a new concept. However, it is a new opportunity for the funeral profession. And with Forrester Research projecting that eCommerce will be a $279 billion industry by 2015, now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and get ahead of the competition.

And lucky for you, selling online has never been easier. Today, you can find quality, affordable solutions that can be effortlessly integrated into your website, and that handle all the merchandising, ordering, billing, shipping, and even customer service for your individual eCommerce store.

eCommerce & the Funeral Profession

eCommerce and the funeral profession

Even though it might have caught some of us off-guard, it really should be no surprise that eCommerce is changing the game for funeral homes.

The idea behind incorporating an eCommerce store directly into your funeral home website supports your community’s desire to comfort friends and family suffering the loss of a loved one. And let’s face it, 93% of consumers give sympathy gifts or flowers in such situations. So your funeral home website becomes a convenient, one-stop-shop for those who already sending sympathy gifts or flowers.

Reviving Your Revenue


It’s no secret the demand for sympathy gifts and flowers is high. Each month, over 200,000 searches for sympathy gifts and flowers are made on Google alone. Your funeral home can capitalize on this demand by adding an eCommerce store, like The Sympathy Store to your website.

Think about it…mourners already visit your website to read the obituary and find out service time and information. Why not allow them to purchase flowers and sympathy gifts while they’re there? Then families don’t have to leave your website to make a purchase.

Not only is an online store convenient for your families and website visitors, but it revives your revenue stream—paying out commissions on each sale made and extending the relationship with your families, beyond the service.

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