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Did you know that $1 in every $10 is projected to be spent online this year? And that in the next 2 years, more than half of all retail sales in the United States will be influenced by eCommerce?

Interesting facts, but you’re probably wondering what it has to do with you or your funeral firm.

Surprisingly, more than you think. In the 2011 State of Funeral Marketing Survey, 47% of you told us that revenue is one of your firm’s top challenges. With $240 million being spent on sympathy gifts and flowers online each year, eCommerce presents a new revenue-generating opportunity for your funeral firm.

But don’t just take my word for it, trust the facts.

Here’s a look at eCommerce by the numbers:


85% of the world’s online population have shopped online (Source: Nielsen)

• By 2015: $1.4 trillion will be spent online worldwide (Source: Internet Retailer)

United States

• Americans spent $194 billion online in 2011 (Source: Forrester Research)

• Today, there are more than 180 million people shopping online (Source: Econsultancy)

$1 in every $10 is projected to be spent online this year (Source: PayPal)

71% of adults shop online (Source:

88% of Internet users will browse products online – 83% will purchase them (Source: eMarketer)

More than half of all U.S. retail sales will be influenced by eCommerce by 2014 (Source: National Retail Federation)

• eCommerce will be a $279 billion industry by 2015 (Source: Forrester Research)

Sympathy Gifts & Flowers

93% of people purchase sympathy gifts and flowers for the bereaved (Source: Society of American Florists’)

88% of grief therapists think sympathy gifts & flowers are an aid in the grieving process (Source: American Floral Endowment/SAF Florist Information Committee)

200,000 monthly searches on Google for sympathy gifts and flowers (Source: Google)

87% of consumers associate giving sympathy gifts & flowers as an expression of love, care, and concern (Source: American Floral Endowment/SAF Florist Information Committee)

80% of eCommerce sympathy gift orders are from out-of-town families (Source: funeralOne)

Why People Shop Online: (Source: Econsultancy)

• Convenience – 97%

• Save time – 73%

• More variety – 67%

• No crowds – 58%

• Spend less on gas – 40%

• Pay less taxes – 30%

The Sympathy Store

600 firms have already implemented The Sympathy Store into their website (Source: funeralOne)

• Collectively, these 600 firms are generating millions of dollars in revenue from selling sympathy gifts & flowers online (Source: funeralOne)

Tens of thousands of orders have been sold (Source: funeralOne)

• Funeral firms are earning up to 25% commission on each sale made on their funeral home website (Source: funeralOne)

Are you ready to embrace eCommerce and start selling sympathy gifts and flowers directly from your funeral home website? The Sympathy Store plug-in is an effortless, FREE, way to start selling online. Sign up now and start earning up to 25% commission!

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