4 Traditions Wedding Planners Are Leaving Behind (& You Should Too!)

Celebrations and life moments have come a long way from their traditional roots of the past, and wedding planners know this perhaps better than anyone. While most couples used to get married in a church with a traditional, religious ceremony, many are now ditching the priest and church pews for a service that is a little more… them.

Now when planning a wedding, everything from the location of the ceremony to the color of the dress are totally custom to the couple themselves. And this new tradition of throwing out tradition is not just invading the wedding planning business. It’s made its way to the funeral profession, as well.

Sure, your families may no longer hold a wake in their own homes and stop all of their clocks as soon as their loved one has passed (as per old victorian tradition). But, there are still many age-old customs that dominate funeral service.

But the future of funerals is changing and we’re beginning to see a new surprising (and welcome) tradition emerging among funerals – there is really no tradition that is a must anymore.

Many families still consult with funeral professionals and take their opinions into consideration when planning a service for their loved one. But the truth of the matter is, many families are much more focused on planning a service that is personal to the deceased and intimate for the family and friends who are in attendance.

So, it may be time for many of us in the funeral profession to take a cue from wedding planners and say sayonara to many of these dated traditions of the past.

1. Classic Music

Music is a deeply personal and emotional thing for many people. Therefore, when it comes time for your families to choose a song for their loved one’s service, why not give them the option to choose a song that their loved one was always listening to, or that they were known to play on repeat in their car?

Many wedding planners will also incorporate personal songs into all parts of a couple’s big day – not just the ceremony. And for funerals, music doesn’t have to be something specific to the service either. Many funeral guests will be in attendance long before or after the service, so the more personal songs, the better. This way the entire day will feel like a personalized event, rather than just the service.

2. Cookie Cutter Ceremonies

One of the biggest trends in the wedding industry right now is updating traditional ceremony customs. For example, instead of saying their age-old “I do’s,” many couples are making this important commitment a little more personalized to them by pouring wine into one glass that they share, rather than the traditional candle lighting ceremony, or tying together a rope that signifies the strength of the bond the couple shares. No matter what commitment the couple makes, the idea is the same – these important life moments should be personalized to the people they are celebrating.

How can you do this in the funeral profession? There are plenty of ways. Just check out these nine ways that you can wow your families with a personalized funeral service.

3. Traditional Planning Roles

Wedding’s never used to be quite the grand, extravagant event that they seem to be in this day and age. Therefore, it wasn’t too uncommon for a couple to plan out the day on their own, choose all of their own vendors, and then kick off their day without a hitch. But now, it’s popular for couples to hire anywhere from one to a whole team of wedding coordinators to help them with their event. And the same goes for funerals.

While many families are now liking to play a bigger role in the planning and personalization of their loved one’s funeral, they still feel just as overwhelmed as ever by the decision and options that are involved. Therefore, it’s important to position yourself as the expert that you are so that your family can be sure their event is left in the best hands possible. They are now looking you to execute their unique visions and desires, so be sure to step up as their advocate – even if you may not be filling the traditional funeral director role that you’re used to.

4. A Formal Program

A wedding program, much like a funeral program, is a great way to honor the people you are celebrating and share a little bit about them. But who says that this program has to be formal and boring? Many couples are choosing to make their ceremony programs more creative, rather than a cultural tradition. For instance, turning their program into a crossword puzzle with clues about themselves, or a fact sheet that shares the most interesting moments of their life. Many families may also enjoy doing something similar for their loved ones when it comes time to put together the funeral program.

If you really want to honor your family’s loved one in a personalized, unique way, be sure to check out Life Tributes. This one-of-a-kind software allows you to create stunning tribute videos, custom print keepsakes and much more.

What do you think about these classic funeral traditions? Do you think it’s time to say goodbye to these staples of the past, or do you think the traditions will be around forever? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Fine article that should have been written twenty years ago! It is too late for the funeral industry!