25 Of The Most Amazing Funeral Songs Of All Time To Add To Your Playlist

What’s a great funeral service without music that celebrates the life of a loved one perfectly?

We asked funeral directors across the country what their favorite funeral songs are, and the votes are in.

Say goodbye to the typical bag pipes you’d hear at a funeral, because these top 25 funeral songs to play at a service will help your families bid their farewells in the most unique and perfect way.

Give them a listen below, que them up on your playlist, or use our FREE Spotify playlist with nearly 100 songs at the bottom of this blog to get your inspired for your next celebration of life!

The classic, most touching funeral songs

First, let’s start things off with songs you’d typically hear at a funeral. These songs are a nice mix of beautiful odes to someone’s life and ones that have stuck around for a while, for good reason:

1. “You Can Close Your Eyes” – James Taylor
James Taylor can sing this song at my funeral any day. It’s a mix of everything you’d ever want from a funeral song – soft, acoustic, uplifting and thoughtful. It’s sad, but not sad enough to make you want to curl up in a ball and cry.

2. “Tears in Heaven” – Eric Clapton
The first funeral I ever attended was for my grandfather, and my mom requested that they play this song in honor of him. I’ll never forget the feeling I felt when I first heard it. This will always be one of my top picks.

3. “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley
Jeff Buckley makes it on this list again with his rendition of “Hallelujah”. A funeral service isn’t complete without this song, plus the words practically ooze out of his mouth. Simply amazing.

4. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole
Ahhhh, this song. The ukeleighleigh, his comforting voice, the beautiful lyrics. I can just imagine the doves being released to this song on the day I leave this world. “And I think to myself, what a wonderful world…”.


Funeral songs that will open the floodgates

These songs could help you to get all of the tears out of the way, which is very important at a service. It’s good to feel your feelings, and these beautiful songs will take you there:

5. “Feels Like Home” – Chantal Kreviazuk
There’s a scene in the movie “My Sister’s Keeper” where this song plays and I absolutely lost it the first time I heard it. Truly a classic.

6. “Asleep” – The Smith’s
The Smith’s are arguably one of the most talented bands of all time. This song is a little “dark”, but the lullaby-like melody make it a beautiful song to play at a funeral. It’s comforting lyrics sing “Don’t feel bad for me, I want you to know, deep in the cell of my heart, I really want to go. There is another world, there is a better world”.


7. “Satisfied Mind” – Jeff Buckley
This song is easily the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I dare you to listen to this rendition and not cry. Seriously, it takes my breath away every time I hear it. Not only does it help you reflect the life lived, but it also inspires you to live a life based on love and compassion, not material things: “Money can’t buy back all your youth when you’re old, a friend when you’re lonely, or peace to your soul”.


8. “Blower’s Daughter” – Damien Rice
Although the lyrics cut me deep, there’s something about this song that’s quite romantic. It’s one of those songs I could imagine playing at a funeral where someone’s life – and love – were cut short. Sad, yet beautiful.


Funeral songs for the hopeless romantics

If you really want a good cry, or there is a beautiful romance that has been affected by the loss that deserves an ode, these songs will certainly fit the situation:

  1. Halo (Acoustic)” – Beyonce

This version of the famously known song by the Queen of pop, Beyonce, was performed for a child who was terminally ill in the hospital, and it really touched our hearts. The lyrics, the way it’s delivered, and the love you can feel emanating from Beyonce.


  1. “Only For You” – Heartless Bastards

This acoustic, yet modern song is a great expression of love without being all big and ballad-y. Really great for Indie lovers and people of all ages. The melody will take you into a love trance.


  1. “I’ll Be Seeing You” – Billie Holiday

As it was so infamously played in the cry-festival of a movie, The Notebook, this one is a classic for long time lovers. We love a good romance story, and this is the perfect song that embodies romance.


Funeral songs that are inspiring and uplifting

Once all the tears have been shed, it’s time to shake it up a little. After tears come, there is a beauty that is light and vulnerable, and these songs truly embody that:

  1. “Follow the Sun” by Xavier Rudd

This song isn’t about death or dying, but it really represents the circle of life that we find ourselves in these beautiful moments of coming together to celebrate life.


  1. “Everywhere” – Michelle Branch

“’Cause you’re everywhere to me / And when I close my eyes it’s you I see / You’re everything I know / That makes me believe / I’m not alone.” How can you argue with the inspirational spark these lyrics have? Sure, we can lose a loved one. But they’re always with us, and this song says it beautifully so!


  1. “Wherever You Will Go” – The Calling

Just like Michelle Branch says, this song really reminds us that we can always keep our loved one’s with us. With a romantic tone to it, this song is really great for the times at a funeral where you are looking at photos, memories, and remembering in an uplifting kind of way.


  1. “Spirit In The Sky” – Norman Greenbaum
    Not only is this song a crowd-pleaser, but the lyrics are perfect for an uplifting celebration of life: “When I die and they lay me to rest/ Gonna go to the place that’s the best/ When I lay me down to die/ Goin’ up to the spirit in the sky”.



Funeral songs for a beautiful celebration of life

If you’re hosting a celebration of life, or a beautiful outdoor event packed with people, these songs will get people up out of their chairs and even dancing, if the mood strikes:

  1. “Drops of Jupiter” – Train

This song is a really great song for a release of some sort – whether it’s balloons, confetti, or a dove. It really reminds us of the big open sky that shows us where heaven is. Plus, it’s a classic that everyone loves!


  1.  “I’ve Had The Time Of My Life” – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

Who do you know who doesn’t love the movie Dirty Dancing? It’s a classic! And if you have dancing at your celebration of life, this is the perfect last dance song!


  1. “Forever Young” – Rod Stewart

These lyrics say it all: “May good fortune be with you, may your guiding light be strong, / Build a stairway to heaven with a prince or a vagabond. / And may you never love in vain. / And in my heart you will remain. / Forever young.”


19. “Elephant Gun” – Beirut
The lyrics have nothing to do with death at all, but there’s something about this song that reminds me of a New Orleans jazz funeral procession, and I quite enjoy it. Give it a listen.


Funeral songs that will make you laugh…

Now that we’ve got the sad stuff out of the way, let’s pick up the pace and look at some songs that truly define “celebration of life”. These songs are perfect for those who want anything but a traditional funeral, and certainly for people with a great sense of humor. Let’s check them out:

20. “Keg On My Coffin” – The Push Stars

Despite its title, this song is oddly soft, sweet and soothing… and also my top light-hearted choice for a funeral song: “Drink up life like a river ’till the pizza man delivers/And smile and know I loved you ’til the end”.

21.  “Dropkick Me Jesus” – Bobby Bare
This song truly speaks for itself. A true classic. Ant the only way you can appreciate it is if you listen to the lyrics, so here you go:

Dropkick me, Jesus, through the goalposts of life / Bring on the brothers who’ve gone on before / And all of the sisters who’ve knocked on your door / All the departed, dear, loved ones of mine / Stick ’em up front in the offensive line

22. “Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die” – Willie Nelson
Because everyone needs a little sense of humor, even during the saddest of times. This classic hit is perfect for a full-on fun family who can handle a little humor at a celebration of life.

23.  “Prop Me Up Beside The Jukebox (If I Die)” – Joe Diffie

This is one of those songs that is guaranteed to get everyone talking about the good times at a funeral. It’s uplifting, comforting and you can’t beat Joe Diffie’s voice. My favorite part of the song? “Fix me up with a mannequin, just remember, I like blondes/ I’ll be the life of the party, even when I’m dead and gone.”

24. “Ring of Fire” – Johnny Cash

A funeral director once told me this is one of his most popular off-beat requests for songs to play at a funeral. Something about this song makes me want to dance, and why not dance while celebrating someone who has a sense of humor?


  1. “Highway to Hell” – ACDC

Perhaps the most “edgy” of the songs on here, this one is perfect for the funny father figure in the family who listened to rock music all day. A classic.


The official “Top Funeral Songs to Celebrate Life” playlist

Packed with tons of inspiration for your next celebration of life, give our free playlist a listen!

Feeling inspired by all these funeral songs, but still not sure what kind of music to play at your next funeral service? Use this infographic to help you get clear on the kind of funeral music to play at the service.


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What is your favorite funeral song of all time? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Anon

    “The Parting Glass” by The Wailin Jennys
    “Fix You” a cover by Young at Heart
    “Breathe” by Pearl Jam
    “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd
    And I had one family request “Stairway to Heaven”, which I thought was a great song for their service.

  2. Stew

    Jars of Clay with Sarah Kelly; I’ll fly away
    A great way to end a service.

  3. Freebird

    Garth Brooks The Dance & Luke Bryan’s Drink a Beer.

    I’ve told my children if they play Somewhere Over the Rainbow – ANYONE’s version, I will haunt them for the rest of their natural lives and on into the next. Working in a funeral home has made me loathe that song with every fibre of my being.

  4. Alexi Arezura

    “Pristina” by Faith No More 🙂 It is with great sadness that I didn’t see that one…


  5. Funeral_Director_SF

    Whether some of these suggestions were meant in jest or not, as a funeral director I can say that there are only a couple of appropriate songs.

  6. Frank Falk

    Monty Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of LIfe”
    Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” (our funeral home theme song)
    Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven”

    Sorry, I’m just an old guy who still uses a comb.

  7. Heather

    You forgot AC/DC’s “highway to hell” and Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t fear the reaper”

    Come on Funeral One! You can do better.

    Can you really imagine sitting at grandmas funeral listing to lyrics like “I fell into a burning ring of fire”

  8. Ila

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  10. christine fletcher


  11. Anne Doughty

    just been looking for songs for parents funeral
    looked at old and new

    Mario Lanza I’ll walk with god

    Matt Munroe Softly as i leave you
    A Portrait of my love

    Queen these are the days of our lives

    Howard Keel the colours of my live

    Elvis the wonder of you

  12. Jo-Ann Misenti-Warzecha

    I lost My Very Best Friend.., My Only Daughter, at the Tender Young Age of 16 years old. Angela Michelle, “Angie”, as She was known to ALL THE MANY, MANY people who adored My Beautiful Babygirl, left this, very often cold, cruel and hurtful world “of her own choice..,My Daughter Angie; took her Beautiful.., but much too brief, teenage life. As Angela Michelle; The most beautiful girl you could possibly envision, Ended Her Precious Life.., (and an understandably very large part of mine as well) She left behind, playing over-&-over again, for whoever the person would be to tragically find her and, of course.., discover “the ultimate of all final decisions” Saying to All, that She Had Lost Her Will to Fight Any Further. I Found Angie, (no details for obvious reasons) and what She Left Behind for All of Us Who LOVED HER…, was a song that I never had heard of before That Day. The Day that I Died (inside) right along With The Most Beautiful Girl In The World, My Daughter – My Friend, “ANGIE”, SO SHE TRIED, AND ALWAYS TOLD OTHERS AS WELL..,TO…, SMILE BEAUTIFUL! The song She left playing, left behind (for Me, I believe?) A Song By: Band Perry, “If I Die Young?” Now, A year and a half later, I STILL CRY FOR MY BABYGIRL, But now I have found My Own Song I have discovered online, that I love to “sing” For “Angie” every now and then, when I’m especially lonely for Her. It’s called: “Dancing In The Sky” and It’s By: Dani & Lizzi SO BEAUTIFUL, IT BRINGS A TEAR PLUS A SMILE!! R.I.P. Angela Babygirl, Till Mommy is right beside you, Your brothers Need Me for now. I Love You Thank You All for taking the time to read My Story. My Story of A Bullied Young Girl. Not from Peers, as you may assume, but from “An Adult Family Member” AND “Teenage Life in General”.

  13. Pat Antonine

    I only heard this once and cant find its called what a wonderful day or what a wonder day to go home

  14. Rodney E Williams

    This rendition of somewhere over the rainbow is meaningful tribute.


  15. Paulyanez

    What about let her go by passenger

  16. Terry

    Bob Dylan – Shooting Star

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    […] Just make a note of some simple details such as whether you want to be buried or cremated, and what music you would like to be played. This will help make the stress of organizing a funeral or memorial […]

  18. Mark

    Everytime someone dies (family) I do a music picture thing for the memeorial. I ask for pictures and put them to music. It’s very hard to do It releives my grief, but is very hard to do. For my own brother I can’t come up with the right song.Music happens first then the pictures are edited to fit the music. Sky is crying, Crystal ship. I want to cut to 2 minutes off each. They are way too long. Try to finish on something very up. What would be a good song to finish this with, spirit in the sky seems too idioct, I need an up beat song to finish. in my life (beatles) just is not right. I’ve read many good suggestions, however, need to end on the perfect song. throw me a bone here. I still got a week to work on this one. Even a comment 3 years from now might get me better at this for the future. However for now I really need an idea. good or bad I need it right now.

  19. suzy

    Ships of heaven….from Blackhawk….also a beautiful song

  20. mark anthony mccowan

    Best, most tear jerking, song I have ever heard is Go Rest High on The Mountain by Vince Gill. It is impossible for me to hear that song and not cry and think about lost loved ones. I have come to find comfort in this song when mourning. If you havent heard it and you are in pain listen to it.

  21. Kenan

    “To live is to die” by Metallica. This is for you, Cliff! RIP!

  22. Linda

    Fare Thee Well Love- The Rankins
    I’ll be Seeing You- Billie Holiday
    We’ll Meet Again-Vera Lynn
    He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother- The Hollies
    The Parting Glass-Trad. Irish song

  23. David

    You can’t always get what you want by the Stones . Great song from an even greater beginning of the movie, The Big Chill.

  24. Sue

    There you’ll Be By Faith Hill

    I played this at my late husbands funeral 5 months ago
    and every body cried Its a beautiful song

  25. Justme123

    Angel- Sarah McLachlan

  26. Jess

    Arms-Christina Perri

  27. Dan

    Good Riddance by Green Day
    My nephew played it for his Mother’s funeral, what a beautiful song.

  28. Linda B.

    Your Long Journey – Alison Krauss & Robert Plant
    Far Side Banks of Jordan – Cox Family
    Fields of Gold – Eva Cassidy

  29. Edie Landles


  30. hannah Mayrant

    this really wasn’t helpful at all i would not recommend this website to anyone

  31. CJ

    I found some trouble believing that song “asleep” by The Smiths was comforting…ugh! Clearly (at least to this brain) it was a suicide song…

  32. L.J

    I found this website extremely helpful during this stressful time. Thank you very much for sharing this information. We were totally at a loss prior to reading your suggestions.

  33. L.J

    I would like to add “How Far is Heaven” by Los Lonely Boys for your consideration.

  34. jeff

    These are great songs. thanks

  35. Chris

    Not mainstream but I believe the most beautiful song for funeral is “Dancing in the Sky” by Dani & Lizzy.

  36. Dita Gardner

    Steve Winwood ~ “One More Morning”

    I think it’s different, not your typical “funeral song” and in my opinion it’s almost an uplifting song in a way! I don’t know, I remember the VERY first time I ever heard it… I said, “I want this song played at the end of my funeral services” The lyrics are very moving and it has a message to my friends and family!

  37. Natasha Osteen

    I went to a Filipino funeral and they danced to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” I told the story on my blog. http://smellslikebutterscotch.com/2015/01/13/butterscotch-moment-no-491-dont-worry-be-happy/ It was so amazing!

  38. Amanda

    What a difference you’ve made in my life by Ronnie Millsap is a great one for a memorial video.

  39. cONNIE

    Knocking on Heavens Door – Guns and Roses was played at my nephews funeral. He was an avid hunter and most people came dressed in camo. In the song it says Mama take away my guns, I cant use them anymore…….at that point there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Then of course we played his favorite by Go Rest High on the Mountain by Vince Gill. Most beautiful funeral I have ever been to and I have been to a lot of them….most of them for people under 40.

  40. Michaelboyd100

    I’m gonna bury my best friend on Saturday and Angel of Mercy by Black Label Society is one of the hardest songs to listen too

  41. Steve

    “One Red Rose” by Reapers Riddle


  42. Sean McAlister

    Everything I Own by Bread.

    You sheltered me from harm
    Kept me warm, kept me warm
    You gave my life to me
    Set me free, set me free

    The finest years I ever knew,
    Were all the years I had with you

    And I would give anything I own
    I’d give up my life, my heart, my home
    I would give everything I own,
    Just to have you back again

    You taught me how to love
    What a time, what a time
    You never said too much,
    But still you showed the way

    And I knew from watching you
    Nobody else could ever know,
    The part of me that can’t let go

    And I would give anything I own,
    I’d give up my life, my heart, my home
    I would give everything I own,
    Just to have you back again

    Is there someone you know,
    Your loving them so,
    But taking them all for granted?
    You may lose them one day
    Someone takes them away,
    And they don’t hear the words you long to say

    I would give anything I own,
    I’d give up my life, my heart, my home
    I would give everything I own,
    Just to have you back again;
    Just to touch you once again

  43. Warren Berry

    I am a 70YO and 40 years ago at the death in a road accident of my wife’s teenage sister,I could not get the Platters “Harbour Lights”out of my mind.This was the actual day of her death.The girl was still alive in hospital,and the medics told her parents there was no hope of survival.I had only met my wife 9 months before(We had just moved into our first home)I,Had never met the parents.and I’d never met the girl who died.Their’s was a dysfunctional family;My wife had been alienated from he stepdad for years,and the girl who was killed had recently left home because of the moralistic control the father tried to impose.She was 17.There was much repressed guilt from both parents,and I felt their sadness and the finality of kind words left forever unsaid.I was living in New Zealand at the time(My ex wife is a Kiwi)and they tend to be emotionally uptight like the English(Stiff upper lip sort of crap)The police came and collected my wife to take her to Auckland Hospital a couple of days later,to officially identify her sister.I accompanied her ,and that was the only time I laid eyes on young “Joslyne”The head was bandaged and twice it’s normal size

  44. Motts

    John Cale – Big White Cloud. It’s to perfect.

  45. Matt

    Tuesdays Gone – Lynyrd Skynyrd

  46. Julie

    Thank ya’ll for your comments.This site has been so helpful.

  47. Joanne Chepulis

    Josh Groban’s, “To Where You Are” is the perfect funeral song. I’m just a breath away to where you are.

  48. Theresa

    My most favorite funeral song is “I can only imagine” by Mercy Me.

  49. lauren

    i personally havent got a funeral song but i might say whitney houston i will always love you is a good song to try and sing at a funeral, as it reminds everyone hoe much they are loved.

  50. Tina Trueblood

    Last train running by wiskey falls and little wonder by Rob Thomas

  51. Roxy

    “I’ll follow the sun” – The Beatles
    “Meet me in the middle of the air” – Paul Kelly
    “She goes on” – Crowded House
    “Quiet please, there’s a lady on the stage” Peter Allen
    “Looking forward, Looking back” – Slim Dusty
    “Take it to the limit” – The Eagles
    “I’ll remember” – Madonna (we played this at my mum’s funeral – our father had passed away many years previously leaving her to raise us on her own…)

  52. Mary

    Came upon this website seeking songs for funeral.
    Just wanted to say I found a couple of lovely songs I plan to play at my funeral in time to come.
    Thank you for sharing them with the Public…God Bless.

  53. Rilee Chastain

    Mary, thanks so much for the comment! We are so glad you found this blog useful : )

  54. Anon1115

    Think “Hearts I Leave Behind” by Pete Scobell Band with backup by Wynonna Judd may become one of the most played songs ever for saying goodbye to loved ones. Another new one is Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You”. Honorable mention to “A Life That’s Good” by the cast of TV series “Nashville” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel.

  55. Kushio Ibuko

    What about “Bohemian rhapsody” by queen and “Funeral for a Friend/ Love Lies Bleeding” By Elton John?

  56. Jason

    “Go Rest High On That Mountain” by Vince Gill (for a male).

  57. Erischa Hawthorne

    Wow, I live in a world of my own basically and about the only song I knew was Amazing Grace. These songs are amazing!!!! So apt. WELL DONE!!!!!

  58. Poise7

    My family knows that when I die I want “SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE” by OZZY OSBOURNE played. Listen to the lyrics!

  59. Ron

    Thanks to all for your posts and suggestions. Music does heal one’s soul when happy, sad or grieving.
    I have not listened to much music in last few years and relived my younger days while reading some of the recommendations.

  60. Kate

    Life By the Drop – SRV
    Great Big Sea – Long Life

  61. Me

    i came here to mention “Somewhere over the Rainbow” by Bradda Iz. Well played.

  62. celena harper

    When I’m back on my feet again. Michael Bolton.

  63. celena harper

    Mama I’m coming home
    Close my eyes 4ever both by Ozzzy ozbourne.

  64. emma entwistle

    Here I Go Again On My Own by Whitesnake

  65. George McLaird

    I’m writing a book to be launched on July 9, 2015 title: I Hear You’re Afraid of Dying or Afraid Someone You Love Will Die Before You. I’m writing it:
    • for those who are not a part of any spiritual or faith-based community,
    • also for those in a spiritual or faith-based community who have not engaged in any personal end-of-life planning,
    • also for anyone interested in adding to their existing preparations.
    Your 16 songs are a perfect place for agnostics, atheist, nonbelievers and those who self-identify as Spiritual but not religious.

    Thanks for your contribution

  66. Angie Sage

    “I’ll Be There” by The Escape Club.

  67. Deanna

    One that I will have played at my service: Old and Wise by Alan Parson’s Project

  68. Deanna

    Old and Wise by Alan Parson’s Project
    Time by Alan Parson’s Project
    When I Get Where I’m Going – Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton

  69. jenn

    Time of my life by Greenday

  70. fayebelle

    “Go Rest High on That Mountain” by Vince Gill was played at my mothers funeral. Not a dry eye in the room.

  71. JWC

    Just listen to Steeleye Span’s ” The song will remain” I don’t have say anything else.

  72. Michelle

    I Saw the Light – Hank Williams

  73. Phyllis

    Stairway to Heaven is a classic …. I had it played at my daughters funeral .
    If I Die Young by The Band Perry
    Don’t Take the Girl by Tim McGraw
    Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton
    Sissy’s Song by Alan Jackson
    If Heaven Wasn’t so Far Away by Justin Moore
    I believe you should play music that your lived one would have wanted or that reflects them and their life.

  74. Candacw

    How about “Time of my Life” from Dirty Dancing?

  75. Sarah Fleming

    Big Wide Grin / Elaine Lambert and Karl – “Ready to Fly.” Awesome song to be played at my funeral.

  76. timbooa

    Everything i own by the group “bread”

  77. Katie

    In My Life. Beatles

  78. Melissa

    I will see you again.. Carrie Underwood
    How Dare You… Miranda Lambert
    Dance with my Father Again… Luther V

  79. Dellys Fry

    The most fitting song that I have heard was for my fun loving and crazy Aunty. The song was “Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye” and everyone left the funeral with wonderful thoughts and a smile on their face!

  80. heather

    please help me, I am planning my own funeral, I have cancer and not sure when God will call me home, I want to ease the pain of my family arranging my funeral. I really need uplifting hyms, for people to hear I do not want any sad hymns can you please suggest some, perhaps 6 , thank you so much. I am trying to find some but not having much luck, most are to sad, I have grandchildren and want the best.

  81. Rilee Chastain

    Hello Heather. Thank you for reaching out and we’re sorry to hear about your situation. We’re inspired that you’re choosing to make your funeral such an uplifting experience for your family. I would definitely check out the songs listed above (you can listen to most on YouTube for free). “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “Clouds” by Zach Sobiech are two of my favorite non-traditional choices. I also recommend checking out this list of funeral hymns if you don’t connect with any of the above: http://www.funeralchoices.co.uk/hymns&music.html This is a very personal choice, and you should choose a hymn that reflects you and your life! Your funeral director is also a great source of information for these kinds of questions, so we recommend reaching out to them during the pre-planning process to help! Wising you all the best.

  82. Stue Allen

    I like the We’ll miss you song from that website. It looks like you can get it in any name.

  83. Stjimmy9151

    ‘The funeral of queen Mary’ would be my favourite

  84. Judith marland

    I have always told my family the one song I want played at my funeral , at the very end when everyone is walking outside is”DingDong the Witch is Dead” I want everyone to leave with a smile ,and happy memories of all the fun, the love and my weird sense of humour.
    I also like the patty cake song .Sam Tsui..” I think of you, “

  85. Roberta

    Just had service for my best cousin! We played, See you again, by wiz kalifa!

  86. dragor

    Life Fades Away —–Roy Orbison

  87. Tiffany

    I Hope You dance by Leann Womack and I can only Imagine by Mercy Me.

  88. Anonymous

    In the arms of the angels? 🙂

  89. Anne nown

    The only man that captured my heart and I loved unconditionally , my eternal love, DIED in front of me, touched my face, close his eyes and that’s it…not knowing it will be the last time I see him….happened couple months ago…and when I was looking for a song for the video I was making for him….TO WHERE YOU ARE….by JOSH GROBAN ….made my tears fall for hours and until now, every time I hear this song,..i will cry more BUT it’s the only thing that’s reminding me that he is still here with me everyday …..

  90. Carl Parkinson


  91. randy mccumber

    rory gallagher, a million miles away

  92. Corrine

    If I Die Young The Perry Band

  93. Wendy Wood

    Josh Groban – To Where You Are
    Jo Dee Messina – Heaven was needing an angel
    Reba McIntyre – If I Had Only Known
    Diamond Rio – I Believe or One More Day
    Jenn Bostic – Jealous Of The Angels

  94. tbone

    To funeral Director——This not about YOU and what YOU think!!!

  95. sally

    What about copy write issues??

  96. Rilee Chastain

    Hello Sally! From what we’ve learned, playing music in your funeral home does not require a copyright license, as you are using it for personal use. If you are holding a funeral that is a public event, you may need to look into obtaining a license. We recommend speaking to a licensing agency if you have further questions.

    However, the 1,000+ library of songs in our Life Tributes software all have copyright licenses and are free to use by those who use our software!

  97. Robin Gerlt

    pink Floyd- wish you were here
    Pink Floyd – shine on
    Led Zeppelin- stairway to heaven
    4 Non Blondes- what’s goin on

  98. lucy hardy

    what about flashlight by Jessie j
    see you again by Charlie purth

  99. Kyle

    I am planning to have Pink Floyd’s song “Mother” played at my mother’s funeral. It fits her perfectly.

  100. Proudgodmother

    Thankyou, I lost my nephew a couple years ago and wanted a different song, like how the years have passed and how he’s still so very missed

  101. john d. white

    Terry jacks – seasons in the sun

  102. Jeff P.

    For my mother’s funeral my brother chose “HERO” by Whitney Houston.
    I chose to go with “HERE YOU ME” by Jimmy Eat World.
    It is beautifully written and the melody gets so emotional.

  103. purusharth saxena

    “Keep me in your heart” – Warren Zevon

  104. RGos

    “After You’re Gone” – Iris Dement

    Written for her father’s memorial… very poignant and beautiful

  105. George Torres

    May I reccommend Sir Paul McCartney’s “Here Today” off of his 1985 “Tug of War” album. He wrote this song following the death of his songwriting partner, John Lennon. Paul laments not getting a chance to tell his old Beatles mate how much he loved him before he was killed by a stalker’s bullet. Beautiful acoustical guitar.

  106. Randy

    How is ” Heaven was needing a Hero ” by Jo Dee Messina not on here?

  107. Gene

    The ultimate song, and the song I would like to have played at my funeral is “The Dance” by Garth Brooks.

  108. Apeksha Khanna

    Ring of Fire is all time classic.

  109. bill

    the song everybody hurts is a good funeral song

  110. Pat OHara

    When you lose someone by Dennis Jernigan

  111. Oggy Bleacher

    For A Dancer – Jackson Brown

    “I can’t help feeling stupid standing around,
    crying as they ease you down,
    cause I know that you’d rather we were dancing
    dancing our sorrows away.”

    Shine on You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd

    “You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.
    Shine on you crazy diamond.”

  112. Ace Crews

    “Damn Good” David Lee Roth

  113. Oggy Bleacher

    We’ll Meet Again – Vera Lynn
    Wonderful Life

  114. DJSquee

    As the Footsteps Die It Forever by Streetlight Manifesto.

  115. Bill

    Joe Bonamassa – Asking Around For You
    Celine Dion – Fly
    Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven
    Mercy Me – I Can Only Imagine
    Celine Dion – Dance With My Father
    Led Zeppelin – In My Time Of Dying
    Michael Jackson – Gone Too Soon
    Newsong – Christmas Shoes
    Josh Groban – To Where You Are
    Westlfe – I’ll See You Again
    Libby Allen – Don’t Cry For Me
    Johnny Maestro – You’ll Never Walk Alone

  116. D

    Pato Banton – “Life is a Miracle”
    Two Gallants – “Sunday Souvenirs”
    The Streets – “On the edge of a cliff”
    Devil Makes Three – “For My Family”
    Against Me! – “Joy”
    Littlest Man Band – “Better Man”
    Tim Curry – “I’m Going Home”
    Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Life is Hard”

  117. tinyslim

    I think the song Into the west by Annie Lennox would be a great Funeral song. Also Devotchkas “How it ends” might be fitting for a funeral song. if you havent listened to this song, you should listen to it. Really hard song to listen to and not cry though.

  118. H

    Smile – Nat King Cole

    Smile though your heart is aching
    Smile even though it’s breaking
    When there are clouds in the sky, you’ll get by
    If you smile through your fear and sorrow
    Smile and maybe tomorrow
    You’ll see the sun come shining through for you

    Light up your face with gladness
    Hide every trace of sadness
    Although a tear may be ever so near
    That’s the time you must keep on trying
    Smile, what’s the use of crying?
    You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
    If you just smile

    That’s the time you must keep on trying
    Smile, what’s the use of crying?
    You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
    If you just smile

  119. Morris

    My mom always wanted Willie Nelson’s “On the road again”. On November 14th, 2015 we will honor her request…

  120. Jackie Whitacre

    Happy Trails by Roy Rogers – was played at my father’s funeral as he was a true American and a cowboy

  121. Matt

    Kickstart my heart -Mötley Crüe 🙂

  122. B.Carter

    Dani and lizzy- Dancing in the sky

  123. Emma

    Pearl Jam – Off He Goes
    Frank Sinatra – My Way

  124. Paul Epstein

    I wrote this song for a co-worker and friend who died after 18 years working together. I adapted it for almost 200 names and familial titles e.g. grandma. I would appreciate your listening to it and sharing it with your friends if you deem appropriate.
    Thank you

  125. kurt

    stairway to heaven 4 sure!

  126. Lw

    Dancing in then sky dani and Lizzy

  127. DynaSoar

    Slow Marching Band by Jethro Tull.

  128. JO

    On The Other Side– Dailey and Vincent
    One More Day- Diamond Rio

  129. Jennifer

    Kate bush – this woman’s work
    My beautiful FREJA died on 9.11.15 after a short battle with melanoma CANCER. Can’t bear to go on but I have to for her sisters sake. Wish I could be with her to take care of her. I hope she’s not alone or afraid but in a better place. I miss her every second of every day and night. Roll on my life lets get it over with quickly, then I can be with her again.

  130. Kam Stryker

    Leave Out All the Rest- Linkin Park

    Shadow of the Day- Linkin Park

  131. Jeff

    American trilogy-Elvis Presley
    Imagine-John Lennon
    Seasons in the sun-terry jacks
    The parting glass
    And hallelujah by Rufus wainwright

    The first two were played at my grandpas funeral. American trilogy is by far my favorite
    R.I.P poppers. Love you

  132. Steve

    I’m thinking of what I want played at my last party. I’m in my 60s so I hope it won’t be for a while yet.

    So far I’ve got:

    Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” (but I want the Joan Baez version)

    Gordon Lightfoot “Mister Rock of Ages”

    Neil Young “Long May You Run”

    Beatles “In My Life”

  133. Margaret-Ann Whyte

    My husband over the years has had a drink problem and life has not been easy but I stayed with him.My daughter is angree as he ruined her childhood.I need some songs please can you help.

  134. Paul

    Guitar Concerto, Movement 2, Adagio, Concerto de Arunjuez, by Joaquin Rodrigo (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNqtCsCqCD8)
    Moonlight Sonata, Beethoven
    Ave Maria, Schubert

    Fields of Gold, Sting
    In My Life, Beatles
    Angels, Robbie Williams
    Everything I Own, Bread

  135. isaac

    can you guy think of a funaral song for a 2 year old baby boy

  136. davidhamilton

    wen i die i wanna be buried
    and have songs like
    always love u
    who the fuck is alice
    amazing grace
    Love me for a reason boyzone version
    hard knock life annie version
    u r not alone Stephen gately version
    spirit in the sky gareth gates version
    children of the revolution trex version

  137. John Montgomery

    Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

  138. Anonymous

    Thanks for this. Still. I have to listen to this as a teen. Life is rough.

  139. Keith Leighton

    Great List. I would add “Keep Me In Your Heart For A While” by Warren Zevon.

    “Time in a Bottle” by Croce is pretty good to.

    Thanks, I will be using some of these this weekend.

  140. James (The Netherlands)

    This one was playing during my fathers funeral. Still gives me goosebumps..

  141. Laura

    Hi Rochelle,

    I am a marketing consultant at AT+M Integrated Marketing in Tasmania, Australia. We would like to use the blog post ’16 Of The Most Amazing Funeral Songs Of All Time’ for one of our clients Facebook page. Is here any chance of replacing the link for “Satisfied Mind” – Jeff Buckley? I understand there were copy-write concerns, however perhaps an alternative link might work.

    Kind regards,

    Laura Wilson

  142. Angelina

    Another one bites the dust~Queen

  143. Jean Yerrid

    Linkin Park – Leave Out All The Rest
    Spirit In the Sky
    A Simple Kind of Man
    Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend – Like I’m Gonna Lose You
    Ed Sheeran – Photograph
    A song for my son – Thank You by Sarah Connor
    Reba McEntire – You’re Gonna Be

  144. paul

    I played all of these at my own funeral.

  145. Sandy

    There you’ll be..
    By: Faith Hill..
    was played at my sister’s funeral. And whenever I hear this song, it reminds me of her.. and I cry.. I miss her..

  146. James

    Hmm, well, yeah… a fair beginning list of songs for a funeral. Though, a little umm.. somber. Here are my suggestions.

    1) One can not have a list of funeral songs without at least mentioning the classic New Orleans Jazz Funeral song — ‘It’s You’re Last Chance To Dance’. The best version is, of course, play by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. This song is really not about you or your group of friends getting up for your last chance to dance. It is about asking the dearly departed, the corpse being carried around in that casket, to break out of their final place of confinement in order to experience a last chance to dance. Irreverently appropriate, I believe, for any list of funeral songs. And, you can dance to it. The lovers of Jazz do so at every Jazz Funeral!

    2) Then, there is a song written solely for those persons, who being still alive, want to have some fun at a funeral. That song of course is — ‘The Night Pat Murphy Died.’ A traditional song of Ireland sang by a group from — wait for it — Newfoundland and Labrador. Yep, the group is named ‘Great Big Sea.’ While not a good song for dancing, it is a great song for drinking toasts to the dearly departed. Of course, the casket must be conveniently placed under the refreshments table so that the corpse can help keep the booze cold.

    3) Next is the song ‘Another Man’s Done Gone’, were the lyrics were inspired from small ‘orphan’ lyric pieces authored by Woody Guthrie (the world famous American folk singer / composer). After Woody’s death the orphan pieces of lyric were distributed by the Woody Guthrie Foundation archive to selected musicians and lyricists. Billy Bragg was one of those recipients. This song is his tribute to Woody.

    The list must also contain:

    4) ‘Please Don’t Bury Me’ — John Prine

    5) ‘Brother John’ — Neville Brothers

    Finally, any decent (indecent!) funeral should conclude with the following song:

    6) ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’ — Monty Python

    Respectfully, Dr. J

  147. Mina Cresswell

    Heaven by Beyoncè

  148. Warren

    When my wife passed away, the song that moved the crowd was Elvis Presley’s “I Will Remember You.”

  149. Janice

    how about North by Sleeping At Last. It is a beautiful song.


    we will call this place our home,
    the dirt in which our roots may grow.
    though the storms will push and pull,
    we will call this place our home.

    we’ll tell our stories on these walls.
    every year, measure how tall.
    and just like a work of art,
    we’ll tell our stories on these walls.

    let the years we’re here be kind, be kind.
    let our hearts, like doors, open wide, open wide.
    settle our bones like wood over time, over time.
    give us bread, give us salt, give us wine.

    a little broken, a little new.
    we are the impact and the glue.
    capable of more than we know,
    we call this fixer upper home.

    with each year, our color fades.
    slowly, our paint chips away.
    but we will find the strength
    and the nerve it takes
    to repaint and repaint and repaint every day.

    let the years we’re here be kind, be kind.
    let our hearts, like doors, open wide, open wide.
    settle our bones like wood over time, over time.
    give us bread, give us salt, give us wine.
    let the years we’re here be kind, be kind.
    let our hearts, like doors, open wide, open wide.
    settle our bones like wood over time, over time.
    give us bread, give us salt, give us wine.
    give us bread, give us salt, give us wine.

    smaller than dust on this map
    lies the greatest thing we have:
    the dirt in which our roots may grow
    and the right to call it home.

  150. Karen

    Unclouded Day Willie Nelson

  151. Scott

    I want Rush’s The Garden played at my funeral:

    In this one of many possible worlds,
    All for the best or some bizarre test?
    It is what it is and whatever,
    Time is still the infinite jest

    The arrow flies when you dream,
    The hours tick away,
    The cells tick away

    The Watchmaker keeps to his schemes,
    The hours tick away, they tick away

    The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
    So hard to earn so easily burned
    The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
    So hard to earn so easily burned

    In the fullness of time,
    A garden to nurture and protect

    In the rise and the set of the sun,
    ‘Til the stars go spinning,
    Spinning ’round the night
    Oh, it is what it is, and forever
    Each moment a memory in flight

    The arrow flies while you breathe,
    The hours tick away,
    The cells tick away,

    The Watchmaker has time up his sleeve,
    The hours tick away, they tick away

    The measure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
    So hard to earn so easily burned

    In the fullness of time,
    A garden to nurture and protect
    (It’s a measure of a life)

    The treasure of a life is a measure of love and respect,
    The way you live, the gifts that you give

    In the fullness of time,
    It’s the only return that you expect

    The future disappears into memory
    With only a moment between.
    Forever dwells in that moment,
    Hope is what remains to be seen.
    Forever dwells in that moment,
    Hope is what remains to be seen.

    In the fullness of time,
    A garden to nurture and protect
    (It’s a measure of a life)

    In the fullness of time,
    A garden to nurture and protect
    (It’s a measure of a life)

    In the fullness of time,
    A garden to nurture and protect
    (It’s a measure of a life)

    In the fullness of time,
    A garden to nurture and protect

    (It’s a measure of a life)
    (It’s a measure of a life)
    (It’s a measure of a life)
    (It’s a measure of a life)

  152. dave

    at my brothers service they played Charles Asnavours “Yesterday when i was young” realy nice song and brought back a lot of memory’s of our childhood ..i would recomend this

  153. Mona

    I Lived by One Republic. It’s the song I want played at my funeral.

  154. Debi McDonald

    My best friend, confidant, mentor and role model, just passed on to a much more beautiful place. She slowly wasted away from the horrible heart wrenching Dementia/ Alzheimer’s disease. Her step family, mine too, I guess, kept me at bay, deceiving and lying to me about incidents that happened to her. They circled their wagons & tossed me out. For 3yrs I was faithfully taking care of her & her awful husband, who was considerably neglected her for 6yrs. I had nurses evaluate her & hospital ER, both finding her in states of severe neglect, but all did nothing to protect her from him & his 2 grown adults kids. To cut a long miserable story short, her true family & I were not informed of her forcibly being put put into assisted living with hospice. We didn’t know for 5 days. Spending the last 4 days of her life, not leaving her side, sleeping in loung chair, was the most memorable & meaningful days for me. I was not part of any funeral arrangements, except for buying her clothes, picking out a few photos and I got to request one song. I changed my mind about song, but funeral home said my song wasn’t even on list. I then had the first 4min of Stairway to Heaven” played at end. It was one of the most triumphal moments of the day. What a beautiful song to be played for my beautiful mother. Thank you Led Zeppelin.

  155. fredo B.

    The ‘Boss’ tribute to Warren Zevon, My rides here-try to get the lyrics version. https://youtu.be/FJomp47BliE

  156. John Lucero


  157. Linda Auger

    In the living years by Mike and the machanics.

  158. daniel cronan

    paul carrack from mike and the mechanics – “in the living years”.

  159. lorraine

    The track I want played at my funeral is “Bookends” by Simon and Garfuncal

  160. Ria

    The Beatles’ In My Life, covered acoustically. I’ve seen it, and it was beautiful. Appropriately respectful and uplifting at the same time.

  161. Ritzy

    I like When I Get Where I’m Going by Brad Paisley and Dolly Parton. I also like Sissy’s Song by Alan Jackson. Knockin On Heavens Door is also a great song!

  162. vlaka

    u2…MLK Or One tree hill

  163. Kurt Cobain

    “Stariway to Heaven,”by Led Zeppelin

    “Something In The Way,” by NIRVANA

  164. Mike

    “Dante’s Prayer,” Loreena McKennitt


  165. Chris Pavlich

    Jenn Bostic-Jealous of the Angels is a tear jerking funeral song.

  166. Anne

    Play that funky music white boy

  167. rick

    dani and lizzy- dancing in the sky

  168. Donna Bean

    Farewell Party Gene Watson or Alan Jackson

  169. Joby V.

    Here comes the sun george harrison a celebration that all is ok now the sadness is over and its time to embrace the sunshine of life !

  170. andrew meintjes

    chris de burgh- spanish train

    the eagles- hotel california

  171. vivianne

    I’ll Fly Away

  172. Lucia

    Woh I love your articles, bookmarked!

  173. Eric Ebacher

    Another song that shouldn’t be forgotten is “Angels Among Us”, co-written and sung by Randy Owen of the group Alabama. In June of 2001, when I lost my best friend in a fatal car crash (no seatbelt), I started singing this song about ten minutes into the service, and as I did so, people were moved to tears, especially when I started booming the bridge of the song “They wear so many faces, show up in the strangest places; they grace us with their mercy in our time of need”.

  174. Graham Burton

    Love all the comments and different choices of music chosen by your readers ,like most of them they twing the heart strings in many ways ,nice to see people sharing their special music .Sometimes sadness comes back as we put on a special track of which our loved one listened to and yet to there are are happy memories to as we unfold memory times with our favourite music of which meant so much ,everyone choices are different it is what is meant by words either sang or spoken .
    Happy times out way the sad times in many ways ,let me share one song by Neil Daimond “The Story of my life” please enjoy .

  175. Garlynn Imel

    Vince Gill – Go Rest High on that Mountain

  176. Charles Rock

    Holy Mother- EC and Pavorotti

  177. George V

    you should’ve added September’s Cry for you. The part of the lyric that saids, ‘You’ll never see me again, no matter what you do.’ is both upbeat and sad at the same time.

  178. Mr R Beed

    The song that must be played at my wifes funeral, if she dies before me is “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” from The Wizard of Oz.



  180. george mclaird

    Hi Jerry,

    The final hymn to be sung at my Celebration of Life is, “So long it’s been good to know ya’. Woody Guthrie

    Anything new with Judi?

  181. devon maid

    What about Forever Autumn by Justin Heyward

  182. carolyn dolit

    Thank you for the wonderful suggestions. You’ve put my heart in the right direction for my momma’s funeral

  183. David

    I would love to have “climbing the down” from the movie “watership down” to play at my funeral.

  184. David Thomson

    il silenzio will be mine as the curtain closes

  185. WAKE ME UP

    Bring Me To Life – Evanesence
    Beautiful song played at my friends FUNeral made me cry lmao lik if u cri evr tim!11!!!
    1 lik = 1 new harambe

  186. Peter

    It always bothers me how some of the best music about death is nearly always is overlooked. On the pop music side, Elton John’s Where to Now St. Peter and Stevie Wonder’s They Won’t Go When I Go stand out.

    But the greatest music about death ever written, hands down, comes from the classical genre. Henry Purcell’s When I Am Laid in Earth is incomparable, Schubert’s Death and the Maiden lied, and so on. It saddens me that so many people believe that pop music is the only music, and never look beyond it for inspiration. They’re missing out on great art that has endured for centuries, and will continue to endure. Some of the “amazing” songs on this list won’t be remembered, or played, 50 years from now.

  187. emand

    Today by Ian Moore
    Wonderful Life by Alter Bridge

  188. Jake

    Warren Zevon – keep Me in your Heart for a While

  189. denise copeland

    no shoes by the roches is hilarious n is to be played when i depart.. i have m.s. n there’s always something different wrong n im complaining.. just seems to fit

  190. Christine Weiland

    How about ~ Somewhere out there or A wonderful world by Louie Armstrong,
    Lord of the Dance

  191. Ian

    Elvis Presley – With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Nat king Cole- Smile
    Elvis Presley – The Wonder of You

  192. emma holzhauser

    i wont let go by rascal flats that played at my father`s funeral

  193. Lori Wynn

    Go Rest High on the Mountain is the most beautiful song

  194. John

    “Just Beyond the Moon” Tex Ritter

  195. John

    “Farewell Party” Gene Watson.

  196. Doug

    Brad Paisley (feat. Dolly Parton) – “When I Get Where I’m Going”

    When I get where I’m going
    On the far side of the sky
    The first thing that I’m gonna do
    Is spread my wings and fly

    I’m gonna land beside a lion
    And run my fingers through his mane
    Or I might find out what it’s like
    To ride a drop of rain

    Yeah when I get where I’m going
    There’ll be only happy tears
    I will shed the sins and struggles
    I have carried all these years
    And I’ll leave my heart wide open
    I will love and have no fear
    Yeah when I get where I’m going
    Don’t cry for me down here

    I’m gonna walk with my grand daddy
    And he’ll match me step for step
    And I’ll tell him how I missed him
    Every minute since he left
    Then I’ll hug his neck

    [Repeat chorus]

    So much pain and so much darkness
    In this world we stumble through
    All these questions I can’t answer
    So much work to do

    But when I get where I’m going
    And I see my maker’s face
    I’ll stand forever in the light
    Of his amazing grace
    Yeah when I get where I’m going
    There’ll be only happy tears
    I will love and have no fear
    When I get where I’m going
    Yeah when I get where I’m going

  197. Melissa

    https://youtu.be/1GdtAHksSzw My daughters Fiance passed away Jan 10th and this song was played at his Memorial. The Pastor picked ” In the Bulb” It was beautiful!

  198. Simon Robinson

    Joey + Rory “When I’m gone” Beautiful

  199. Jean Snyder

    “Say Halleluyah” by Tracy Chapman

  200. Nadine

    Song; ‘Bugger Off’ by The Real Mckenzies, great Irish song and totally fit to celebrate a wonderfully full life – no Offence meant for anyone I just love this

  201. Bob Sutton

    Piper To The End – Mark Knopfler Unbelievable Song

  202. Doxology

    Songbird by Fleetwood Mac:
    For you there’ll be no more crying. For you, the sun will be shining And I feel that when I’m with you, It’s alright, I know it’s right……
    Played at my Mother’s funeral. Makes me cry every time I hear it. Beautiful. I hope they play it at my funeral.

    Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Winding Stream, Wildwood Flower by the Carter Family.
    I find all the old timey songs comforting.

    I would like In the Sweet By and By

    I think funeral songs should not be a time to heckle the dead. Try and find something beautiful to help that soul find its way to the light. If you are pissed, have unfinished business find some other time to work out those frustrations. Dance on their grave and spit on it if you need to. But a funeral is a time to show respect. Be that kind of person in life.

  203. Buford Cobb

    I had a family ask for “He finally stopped loving her today”.

  204. Eric Ebacher

    Angels Among Us–Alabama
    In The Garden–Traditional Hymn
    Amazing Grace–Traditional Hymn

    Angels Among Us is the big one for me, because in 2001, I lost a very, very close friend (her name was Stevie) who in June of that year suffered fatal injuries, having been ejected in a car crash and died the next morning at the hospital. My singing this song left everybody at her (Stevie’s) funeral in tears, but was also a comfort to everyone who had any association with Stevie at any point in her 16 short years.

  205. tombwoy ashii

    well actually this site is very boring a little but the songs are ok but they werent none of my suggestions but thanks

  206. Robert Marier

    Dear Rochelle, I’m a songwriter from Maine who wrote this song for a close friend. It is a much requested and appreciated song that connects the listener to their passing friend. Here is the link to a youtube video. https://youtu.be/NsCclFxalEk
    I hope you like it and can use it on your excellent website. Bob Marier

  207. John

    “Goodbye My Friend” by Linda Ronstadt
    “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban
    “The Rose” by Bette Midler
    “Amazing Grace” sung by LeAnn Rimes

  208. Joe johnston

    Billie Hollidays ” I’ll Be Seeing You “

  209. Holly

    I am so so incredibly sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine anything in the world harder than that. Sending prayers of peace.

  210. yvette

    In My Life / If We Never Meet Again by Selah.
    We have used this song for three funerals.
    It’s very beautiful.

  211. Karen L Purcell

    Even if you’re the funeral director, if the customer is paying YOU for the service and wants it to be a certain way, it doesn’t matter what you feel is appropriate. Drink a Beer is getting played at my husband’s because that’s who he was.

  212. Eric Ebacher

    Another song that would fit this list perfectly is “Angels Among Us”, because it basically tells us that our loved ones who have gone before us are watching over us and were sent to us from Heaven, regardless of whether was in life or after that person’s death (or sometimes both). I should know, because in 1995, I personally met someone whom I believed (though I never had a chance to tell her this) that she was my angel here on Earth, though now I personally believe that Stevie (the person in question) is now an angel who, 16 years after her passing, was the person sent from Heaven to watch over me in life, and now continues watching over me as an angel in Heaven and will for as long as I live.

  213. Shirley M. Nelson

    Would like to hear a funeral song for my mother by vill Gill.

  214. Pat Forrester

    What a fabulous site…I am 80 years old…and can’t seem to get my kids to work with me on this…so I am going to do it myself,,,I have a basket with some idea’s for them and will listen to a lot of the suggested songs listed here….I definitely don’t want the traditional sad hymns..
    These are wonderful suggestions…
    I am not religious, but for sure know there is a higher power out there….So…I do not have a minister…If anyone has any idea’s as to how I or my children might be able to get someone to speak for me I would be really appreciative…
    Thanks again for this site…I passed it on to a friend as well..

  215. Tiffany Adams

    Kenny Chesney who’s you be today

  216. Tim Campbell

    The Escape Club- I’ll be there

  217. Max

    played at my husband’s funeral

    Angels — Sarah Mclachlan
    Days –Kinks
    Your still the one — Shania Twain

    Now looking for ones for me has two of the above would of been my choice but not fitting now

  218. John

    “Be Still” by The Killers
    “Be Here Long” by NEEDTOBREATHE
    “You’ll Be OK” by A Great Big World

  219. Alessa

    On Friday November 17, 2017 My papa passed away at 3:00 A.M I am so upset.

  220. chris nicholas

    I can only imagine

  221. Donna kerfoot

    I hope you dance
    I did it my way either by Elvis or Frank Sinatra
    The sounds of silence by Simon and Garfiekd

  222. Peggy

    525600 minutes. (From musical RENT )

  223. Lynda

    Here Comes the Flood (Peter Gabriel), Dante’s Prayer (Lorena McKennitt) Ailein Duinn and Morag’s Lament (Karen Matheson)

  224. Jack

    The Song Is Over—Pete Townshend
    My Buddy, My Pal, My Friend—Willie Nelson
    Oooh child–The Five Stairsteps

  225. Casey

    Modest Mouse – Float On
    Johnny Cash – Bridge over Troubled Waters

  226. matt

    Angel flight by Radney Foster is one of the most amazing songs for the death of a veteran.


  227. Mike Miller

    Linda Ronstadt Good Bye My Friend
    If that does not make you cry than you need to find your heart. Best closing song ever!

  228. Greg

    Perhaps a little tardy of a reply, but my internment song will be Will I See You in Heaven by The Jayhawks

  229. Ing.

    Beyoncé ‘Halo’
    The Pretenders ‘Hymn to Her’
    Pearl Jam ‘Given to Fly’
    Pearl Jam ‘Oceans’
    Beatles ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’
    Pearl Jam ‘Release’

  230. Betty Harrison

    UNA PALOMA BLANCO by the George Baker Selection

  231. 25 Of The Most Amazing Funeral Songs Of All Time To Add To Your Playlist – Miles Christopher Update

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  232. 25 Of The Most Amazing Funeral Songs Of All Time To Add To Your Playlist – American Funeral Association

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  233. Rickh J

    Forever Free by WASP

    “Dont cry for me, I’m losing you”
    A song about his woman dying

  234. John Navarro

    Talking Old Soldiers – Elton John
    An old man in a bar telling a patron about missing departed friends and how memories will live on after we pass. My family knows that this is the song for my funeral. It makes me tear up knowing I will be remembered.

  235. Rilee Chastain

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings John!

  236. Rilee Chastain

    Great additions, Ingrid! We do love those. Sounds like you’re a Pearl Jam fan 😛

  237. Rilee Chastain

    THanks for sharing Matt! We’ll give it a listen!

  238. Rilee Chastain

    Thanks Greg! What a beautiful song!

  239. Pete Marksteiner

    Dear Ms Rietow,

    I’m writing to ask you to consider reviewing “Far From Perfect, But He Was Mine” https://youtu.be/uXYg2-mXvpI and if you like it, mentioning it in a future article or blog post on funeralone.com. “Beyond the Dash,” a site dedicated to supporting those dealing with the loss of a loved one, ranked it in their top 5 songs honoring the loss of a beloved husband, along with 4 immediately recognizable hits by Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, and Jo Dee Macina. https://beyondthedash.com/blog/funeral-songs-for-the-passing-of-a-beloved-husband/7308

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Sincerely, Pete Marksteiner

  240. Michelle

    I have picked out my funeral music just not sure on the order I keep changing my mind. my son doesn’t want to discuss it.

    I hope you dance- Lee Ann Rimes

    Your raise me up-Josh Groban

    Angel-Sarah McLaughlin

    Hallelujah -Jeff Buckey

  241. Krystal Penrose

    Great choices Michelle. My personal favorite is Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley!

  242. T

    “You and Me Against the World” – Helen Reddy

    “Tell me again, mommy

    You and me against the world
    Sometimes it feels like you and me against the world
    When all the others turn their backs and walk away
    You can count on me to stay

    Remember when the circus came to town
    And you were frightened by the clown
    Wasn’t it nice to be around someone that you knew
    Someone who was big and strong and looking out for you

    And me against the world
    Sometimes it feels like you and me against the world
    And for all the times we’ve cried
    I always felt that God was on our side

    And when one of us is gone
    And one of us is left to carry on
    Then remembering will have to do
    Our memories alone will get us through
    Think about the days of me and you
    You and me against the world

    And when one of us is gone
    And one of us is left to carry on
    Then remembering will have to do
    Our memories alone will get us through
    Think about the days of me and you
    You and me against the world

    I love you, mommy
    I love you too, baby ”

    And most definitely “Everything I Own” – Bread

  243. Krystal Penrose

    So beautiful!

  244. Tonia Fennell

    Dust in the Wind by Kansas
    I Believe by Brooks and Dunn

  245. Krystal Penrose

    Two very beautiful songs, Tonia, thanks for sharing!

  246. 4 Tips To Make A Powerful Funeral Slideshow | Kuzo, Foulk, And Cleveland Funeral Homes

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  247. Christine Morgan, Celebrant

    A Thousand Years, version by the Piano Guys is beautiful for the committal part of the service.
    I have chosen Follow me, Follow you, version by Faultline for my own funeral!

  248. Abbie

    ❤❤❤ https://youtu.be/7CMpi9cQ8Zk

  249. Krystal Penrose

    Awww this one is soooo sweet! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  250. Krystal Penrose

    What a beautiful song Hamish!

  251. Paul

    I having this at my funeral. First person, it’s brilliant:

    Genesis – “Anyway”

    All the pumping’s nearly over for my sweet heart
    This is the one for me
    Time to meet the chef
    O boy! the running man is out of death
    Feel cold and old, it’s getting hard to catch my breath
    ‘s back to ash, now, you’ve had your flash boy
    The rocks, in time, compress
    Your blood to oil
    Your flesh to coal
    Enrich the soil
    Not everybody’s goal

    Anyway, they say she comes on a pale horse
    But I’m sure I hear a train
    O boy! I don’t even feel no pain
    I guess I must be driving myself insane
    Damn it all! does earth plug a hole in heaven
    Or heaven plug a hole in the earth – “how wonderful to be so profound
    When everything you are is dying underground”

    I feel the pull on the rope, let me off at the rainbow
    I could have been exploding in space
    Different orbits for my bones
    Not me, just quietly buried in stones
    Keep the deadline open with my maker!
    See me stretch; for God’s elastic acre
    The doorbell rings and it’s
    “Good morning Rael
    So sorry you had to wait
    It won’t be long, yeh!
    She’s very rarely late”

  252. Lynne Cornwall

    Its your world now. The Eagles
    Time in a bottle. Jim crock.
    The end of the line. The travelling willburries.
    I’ll see you in my dreams. Joe Brown
    Forever young. Joan Baez.
    I hope you dance. Ronan Keating.

  253. garlend

    Another great one to get the tears flowing:
    Williams Brothers – “Can’t Cry Hard Enough” (1992)

  254. Krystal Penrose

    oh wow, this one was touching! Thanks for sharing.

  255. Patricia

    I love Gulf Coast Highway but there are awesome suggestions here. My daughter’s and I are putting together a playlist for her video my photos. I’m 78 but counting on at least 10 more

  256. Jan Fetruss

    Any Way the Wind Blows- Southern Pacific
    I Will Be There- Dan Seals
    Live Forever – Billy Joe Shaver

  257. Charlie

    Unforgettable :Nat king kole,this ones for you Irene,RIP.

  258. Jim

    To love somebody by the beegees

  259. Krystal Penrose

    Nice suggestion!

  260. Janice

    I sincerely hope Best Seat In The House by Barry Manilow gets played at mine!

  261. Krystal Penrose

    Great song! Be sure to write that down! It’s those little details that are the most important 🙂

  262. Joe Pearson

    I found this very interesting. As I have grown older, I have begun to think about my own funeral arrangements. Here are three (so far) that I want played at my funeral:

    Memoirs from Between – Echolyn
    Rest of the Day Off – Neil Finn
    At the End of the Day – Spock’s Beard

    Relatively obscure, but I like them and they speak to me.

  263. Krystal Penrose

    Hi Joe, we love that you choose songs that are unique to YOU! That’s the direction we’re heading… honoring the LIFE and not just following traditions that don’t feel personal or meaningful. Way to go!

  264. Laura

    Have to include Heaven’s Garden surely? I get asked to perform this beautiful song frequently


  265. Martha Davis

    • “Bring Him Home” from Les Miserables, sung by Gary Morris
    • “Ain’t No Grave” by Cageless Birds featuring Molly Skaggs
    • “Come To Jesus” by Kenneth Cope
    • “A Life That’s Good” by Point of Grace
    • “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeren
    • “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” by Sandi Patty
    • “It Is Well” by David Phelps

    Add your favorite version of “Blessed Assurance”, “Day By Day” (hymn), “How Great Thou Art.”

  266. Freda

    Mine is the Beatles .
    In my life

  267. Peter

    Have a listen to the Diana Krall version of In my life.

  268. Kimberly Prance

    Journey’s End by Clannad is an upbeat song that personally I would love to have played at the beginning or end of a funeral ceremony, another song that I like is Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks.

  269. Krystal Penrose

    Thanks for these suggestions, Kimberly! Hopefully they’ll help others when they see this post and these comments! SO many great suggestions in the comments!

  270. Krystal Penrose

    Thanks Peter, will do!

  271. Madge Wright

    Just listen to Elvis – I Miss You.

  272. Krystal Penrose

    Mmm thank you!

  273. Anon

    The Five Stairsteps – O-o-h Child. I thank Guardians of the Galaxy for inspiring that one.
    It’s a nice, comforting song to remind you that the world can be brighter.

    Don’t Fear the Reaper – it helped me cope with my brother’s passing, and it’s nice to acknowledge the passing of time.

  274. Lisa

    Way over yonder….Carol Kng

  275. Rusty Shackleford

    I was at many funerals and there is a lot of them i found fitting.

    My picks

    I Hope You Dance, Prelude: Fly and Something Worth Leaving Behind by Lee Ann Womack
    The Dance (Garth Brooks Cover), 10,000 Angels,and I’m Still Here by Mindy McCready
    Breathe by Taylor Swift
    You’ll be There and Troubadour by George Strait

    Sorry I have a long list but most of them are country

  276. Krystal Penrose

    These are all such goodies! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  277. Krystal Penrose

    Beautiful song choice!

  278. Patrick

    As the coffin is lowered out belts

    Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

  279. Patrick

    Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye

  280. Sonia Schmierbach

    On Eagle’s Wings. Based on Psalm 91, the Psalm for our police and fire fighters. Absolutely beautiful.

  281. John

    Home Free – Wayne Watson

  282. Rebecca Gardner

    It stood out to me when a good funeral song is an ode to someone’s life in addition to being beautiful. In my opinion, you should consider hiring someone to make a custom piano arrangement of one of these songs to play at the funeral. This means you can bring a custom piece to the funeral without too much effort since a lot of churches or funeral homes have pianos there.

  283. linda jones

    Where the devil is I,m Going Home Sang by the Best Baritone ever Laurence Tibbet His Rendition Breaks your very soul ,
    You can imaging the scene of the coffin arriving at his home heartbreaking returning to the home he loved friends waiting for him .
    No funeral song like it and you put in the one Beyonce sang awful song Yes she did it for a terminally sick child but did not do it quietly did she In all the Newspapers press making a fortune out of the little child .
    It made a lot of people stand up and think .
    You put it in here .

  284. Krystal Penrose

    Great suggestion John!

  285. Krystal Penrose

    Thanks Sonia! Beautiful.

  286. Lin Jacobson

    The one song I want played at my funeral would be “Nothing But A Breeze” by Jesse Winchester!

  287. Your Funeral Song – Ukulele Tutorials | Singer-Songwriter | Blogger | Richard Lepinsky

    […] From the article below they list the top 25 songs played at funerals. […]

  288. redicon

    Here’s another one to add to the list. “MISS ME BUT LET ME GO” which was based on a poem by Robyn Rancman


  289. Beth

    ” fly” By Celine Dion…grab a tissue when u hear this song. But it’s all about flying to heaven. Its beautiful.

  290. Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS


  291. Krystal Penrose

    Good one!

  292. Hialeah Tipper

    The Garden by Rush

  293. rob

    Why would “Hallelujah!” be on this list. It’s a breakup song! “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam should be on the list.

  294. Krystal Penrose

    Good one!

  295. Kathy

    Does anyone think “Be Still by The Fray would be a good funeral song. I’m thinking about it for mine.

  296. Karla Boggs

    I love most of the tracks. I’m preplanning my funeral. I dont wont to be a burden on my kids and husband

  297. Erin

    The song “Say Hello to Heaven” by Temple of the Dog….. I want it played at mine, it’s a perfect funeral song….. Also, (I hate to say this, but I was never a big fan of this band, but the song is AMAZING…. Haunting is probably a better word for “Shadow of the day” by Linkin Park. I’m sobbing thinking about it. Both songs are amazing. Sadly enough, the singer from Temple of the Dog, ended his life in last few years.2017- somewhere from then to now 2021. & Just a year later the singer from Linkin Park, ended his life also. They were friends & they both battled depression for years. Either song is a
    Guarantee for lots of tears. Please listen first, carefully & choose with your discretion. Tragedy is both. But, they each offer something different & you won’t find that anywhere else. Thank you so much.

  298. Krystal Penrose

    Great idea Karla, we love that you love the tracks. Music is everything! It makes a huge difference in a wake.

  299. Magnolia Leaf

    When someone you love becomes a memory… find solace in this song:

    Will you please consider it for your playlist? Thanks in advance! Magnolia Leaf


  300. Aaron Jones

    That is a great list here is another one to add to it, This song just came out two weeks ago.
    It is called Just Leaving Here, Here is the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeYRjiSe2BY

  301. Brenda Bell

    These songs may sound a strange choice, as i believe there is something else at the end of this life, if i am wrong it really does no matter as it has given me strength and kept me going throughout the writ times of losing someone.

    Simply the best. Tina Turner I will survive Gloria Gaynor, I will always love you for my family Whitney Houston

    Those are my choices.

  302. Wayne

    Yonder Mountain String Band – Left me in a hole

  303. Christine

    My kids have been told to play – “RED SOLO CUP” by Toby Keith.

  304. Chris

    Jealous of the Angels by Jenn Bostic
    Everything that I Own by Bread

  305. sloggoth

    yob, Beauty in Falling Leave

    This is perfect for the epic funeral where you want to milk the tears!

  306. Krystal Penrose

    Thanks for sharing these beautful suggestions!



  308. Barbara C. Walsh

    When my husband died, I had Celine Dion’s Power of Love playing as we came into the church for the mass. Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman’s Time To Say Goodbye as we were leaving the church. Both times the stained glass was rattling. It was a beautiful send off for a very special husband & father.

  309. Krystal Penrose

    Sounds like a beautiful, powerful send off! Thanks for sharing

  310. PJ

    Throw me a Party by Rita Wilson
    Scars in Heaven

  311. Memorial Service Program: What Is The Best Way To Make A Funeral Program? • Vallorio

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  312. Mary B.

    I want “Up Around the Bend” by Credence Clearwater Revival played LOUDLY at the end of my funeral or memorial service.

  313. Julie Scott

    My Way

    By Elvis Presley

  314. Ronnie Penman

    Hope these get played when I depart this mortal coil
    The meeting – ABWH
    Touch of grey – Grateful Dead
    Closer To Believing – Greg Lake
    Wonderous stories – YES
    Valentine – Richard Hawley (wonderful lyrics)
    Tishbite – Cocteau Twins
    Ripple – Grateful Dead
    I will be there – Katie Melua
    Voices in the sky – moody blues
    Sky blue and black – Jackson Browne
    Walkaway – Matt Monroe

    Be a hell of a send-off if that happens

  315. chris

    “Saint Saviour” by Astrid Williamson. Ideal for remembering friends and relatives who died after a long illness.

  316. Paul

    Drops of Jupiter is one of my favorite songs ever written, but in my opinion it’s not the greatest funeral song train has put out. Everyone should go out and listen to When I Look To The Sky. A song I want sung at my funeral

  317. sam ward

    Eric Clapton – Tears In Heaven
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow” – Israel Kamakawiwo’Ole
    “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley
    Stairway to Heaven

  318. Nathaniel

    Halo by beyonce was the best

  319. Krystal Penrose

    Love this song so much!

  320. Andy B

    ‘Remember me’ – Dido’s Lament from Dido & Aeneas By Purcell – various worthy arrangements – Jessye Norman, Annie Lennox (plus massive choral accompaniment for Greenpeace), Jeff Buckley (really!) but the one I keep playing is Paul Schwartz & Mario Grigorov’s — Aria — Dido

  321. Nick Wilson

    Speaking of well-known perfect memorial songs, this timeless classic by Elton John will always be linked to the tragic death of Princess Diana, but has since evolved past that association to become a universal song for those who have departed this life. The lyrics are pure poetry and Elton John’s famous piano compositions perfectly carry the track.

  322. Peggy

    Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd
    Way Over Yonder by Carol King
    Dust in the Wind by Kansas

  323. Fran Sitton

    I love the song 10,000 Reasons written by Matt Redmon and Jonas Myron. It will be sung at my funeral.

  324. Donald Elder

    Neil Diamond The Story Of My Life

  325. Catherine Williams

    Seasons in the Sun- Terry Jacks
    Time- Alan Parsons
    Tears in Heaven- Clapton…

  326. Pam Fairchild

    Go Rest High On That Mountain by Vince Gill or Amazing Grace on bagpipes

  327. PL

    Have been thinking of my funeral songs for years and they haven’t changed (although Tame Impala is a new addition replacing Linkin Park):
    – Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve
    – Let It Happen by Tame Impala
    – Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap

    I don’t want the same old songs everybody has. I don’t want upbeat happy clappy songs cliche songs and I don’t want sad depressing songs. Instead I’m going for songs that I’ve danced in my kitchen to, yelled out singing to, and cried to, good old foot stomping, holler out songs that have meaning and resonated with me and hopefully will touch my friends and family.
    And I want them played in that order and the Tame Impala song needs to be played in entirety so the guitar riff isn’t missed

  328. Tony

    Somewhere in my service I would like ‘great gig in the sky’ but a must would be ‘stairway to heaven’ At the end when people stand up to leave I want ‘cheek to cheek’ to be played as my parting shot. Needs a bit of thinking about but if you know the song you know where I’m coming from.

  329. Christopher Nowak BFA MLIS


  330. Decisions To Consider When Organising A Funeral

    […] and friends. Menial tasks such as supervising the catering, checking on the logistics, and even choosing the music can be passed on to others so that you will not be overwhelmed with tasks when you are supposed to […]

  331. Trevor

    Fly by Céline Dion

  332. Trina

    All kinds of everything – Dana
    Beautiful song

  333. Bruce

    Tom Petty – Wildflowers
    Neil Nathan – Do Ya
    Sweet Child – Alex Cruz
    Bailey Pelman – Lovers in a Dangerous Time
    Duran Duran – Ordinary World

  334. Sister

    Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keeley
    “If I had words’

  335. janice wexler

    Andrea Bocelli – Time to Say Good bye — I’d like to see this added to your list. They were my Dad’ last words and Mom’s chosen song for his memorial service and I thought it was just so perrect..

  336. John Roberts

    Everly brothers ‘Oh So Many Years’ will be played at my funeral. It spoke for my grief when my wife died 10 years ago after 47 years together, and still does.