INFOGRAPHIC: What Song Should You Play At A Funeral?

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Did we miss one of your favorite funeral songs?! Let us know in the comment below! Also be sure to check out our post of 16 Of The Most Amazing Funeral Songs Of All Time if you need even more inspiration!

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  1. Graham Burton

    As music plays a role in everyone’s life even at a very early age ,why not have special music played at ones celebration funeral service .Of course we hear of different choices of music at today’s funeral services for ones special loved one and with the family’s input it goes along way to help each and everyone one who knew that person during their lives .You name and it as possible been played ,from pop,jazz,rock ,country ,etc .The song(s) bring to mind that person and like memories songs always bring to mind that loved one even if one as left us over many years .In a way it is always if possible to make arrangements to tell family of ones wishes regarding music ,songs etc and even special readings or poems to make it something special ,after all we celebrate a new born baby coming into this world ,and why not adopt a celebration for a loved leaving us and leaving with so many memories during their time with us .Music at funerals can bring happiness but also bring a few tears ,it’s what that person did and gave in their lives that a reflection can come to us at any time in our lives in remembering what and how much they meant to us .
    One song comes mind sung by Barbar Streisand and Vince Gill “Take me with you” listen to the words it says it all .
    Keep up the good work Riilee ,God Bless You .
    Regards Graham

  2. Rilee Chastain

    Graham, thanks so much for the insightful comment. We completely agree with you – music is a great reflection of the life lived and how much they meant to us!

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