What Impact Does a Tribute Video Have on Your Families?


Several years ago, I visited the funeralOne display at a NFDA convention and was given a free trial of their Life Tributes Personalization Software. I took the software home and put it on my desk with the intention of giving it a try.

A few months later, my grandfather passed away. He worked for 70 years in our funeral business and remained dedicated to the profession until he passed.

My grandfather’s death had a tremendous impact on our family. After his funeral service, I thought, “Gosh, we need a video to honor my grandfather’s life.” So I gathered some pictures of my grandfather and used Life Tributes software to make a tribute video.

That night, I put the tribute video in my family’s DVD player without telling them what it was. I simply said, “I want to show you something,” and my family gathered around to watch the video.

I will never forget the emotional impact the video tribute had on my family and I. As we watched the video honoring my grandfather’s life we cried together and we laughed together. With tears in his eyes my father said, “Walker, this video means so much to us. Think of the value and impact tribute videos like this will have on the families we serve.”

Following my father’s direction, our funeral home implemented the tribute video service and families in our community immediately embraced it.

Tribute Videos Support the Grief Process

As a result of our funeral home’s tribute video offering, we have witnessed a shift in the culture surrounding death in our community.

As funeral professionals, our mission is to help families heal. Video tributes are an integral part of that process and, in our experience, are a key element of funeral service.

When tribute videos are not a part of the funeral service, we see a dramatic difference in the family’s ability to positively connect with memories that facilitate their ability to cope with the loss of their loved one.

Tribute Videos Spark Memories & Conversations

After watching a tribute video, people feel more comfortable and prepared to approach the family.  They feel better equipped to provide words of real comfort and meaning.

They start the conversation about the deceased that helps the family and service guests share memories and heal. The sharing of positive memories and personal stories is one way to encourage the simple expressions of sympathy that we sometimes offer.

Tribute Videos Add Value to Your Services

Walker Posey Funeral Directors has found great value in Life Tributes because it’s one of our offerings that has the most meaning to the families we serve.  Simply put, it helps us do our job to create moments in time that help families remember, reflect and honor of the life lived.

Tribute videos can be one of your greatest services in helping families deal with their loss. Take notice of the difference in the feel in the environment at your funeral home during a visitation or service with and without a video tribute. I’m sure you’ll commit to providing this service to every family who comes through your door.

Our firm has made a commitment to do everything we can to offer tribute videos to every family we serve. This offering has been an incredible service to our community and to the hundreds of families we’ve touched. I’m confident tribute videos can do the same for you.

Life Tributes tribute videos can add value to your services and help your families heal. To learn more about the capabilities of Life Tributes Personalization Software or to request a 30-day Free Trial, click here.


Walker Posey is a fourth generation funeral director and embalmer at Walker Posey Funeral Directors with a family history dating back 130 years in funeral service. Walker is a graduate of Brigham Young University and The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. Walker holds funeral director and embalmer licensure in South Carolina and Georgia, South Carolina pre-need funeral insurance licensure , and is a member of the Academy of Funeral Service Practitioners. He is active in both SCFDA and GFDA, having served a district chairperson for both associations and is a current member of the SDFDA executive board. In the community, Walker currently serves as Chairman of the North Augusta Family YMCA and is president-elect of the North Augusta Rotary Club.

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  1. Sarah Foster

    I also believe that tribute videos are great for families on a private note as well. Some families may not want to share such personal information and memories with the rest of the public, so having the video as a memento is an option as well. (Although, I do see the value in sharing the video during a funeral service.) From personal experience, watching a tribute video as a family helps the family grieve and mourn together, to get the memories (good and bad) flowing and shared. It helps to remember and be comforted by the people you know the best (who are also grieving as you are).

  2. Krystal

    Thanks for your thoughts, Sarah! I, too, think tribute videos tend to spark positive conversations about families, which helps with the grieving process. Any service that helps families face their grief and remember the good times they shared with the loved one has high value!