No Sympathy Store? 4 Opportunities Your Funeral Home’s Missing Out On


Every week, I try to write blog posts that educate, inspire and provide solutions to some of the biggest challenges the funeral industry is facing today. Today is no different.

Although I don’t always try to push products here, I really believe The Sympathy Store is a no-brainer for funeral homes looking to attract more families, increase revenue and turn their funeral home website traffic into dollars.

The reality is if you’re not selling sympathy gifts and flowers on your website yet, you’re not utilizing your website to its full potential.

Don’t believe me?

Check out some of the opportunities you’re missing out on by not having The Sympathy Store on your funeral home website:


1. Additional Revenue Stream

It’s no secret that funeral homes have been experiencing a decrease in traditional product sales such as caskets and headstones, resulting in an overall decline in revenue. The Sympathy Store is an effortless way for funeral homes to generate revenue from their website. By adding this eCommerce plug-in to your website, you’re giving families the ability to purchase sympathy gifts and flowers directly from your website. Depending on the products sold, your funeral home can earn up to 25% commission on each sale made.

2.Converting Website Traffic Into Dollars

In the event of a death, friends and family of the deceased often visit the funeral home website to read the obituary, find out service times and information or sign the online guestbook. Knowing that 93% of consumers give sympathy gifts or flowers to show their support for the survivors of a loved one, how many of your website visitors do you think go on to purchase gifts or flowers from another website? By integrating an eCommerce store, like The Sympathy Store, directly into your funeral home website, you’re offering the friends and family who wish to show their support with flowers or sympathy gifts the convenience of a one-stop-shop.


3. Offer More, Without Doing More

I honestly wouldn’t recommend this product if it weren’t so easy and effortless for you to do. One of the best things about The Sympathy Store is that it’s an additional feature you get to offer your families, that doesn’t require you to actually do more. Everything from the integration of The Sympathy Store plug-in on your funeral home website, to the merchandising, ordering, billing, shipping, and even customer service is handled for you. It really is that simple!


4. Establish Yourself As An Industry Thought Leader

By taking the initiative to sell sympathy gifts and flowers on your website, you’re establishing your funeral home as an industry thought leader, paving the way for future trends. The reality is we live in a digital world. By demonstrating your funeral home’s ability to adapt to these innovations and changing trends, you’re setting yourself apart from the competition. Establishing yourself as an industry thought leader is the best marketing you could do for your funeral home to gain credibility, recognition and trust.


What are some other no-brainer solutions you’ve found to help grow your business? Share your comments, questions and tips below!

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