10 Harsh Truths Needed For The Rebirth A Dying Funeral Industry

Whether you’ve already admitted it or not, the funeral industry is in need of a re-birth.

It’s an inevitable and necessary step for us to remain relevant to client families.

Actually, it’s a necessary step for funeral homes to remain in business altogether.

So how do we spark  this rebirth? Well, the first step is to become a part of it. 

Help us share these 10 harsh truths that will catalyze the rebirth of funerals:


#1: Remarkable service is a form of marketing.

Who needs a billboard when the level of customer experience at your funeral home speaks for itself? The perception of remarkable service is an exception in our industry, and it won’t go unnoticed.


#2: Don’t like change? Time to re-arrange.

The only thing constant we can sense in the future of funerals is change. Better get used to these changes. They will be the stepping stones to your success.


#3: It’s time to be open minded to all methods of disposition.

With the rising cremation rates, we’ve all had to come to terms with cremation in our business. And as if that was not enough to turn things around, we’re now being asked to stay open minded around environmental friendly solutions. Don’t make the mistake of not keeping your eye on them.


#4: Still think your families want tradition? Guess you didn’t listen.

Sorry to break it to you… but if you think the modern funeral is going to be the same old song and dance you’ve been doing for generations, it’s time to learn some new tricks. Get to reading, there’s plenty of people around the globe talking about these changes.


#5: If you’re not earning, get to learning.

If your numbers are on a steady decline, this is pointing you in the direction of change. How do you make changes? You learn! Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends by doing your own research, reading up on industry blogs (like ours, maybe?)😂, attending conferences both in our industry and out of it. 


#6: Experience is the product your families are looking for.

Where families used to search for the most ideal casket, now they’re looking for the most unique experience. Drop the emphasis on products, and increase the momentum in experiences. The future of our economy depends on them.


#7: Stay stuck in the past, and lose business fast.

Have you gotten this message yet? Here’s another reminder, in case you need one.


#8: One size doesn’t fit all. 

With more than half of families we’ve surveyed over the years desiring a meaningful and unique funeral for themselves, it’s safe to say cookie cutter just won’t cut it anymore in funeral service.


#9: It’s not just some families who want personalization. It’s an entire nation.

The good news is that personalization is a great way to deepen a relationship with your families. It opens up doors for meaningful conversations, and developed trust.


#10: The future of funerals is now.

Knock knock! The future is here. Time to stop thinking it will happen one day. It is now. Welcome!

Which truth do you resonate with the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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