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Today’s families are more connected with digital convenience than ever before. They don’t want to click through to a new website for every single service they need… they want a one-stop-shop that will meet all of their needs in one convenient place. And this is more true than ever when it comes to today’s funeral experience.

Families looking for service information don’t want to click through to multiple websites when looking for service times, obituary information, their loved one’s online guest book, and again when they want to send Sympathy flowers. But unfortunately, that’s exactly what most funeral homes make families do — they host these different features using multiple websites, forcing families to jump around.  But what if you had one website that could do it all? That’s where funeralOne’s The Sympathy Store comes in.

The Sympathy Store is an online e-commerce plug-in that can be integrated directly into your funeral website, allowing your families to purchase high-quality flowers and sympathy gifts without ever leaving your site. This invaluable e-commerce platform gives your funeral home a new opportunity to tap into your community’s desire to support grieving families with sympathy gifts and flowers. It also generates additional revenue for your funeral firm, with no additional expenses for your firm or your families!

To learn more about how e-commerce can better connect you to your families (and earn you additional revenue at the same time), click here to add The Sympathy Store to your website.

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  1. Belrup Patrola

    Thanks for creating this infographic! I’ll share this on our social media feeds later:)

  2. Rilee Chastain

    Thanks so much! We’re glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Funeral Flowers

    This is a great infographic to help people make a decision. It’s usually a challenge helping our customers decide on exactly what they want to send. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rilee Chastain

    Thanks for the comment! We are glad to hear that this infographic will be helpful for your customers 🙂

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