5 Ways to Use Your Sympathy Store (That You’ve Never Thought of Before)

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re either interested in, or already have, a Sympathy Store.

Which means you already know how invaluable a Sympathy Store is for both funeral directors and the families that they serve. 

But what you may not know is how useful this amazing tool actually is. A lot of funeral professionals don’t know how to tap into the true powers of their store. The truth is, there are lots of ways you can! We’ve gathered 5 ideas to use your Sympathy Store in new and creative ways:

1. Feature your favorite local florist on your social media channels

What better way to create rapport and community than giving a shout out to the folks you most enjoy working with? Post photos of the gorgeous arrangements and the local florist making them! Consider interviewing these talented folks about their experiences making floral displays for funerals and grieving families.  The florist will appreciate your kind words and this helps you to…


2. Remind families that they’re working with real people who have empathy for their loss

When families shop in your Sympathy Store they’re not buying box flowers from just anyone, they’re getting a beautiful hand made design from someone who has been supporting families for years. And, they can choose any design they like, as well as have the florist make a one of a kind bouquet from local, seasonal flowers. Families will notice the care and thoughtful touch that comes from working with people who truly care. So how can you let them know this? Put it on your website and other marketing channels to use as a unique selling proposition of your funeral business.


3. Be a support for out-of-town family members

Did you know that the majority of Sympathy Store purchases come from out of town family members? It is really tough to be away from family when you want to be there in person to offer support. It is such a relief to long distance families to have the convenience of sending flowers, gift baskets and memorial gifts directly to their loved ones. They may not be able to show up on the doorstep with flowers and a hug, but if you offer your Sympathy Store as a service to them, they’ll feel incredibly supported by you to show up in a way that’s meaningful to them.


4. Partner with your local florist to host for an event or workshop

Flowers have been a major part of funeral rituals since the stone age! Team up with your florist and bring families together for a special event. Gather everyone in your funeral home where they can meet the people they will be working with and be surrounded by community. 

Florists can often bring loads of single flowers with them and teach everyone to build their own bouquet while they learn about the history of flowers and funerals. Everyone will leave with knowledge and a personalized arrangement they made for themselves, and they’ll feel the special connection you made each time they look at those beautiful flowers. 

Pro tip: Need some inspiration for this event? Check out our blog for some interesting facts to share! 


5. Promote the benefits of supporting local business with the convenience of online shopping

Even though 93% of people purchase gifts and flowers for bereaved families online these days, people still want to know they’re supporting local businesses. With the Sympathy Store, they are supporting two at the same time! 

When directing people to your store make sure to highlight that you work with local vendors who you know and trust. After all, as funeral directors, supporting your community has always been at the heart of what you do. 


Don’t have a Sympathy Store yet?

Now that you know just how powerful of a tool the right e-commerce store can be for your families and your community (not to mention the advantages it can bring to your funeral home) isn’t it time you got in on all the benefits?

Click here to talk to one of our funeral success specialists to learn more about how our Sympathy Store plugin can work for your funeral home and give the gift of support to your families.


How do you use your Sympathy Store in unique ways at your funeral home? Tell us in the comments below!


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