A Hilarious Look at 2020 In The Funeral Profession So Far In Memes

Ahh, 2020.

What can we say, really? Are there any words to describe it? Probably not, and that’s why we chose memes to do it for us instead.

In case you need a laugh, here is a quick recap of this year in memes.

Enjoy and share this with anyone who needs a chuckle.

After 2019, there was a lot of hope for 2020 in January


By February, it was starting to become obvious that 2020 wasn’t going to be our year afterall.


When March arrived and the pandemic hit, things started to get REALLY interesting


March marked the season of the mask (that still hasn’t ended). 

You may not have given birth, but I’m sure you feel this so much right now.

Thankfully our line of work prepared us to handle the emotional bits of this pandemic crisis


But it definitely didn’t prepare us for the apocalypse where everyone is forced to remain in isolation… for months on end.


April: the only month where every day was quarantined.


Thankfully you, as a last responder, were busy doing anything but resting at home while everyone else was watching Tiger King.


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Relax, Susan

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Well, you decided, maybe the hours are fine, as long as you have the right snacks


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In cookies we trust ✨

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May was busy and you probably got creative. I always knew there was a reason they called them a man’s best friend


It seemed like nothing else could go wrong in June. LOL.


But at least we had an opportunity to check ourselves, no doubt.


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Some of you still don’t get it. This isn’t JUST over the death of #georgefloyd —Or even the other recent deaths and acts of blatant racism and privilege. This is about a race of people who have been oppressed and living in a system that was set against them from the very beginning. So if you’re uncomfortable because they’re protesting in your city—imagine living with discomfort, fear and anxiety EVERY SINGLE DAY just because of the color of your skin. And that’s the thing- as a white presenting person…we CANT imagine. We have NO IDEA what it would be like, because we have never had to experience it. Some of us don’t even believe it exists because our privileged makes us that blind to it. So I’m asking you to do your best- do your best to empathize and fight for those who have been unfairly marginalized, judged, ostracized, brutalized, and stigmatized just because of what they look like. Do your best to remember that the country that so many people are touting to “make great again” was literally built off the free labor of our black brothers and sisters (and stolen from our Native ones!) For any of you that have claimed to care about equality, human “greatness”, oneness and all those amazing human ideals—NOW IS THE TIME TO BE THE STAND. Have the hard conversations in your communities- illuminate the issue and be willing to get yourself uncomfortable in order to create the change we are so desperately overdue for. ❤️ #blacklivesmatter #standup #equality

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By July you may have tried this advanced coping technique


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RESET😂 #covid_19 #funnymemes

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Or even tried escaping it all.


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Uber UFO 👋🏽👽🛸

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But if you stuck around, you might have learned a few lessons like…


Staying humble

Especially when you finally realize you’re a superhero.



When chaos is amidst, take it a day at a time!



It’s not always easy, but it’s sure worth it to find something to be grateful for each other.


Listening with an open heart

When those around you are blue, an open heart is your greatest weapon.


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📷 ​@bradmontague ​Often, one of the most helpful and comforting things we can do is to just listen, and offer comfort – rather than trying to dispense advice, or fix things. ​ ​Image description: Square illustration of two birds, one, blue, sitting on a branch in the top left corner of the image, and another, yellow sitting on a branch in the bottom right corner of the image. Both birds are holding a tin can with a length of string connecting them. The blue bird is speaking into their tin can, while the yellow bird listens to theirs. Between them, black text says: ‘When someone you love has had a challenging week… Try to open your heart more than your beak.’ The artist of this image is @bradmontague

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That’s right, take a breath and relax. Enjoy this moment.

And finally, not to forget any of these before leaving the house!


Before we go, here’s the thank you and gratitude you may not have gotten so far this year… we are deeply grateful for all that you have done!



What memes would you use to describe 2020 for your funeral home? Tell us in the comments below!

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