Our Favorite Modern Songs To Move You Through Your Grief [Playlist]

If there’s one thing I know to be true about grief, it’s that without music, it wouldn’t be possible to make it through the journey alive.

Music has the ability to transcend us into a place of healing, no matter what state we’re in.

There’s a lot of us that love the good ole’ classics for grieving (Stairway to Heaven anyone?). But, there are so many amazing modern songs that offer solace to a healing heart.

So we decided to make a playlist of them (which you can checkout here on Spotify).

Plus, we decided to offer a guide to the songs, so we hope you find the one your heart (or your client’s heart) is needing.

Enjoy these, may they heal all grieving hearts:


#1: In The Arms of An Angel – Sarah McLachlan

When to listen: Right after the loss, the only thing we can do is hand over our grief to God (or spirit, Source, Goddess, etc) and this song really helps do just that. This song has held me in some of my darkest days of grief.


#2: “Time After Time – Acoustic” – Eva Cassidy

When to listen: When you’re feeling lost, Eva Cassidy’s voice feels like an angel voice carrying you through your undeniable pain. I like to imagine that the song is being sung to me directly. 


#3: “I Rise Up” – Beautiful Chorus

When to listen: This song uses the tool passed down to us from the Eastern traditions called “mantra”, which is a repeated statement that helps calm our mind. If you’re feeling like you need some relief from your grief, I can’t recommend this song enough. It’s so uplifting and brings courage to the heart.


#4: “Halo” – Ane Brune & Linnea Olsson

When to listen: This song, originally sung by the Queen Bee of pop culture, Beyonce, has always been a favorite of mine when my heart is tender and I need to tend to it.

The best version of this song can actually only be found on Youtube (below). Chances are high that it will make you cry, check it out below: 

#5: “Shake it Out” – Florence and The Machine

When to listen: As the title suggests, sometimes you just need to stand up, and shake it out. I love this song for what I like to call “Sacred Screaming”, which is essentially building up all your anger, grief, and pent up-ness and letting it out in a bunch of screams. Best to scream into a pillow. Even better if you give the pillow a few punches in the process!


#6: “You Can’t Rush Your Healing” – Trevor Hall

When to listen: This song calms me down, especially in a bathtub or with a cup of tea. It offers hope and solace to the hearts that don’t see an end to our grief. The truth is, we really can’t rush our healing, so we might as well find ways to get comfortable in our process.


#7: “Follow The Sun” – Xavier Rudd

When to listen: The hardest part about grief, for me at least, is waking up. As soon as I wake up, and remember the pain in my heart, it’s hard for me to get my day started. Coffee helps, but it wears off eventually. This song brings me back by encouraging me to remember and feel grateful for the bright things in my day, and my life. 


#8: “I Release Control” – Alexa Sunshine Rose

When to listen: Another “mantra” song, this one helps us remember the ultimate… we are NOT in control! So might as well surrender to the flow of love, that will heal us.


#9: “Love Surrounds You” – Bird Tribe

When to listen: It’s important to remember that no matter how “in it” we feel, we’re always supported. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, this song rings truth. Remember you’re supported, and surrounded by love! Play this song on repeat until you can finally feel that.


#10: “I’ve Had The Time of My Life” – Dirty Dancing Soundtrack

When to listen: This song is a generational favorite for most folks. Usually you’ll hear something like this at a wedding. But, this song also makes a great grief song. Grieving isn’t always sad and heavy, afterall. We can celebrate the great times we had with our loved ones, too. It’s important to remember that.

And just because I had to, please enjoy the final scene of the movie “Dirty Dancing”, which is obviously the best possible version of this song.

What are your favorite songs to listen to while you’re grieving? Share them below!

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