4 Grief Wellness Trends To Consider Tapping Into In 2022

Grief wellness.

A concept that might seem foreign to you.

While you’re scratching your head trying to work out what exactly that means, this industry is booming like none other.

While Death Doulas and Soul Midwives, also newer concepts, prepare one for death… grief coaches and AI technology help the bereaved face loss with plenty of support along the way.

While this industry is still very new, and in a “becoming” phase, we thought we’d offer up some of the main trends we see arising in this industry, and how you can tap into them at your funeral home:

Grief Camps

Focused mostly on children, these camps are becoming a major source of relief for children who feel isolated in their grief. I, myself, wish I had access to a grief camp like this when I faced my first loss as a young teen. No one quite knows how to explain the concept of loss better than someone your own age.

One attendee, in a recent New York Times article, relates and shares:

“These programs are uncommon, and grief is isolating. To have a safe place, a community like the Mangoes, may have saved my young life, or someone else’s. Having access to grief counseling is a privilege, but there is no hand more healing than that of your peer who can understand you on a level that a doctor may not.”

What you can learn from it: Creating spaces for children to support each other is far more helpful than a grief circle. Consider creating these spaces yourself, especially in the summer months while things aren’t so busy.


Grief retreats

Through my research on grief camps, I wondered: “why don’t these exist for adults?”. And sure enough, grief retreats are already an exploding trend in the grief wellness industry. 

The tendency for someone who has just lost someone is to isolate, avoid communication with friends, and “cocoon” for lack of a better word. However, grief retreats give adults a safe place to process, unpack, share, heal and learn from grief experts on the tools for healing grief.

There are dozens and dozens of grief retreats, so here are some we thought were shareworthy:


What you can learn from it: Could you imagine being able to support your client families’ grief journeys, while taking them to paradise? Not only will that boost your level of service for client families,  but if you hold the retreats yourself with your own team, you can create another stream of income for your funeral business.


Grief AI

AI, standing for artificial intelligence, is already a billion-something dollar industry that will only continue to grow. And in the last decade, it’s weaved into the death industry as well. 

Some examples of grief AI tools include:

  • funeralOne’s  eAftercare software with a personalized grief assistant who can help you navigate through grief and all its nuances with face-to-face support from a real grief therapist.
  • Empathy, as well as the app Empathy, which, according to its websites, “gives you step-by-step instructions for everything you need to take care of, tailored to your specific location and situation. With helpful tools that simplify even the hardest tasks, and the human support you need at any time”.


What you can learn from it: These tools are meant to be incorporated into your services as a funeral home or funeral business, so consider adapting these tools as part of your post-service process to support your families beyond the service. 

Grief coaching

While grief counseling has had its moment for a while now, grief coaching is beginning to make its appearance into the grief wellness scene. The main difference between grief coaching and counseling is that counseling is more focused on feelings and the past, while coaching is more focused on actions and the future. Grief coaching is great for people who feel “stuck” in their grief and do not feel inspired to continue on with their lives. With the coaching scene exploding in the US over the last few years,  we predict grief coaching will be a paramount part of the general grief wellness trend we’re experiencing.

Here are some grief coaching websites we recommend checking out to familiarize yourself:


What you can learn from it: Still in an “early adopter” phase, the concept of grief coaching offers your client families a great opportunity to pave a way forward after the loss. By offering grief coaching at your funeral home or partnering with a grief coach, you will show your client families that you’re resourceful and in tune with what they’re looking for.

How will you incorporate grief wellness into your funeral biz?

We hope this article gave you some inspiration on how to tap into these growing trends within the realm of grief healing. One way to tap into these trends now is to try funeralOne’s eAftercare platform, that syncs into your website and supports families for up to a year after the loss. To learn more, click here or call us at (800) 798-2575.


What other grief wellness trends do you see emerging? Tell us in the comments below!

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