The 19 Most Memorable Last Words Of All Time


What would be your last words if knew it was your time to pass away?

Being in the funeral profession, I can’t help but think about the topic.

And as it turns out, many people – famous or not – have uttered some pretty epic last words on their deathbed. Some of them are funny, some sad, some philosophical, but one thing’s for sure… they’re all incredibly memorable, and that’s why I’m here to share them with you today:

1. “I am about to–or I am going to–die; either expression is used.”

– French grammarian Dominique Bouhours (1628-1702)

2. “I must go in, the fog is rising.”

– Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)


3. “It is very beautiful over there.”

– Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

4. “Looks like a good night to fly.”

– One reddit user’s great Uncle (Gillybilly)

The reddit user’s great uncle flew for the Navy in WWII and flew commercial jets for 30 years and while laying in the hospital bed, he said those last words to his brother.


– Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Steve Jobs’s last moments were written about in his sister’s touching eulogy for him, where she writes: “Even now, he had a stern, still handsome profile, the profile of an absolutist, a romantic. His breath indicated an arduous journey, some steep path, altitude. He seemed to be climbing. But with that will, that work ethic, that strength, there was also sweet Steve’s capacity for wonderment, the artist’s belief in the ideal, the still more beautiful later.”

Steve’s final words, hours earlier, were monosyllables, repeated three times. Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them. Steve’s final words were: OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.


6. “I want nothing but death.”

– Jane Austen (1775-1817)


In a letter written by Jane Austen’s sister, Cassandra Austen,  she writes that “When I asked her [Jane] if there was anything she wanted, her answer was she wanted nothing but death.”


7. “Money can’t buy life.”

– Bob Marley (1945-1981)


8. “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.”

– Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Oscar Wilde passed at the Left Bank Hotel and before his death he remained mostly positive, until the end when he compared his health to the wallpaper in his room that he seemed to hate. After his death, the wallpaper was removed and the room was designed to look like one of the rooms in Oscar’s London flat.


9. “Behold, O monks, this is my advice to you. All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard to gain your own salvation.”

– Buddha (circa 563 BC – circa 483 BC)

10. “Go on, get out – last words are for fools who have not yet said enough!”

– Karl Marx (1818-1883)


Karl Marx said these last words to his housekeeper, who asked him what his last words were so she could write them down for “posterity”.

11. “Friends applaud, the comedy is finished.”

– Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)


12. “I just wanted to say ‘goodbye’ to someone.”

– One reddit user’s patient (jacobtwo-two)

The reddit user tells us that was a health care aid on a geriatric ward, a patient called out for him and when he put his ear next to her mouth she quietly said, “I just wanted to say ‘goodbye’ to someone.” She died a few days later.

13. “A woman who can fart is not dead.”

– French nun Louise-Marie-Thérèse (1664-1732)

After letting one rip right before her death, Louise decided that a woman who can fart is surely still kicking.  

14. “Capital punishment means those without the capital get the punishment.”

– John Arthur Spenkelink (1949-1979)

John Arthur Spenkelink was executed right after the capital punishment became re-legalized in Florida in 1979. He spent his final days writing these last words on pieces of mail.


15. “A dying man can do nothing easy.”

– Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)


16. “I should have never switched from Scotch to Martinis.”

– Actor Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957)


17. “I’m bored with it all.”

-Winston Churchill (1874-1965)


Before slipping into a nine-day-long coma, Winston Churchill uttered these last words.


18. “Why should I talk to you? I’ve just been talking to your boss.”

– Playwright Wilson Mizner (1876-1933)

When a priest said, “I’m sure you want to talk to me” to Wilson Mizner while he was on his deathbed, he responded with those last words.


19. “Last tag.”

– Banker Richard B. Mellon (1858-1933)

Richard B. Mellon and his brother Andrew played a game of tag that lasted seven decades. On his deathbed, these were Richard’s last words to his brother. His brother remained “it” until he died four years later.

What are the most memorable last words you’ve ever heard or seen uttered? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Kathy Novak

    I am ready. It’s time. What more is there left.
    (Words from a 99 year old widow on her deathbed.)

  2. Andrea Horn

    My grandmother had always told my grandfather, “I have to die first, because I cannot stand the thought of living without you.” When she had a heart attack, she looked at him, smiled and said ” Told you I would go first” and died . Grandpa just shook his head and said “She always did have to have the last word, and loved it when she was right.”

  3. Kyx

    My Dad at 57 dying of lung cancer kept saying in his medicated delirium, “The horses are ready”

  4. Vergesst mich nicht – Grand Lines

    […] Multimillionär Richard B. Mellon setzte sogar noch einen drauf und rief in seiner letzten Stunde seinen Bruder Andrew zu seinem Sterbebett. Als Andrew dort ankam […]

  5. Laura Marie Rankin

    My Dear Friend Harriet was just clearing the Dinner Table when she asked her Husband if he wanted any more to eat.
    He said “I’ve had enough.” And then his face fell in his plate and he passed.

  6. Jeanne

    My grandfather said, “stop the world, it’s my turn to get off”

  7. TheGuyWithALife

    my dad died at age 57 and he masseged my big sister saying his last words…so i reacted as well. his last words are “we had great memories together, you could rise up with me if the coast is clear :)” i burst into straight up tears when i saw him in his casket.

  8. Daryl dabis

    Steve Jobs said it best with “wow wow wow”

  9. Asmodeus Shandilya

    I was at my maths examination hall ; was not able to attend my grandma’s funeral it’s so sad inside

  10. Tammi Lynn

    Did they even use the word ‘fart’ in 18th century France?

  11. E

    My dad said just one last hunt from a family of pig hunters I thort that was staunch. I wish all his brthaz were there to here it they wud of been proud

  12. Rita Conway

    From my maternal grandmother, take care of your Momma, an dont ever take no sh*t, from anybody! Closes her eyes n passed away

  13. Stacy Honeycutt

    My mother’s last words to me were at first simply, “I want to go home”. I told her she couldn’t go back home, she was too il. She then clarified for me by adding, “To Jesus”.

  14. J.

    My father passed away september the 8th 2021 at 220pm. He spoke a little a days before. I was crying and it said life sucks sometimes… He replied ” death sucks”. And he mouthed ” I love you” one last time.

  15. Tracey bass

    The day before my grandpa passed he raised up from his bed with a look on his face that I still remember he was smiling and had a glow to him of excitement like a child going to Disney World. He had a message to give his wife (my grandmother) she ran to his side and leaned down and he whispered in her ear with the biggest smile on his face “your mama loves you” he never spoke another word and passed early the next day. I believe hw was seeing loved ones all day. And his mother n law wanted him to tell her daughter she loved her.

  16. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! This is such a special moment in time. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! That’s powerful. Thank you for sharing that experience.

  18. Krystal Penrose

    SO beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Krystal Penrose

    Wow!!! She sounds like a wonderful, sassy woman with lots of power! Thank you for sharing.

  20. Krystal Penrose

    Good question! Guess we’ll need a time machine to find out!

  21. Krystal Penrose

    I learned the story of those 3 words right after his death and I will never forget them

  22. Krystal Penrose

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Krystal Penrose

    That’s incredibly touching and profound. Thank you!

  24. Krystal Penrose

    Wow!!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  25. Joe Pistana

    My Grandma’s last words were- DO THE DISHES! She passed in her sleep that night.

  26. Johanna

    In hospital a few days before my mother died, I came to visit, as I did daily. She ripped off the sheet and said she’s going home. I said not yet. Then 2 days before she died, she announced “they’ve arrived.” I asked who did, but she never said. She was in hospital for 2 weeks & went in on a Friday, all confused and she was out, asleep till I saw her on the Tuesday. She was disconnected from me and had a far away look in her eyes. She told me “I’m finished.” From that Tuesday she was lucid till the end. She went to her grave angry, fearful and fought to the bitter end. She died of liver cancer aged 66. I can only imagine she saw her deceased family. The way she went really cut me up as I felt so helpless. That last night she rolled over, turning her back to me and said “let me sleep, I’m tired, go home.” And I did. I kissed her on the forehead & said mum you don’t look very well, I’ll be back in the morning. She just nodded yes, knowing she won’t be there. I asked if she’s afraid and she just nodded yes. And that was it. She died at 3am.

  27. Tom Botos

    My Dad said; “Tommy, I never needed to worry about you.”

  28. Reddit User

    Steve Jobs.

  29. Ryland

    My grandpa died 3 years ago and his last words were “Get me off this damn thing” after hospice put him in a stretcher to take them to their center where he very soon passed in a bed in one of their rooms with many of his family members watching including myself.

  30. I

    My grandmother at 99 years old and being a christian her whole life, after outliving her brothers and her husband said: “I’m coming home Jesus, just hold the door a little longer.”

  31. Ed Mura

    My good friend Dave lay in his bed dying from cirrhosis and announced “I’m going, I’m going and then opened his eyes and was gone!

  32. Jan Bauer

    My dads last words were to my mom, in a hotel room in Albuquerque (they were on vacation). He said “Do you wanna have sex?” My mom declined, as she was tired from traveling. A few minutes later, my dad passed out and he never woke up. He was taken off life support 5 days later after no brain activity was detected. He was 51.

    My moms last words, a little less than 10 years later we’re to my sister. She had end stage pancreatic cancer. My mom hadn’t spoken in days, and my husband and I were walking my grandma (my moms mom) out to her car. My sister said my mom sat up all by herself and said “I gotta go.” My sister was terrified, and said “Mama, you’re fine. Get some rest.” She passed away 15 minutes later.

  33. Charles Williams

    My mother’s last words were, “They’re coming for me.” And my father’s were, “They’re here.”

  34. Juliet Primuth

    When my Dad was dying I asked him what he was doing? He said “I’m on a staircase waiting in line”… I believe there is a staircase to heaven

  35. Mandy

    Trying to get my dad to eat he said “I love you but bugger off and leave me alone “. He died soon after.

  36. Joe McCain

    “Let us pass over the River and rest in the Shade of the Trees” –

    The last words of Confederate General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson. He had been mistakenly shot at and wounded by his own troops after his victory at Chancellorsville (May, 18, 1863) – several shots shattered his left arm, and it was amputated. A few days later, he developed pneumonia and slipped into a coma. Suddenly he awakened, with his wife and Doctor at his side, uttered those words. He fell back into unconsciousness and died a few hours later, eight days after he was wounded.

    One of the South’s finest generals, he was also Commander of Gen Robt E Lee’s Second Corps – the Left Wing of his army. Crucial to many of Lee’s victories, when Lee was told of Jackson’s death he said – “He has lost his left arm, but I have lost my right arm.”

  37. Clara

    Freddy Mercury sai “Pee pee” as his last words because he someone to take him to the bathroom. This isn’t very inspiring, but it is sure memorable.

  38. Cecil Waylon Snodgrass

    At the time of his execution John Wayne Gacy was asked if he had any last words. He looked up and said, KISS MY ASS!

  39. Tash

    My grandpa’s last words were “I’ll see you tomorrow”. Tomorrow never came for him. Miss him everyday.

  40. Beth Adams

    They are all perfect.

  41. Sk

    My cousin’s last words died from a heart attack. He said “bring the wine I’m coming home”

  42. John Martinez

    When my grandmother passed away in 2008 her last words to me were “Johnny come with me”she passed the next morning. Fast forward 6 months I was sleep in bed when I have a dream of my grandmother standing at the foot of my bed asking me to go as she held her hand out repeatedly asking me to please go with her… I woke up sitting at the foot of the bed.

  43. Vanda

    When Bob Hope was at his party, his wife asked him what he wanted as to funeral/burial arrangements. He said “Surprise me.”

  44. Wanda Vaisvilas

    My moms last words were .im going up im going up and before that she saw children playing in the icu .no children are allowed in the icu ..

  45. David

    Life is a headache, death is the cure. When you live with lifelong aches and pains, all you want to do is lay down & say that life is over. It’s really not worth living if all life is is a unch of aches & pain.

  46. Unknown

    “I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.”

    ~ Leonardo Da Vinci’s last words.

  47. Lynn Beedle

    My Fathers last word to me” I’m sorry” to this day I cannot fathom what for.

  48. Krystal Penrose

    Wow, that’s so touching. Thanks for sharing Lynn.

  49. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! How incredible. Death is truly the ultimate mystical experience.

  50. Krystal Penrose

    LOL :-p

  51. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! I’m so interested to hear what you think that experience is about… Thank you for sharing.

  52. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! I hope he got that wine up there in heaven. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Krystal Penrose

    Now those are some awesome last words!

  54. Krystal Penrose

    That’s so beautiful Juliet thanks for sharing

  55. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! Incredible last words.

  56. Sammy Case

    My great gramma died her last words were “I see a stair case and I am going up, I love you…..” and she died right after she said that, I think the words hunt me because every now and then I pass out and have a dream about her in heaven

  57. Noah W

    My grandpa had lung cancer and his last words were to my grandma “hey there, I see you all, just wait a little longer.” He gave my grandma a hug and fell asleep, he died a hour later. Miss you grandpa John

  58. eugene o meshbane

    I read wc fields last words – I told you I was sick

  59. James

    “You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the grim reaper.” -Robert Alton Harris, April 1992 last words before he was executed

  60. blue

    “now I know something you don’t”

  61. Lucy

    My friend’s husband opened his mouth, then looked around and very softly said “You all must be strong” and he closed his eyes forever.

  62. Dan

    My grand father last words to me: stop shaking the ladder you idiot!

  63. Deekshith

    Maybe it’s time to turn the page

  64. LemonLime

    Over the buttok, to the haunche-
    And ther-with spak this clerk, this
    ‘Spek, swete brid, I noot nat wher
    thou art!
    stuck o
    go, just
    “Say so
    know w
    320 This Nicholas anon leet flee a fart.
    As greet as it had been a thonder-
    That with the strook he was almost
    And he was redy with his iren hoot,

  65. Colette West

    I wonder if he meant for departing. I was dx with stage III cancer this year. I regret causing distress to my family.

  66. Yvonne

    Many years ago when my friend Marion’s dad was dying, she asked him if he was scared. His reply, “no, it’s great to have lived so long and done so little harm”. He was a humble man but those words have shaped my life.

  67. Faeoli

    My grandmother chose to die at home, she was 100 and figured that at that age she could die where she wanted.
    On her 100th birthday we had all our family coming to pay our respects, she was mostly in bed but loved hearing her family around laughing and singing.
    At some point on her birthday she came out and said “I did it, I reached the milestone. Now you can all let me die” 5 days later she passed. The night before she passed, she was staring off out the window beside her bed and then reached out her hand and in a wistful voice she said “Oh, Jim”, she passed hours later. She had outlived 2 husband’s qnd the only grandfather that I ever knew was her 2nd, Jim. It was 5 days after her birthday and the days between saw a steady stream of friends and family coming to visit and pay their respects to our family matriarch, like a living wake. After she was gone I sat with her and brushed her hair before she was taken away. It was the most beautiful and pure thing I have ever experience, I do miss her greatly though.

  68. Vincent maniscalco

    Said to his two sons “ I’m going boys” 2/4/69

  69. Luyando tende

    Mum Pauline Tende only said Jesus and she closed her eyes that was the end

  70. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! I wonder where those words were inspired from?!

  71. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! Powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  72. Krystal Penrose

    So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  73. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! That sounds like a beautiful experience. Thanks for sharing.

  74. Milja Spruit

    My father died on May 5th this year, at the age of 93, in his care home in Holland after a good breakfast. One of the care home staff had said what the date was, which they did every day, it being a home for people with dementia and they tried to connect them a bit to the present. In a rare moment of clarity of mind my father said ‘oh, liberation day!’ A few minutes later he suddenly collapsed and died…. You have to know that my father had been 17 years old when the Canadians liberated Amsterdam on 5 May 1945, and he had to shape his future after losing both his parents in the war

  75. Diana Red Flowers

    My husband’s last words, were the words he told me every night for 32 years, “Goodnight dear.”

  76. Richard Voller

    we were traveling in an old Citroën from Beatrice to Salisbury ( in the Rhodesia) snd the moment of the accident my grandfather said: “good luck, kiddos, its not all bad!”

  77. Tianna

    After not being able to speak for months, my dad looked at my mom and asked, “What day is it?”

    She said, Monday”

    “No. What DAY is it?” He asked again.

    “Oh. It’s the 6th. Why?”

    “Good. You can keep my last Social Security check.” He took a deep breath and then closed his eyes and passed.

    His last thought was of taking care of her.

  78. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! That is so sweet, caring, loving. What a beautiful love story. Thanks for sharing!

  79. Krystal Penrose

    🙁 That is so beautiful and touching. Thank you for sharing. Bless your path and your heart.

  80. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! That is incredible. What a beautiful, lucid moment for him. Thank you for sharing.

  81. s

    my grandma had dementia and went comatose so we dont know her last words. but if you went to visit her during her last days she would let you know “its hell to get old”, GG Jean my 94 year old Welsh grandmother.

  82. seth

    It’s not very likely that those were Buddha’s actual last words.
    And I think a perceptive person can tell just by reading them
    that they look much more like doctrine inserted posthumously than
    a person’s actual last words.
    But there is always a certain degree of myth surrounded
    around Buddha’s life and teaching, anyways.
    Even his “alive” years

  83. seth

    My sister’s dad’s last words were:

    “which way should I go….meanwhile….”

  84. Carmen Johnson

    My GPA just got out of the shower and sat on the edge of the bed…my gma was sitting at her vanity and could see him in the reflection of the mirror, he says ” boy that shower felt good” then fell back onto the bed having a heart attack

  85. Seymour

    My mother on her death bed said…thank you all for the wonderful memories..i must go now…my first stop is Hawaii..i hope Don Ho isnt there..she was gone

  86. Brian Lee

    My favorite will always be “Oh course I know who you are. You’re my girl. I love you.” John Wayne

  87. Oz

    This is very special and thank you for posting these precious messages. Someday if I am still in my right mind, my last words will be “No Regrets” I will also say “Life is beautiful, go out and enjoy the sunshine and mostly your life, Please have No Regrets”.

  88. c wagner

    My grandfather’s last words were to me. Stop shaking that ladder, you little shit.

  89. Zoey Bond

    The most memorial last words I have ever heard was: I’m not afraid because I will never leave you.( from a dying 4 year old)

  90. Karl Pfeifer

    My grad school professor Verena Huber-Dyson’s last words:

    “This will all go smoothly. Let’s get going.”

  91. Robin

    Mothers last words…I love you two bushels, a peck (she didn’t remember the rest so my brother & I finished it for her) and a hug around the neck.
    This was a favorite saying of hers. We hear it from when we were born till her last words. Mother was 97+ years. A great mother, raised 10 children with my dad (they were married 54 years) before my dad passed away. Dads last words to me…you gotta sell that old cow, (I was going on vacation & as far as I knew I would see him again in 3 weeks, he died unexpectedly) I did have a pet cow that was old & didn’t want to get rid of her! The very last thing he said to a brother…(a week later) take care of the baby chicks, remember to water them. We were raised on a turkey farm & a dairy.

  92. Krista Butterbach

    My Grandmother Dolly said, “I love you baby girl” as she hugged me goodnight that evening. As my mom and I drove out of the assisted living facility, I was looking at my grandma’s bldg/room, and a quiet, but sure thought ran through my 25 y/o mind, ‘That’ll be the last time I see my grandma alive’. It was. She died that night in her room, next to her bed. “I love you baby girl.” I can hear her say it now.

  93. Sparrow Jade

    While working at a hospital on the med search floor as a patient care technician, the nurse had mentioned in front of an elderly man who was a patient of ours that it was my birthday. In a wispy, but somehow still bouncy voice, the sweet old man saying happy birthday to me. The nurse said to me, “he’s using his dying breaths to sing Happy Birthday to you, you should feel honored!” It was one of the best birthday gifts I have ever gotten. He died a few days later.

  94. Cesar Ajeto

    Mom passed away peacefully on Jan 28th 2022. She had a stroke on a Monday and stopped breathing at 1:30AM early Friday morning. It is sad for us siblings that she could not talk or swallow to eat after the stroke. She kept grabbing my hand and touching her face for about 20 minutes as if she was trying to tell me something, probably that there is no feeling on the side of her face. She would press our hand when we asked her if she could see us or hear us but she could not talk. Even though she could not talk, we knew she could hear so we gave her assurances that she is loved and it is okay for her to go when she was ready to and be with dad who passed almost a year before. Mom was 90 and had a total of 39 children, grandkids and great grandkids with twin grand daughters on the way in a couple months for a total of 41!
    No last words but the room was filled with love with family members visiting throughout her final days!

  95. Heath J.

    before my grandpa passed away recently of severe pneumonia, I walked into his room, he was lying on his bed, my mom said “hey dad, it’s me your daughter” (I will not give away her name for security) then said “and I brought Heath” he immediately started to make a determined-to-talk ‘hhhhh’ noise over and over, he was saying “hi” and I just knew it. when he was just about to go he sat up in his bed (much to my surprise I didn’t think he could) and said clear as day almost as if he didn’t have pneumonia to begin with “I love you all, tell my mom I said goodbye one last time. I will miss you all.” as he reached out his arms to give me, my mom, and my grandma a hug. (how did he lift his arms?!!! he was so weak!) to this day I have a feeling in my gut telling me he’s not gone, he’s still here.

  96. Heath J. Re.

    and as I was driving home from his death, I drove by his favorite 7eleven to get lotto tickets, coffee, and doughnuts. the was a whisper in my left ear (I was in the car ALONE) saying in my grandpa’s voice “whoa whoa whoa. STOP! you really gonna drive by my 7eleven?! I wand my coffee and doughnuts goddammit!” which is EXACTLY what he would say if he were still here. I did a U-turn and parked in front of the 7eleven. got his favorite kind of coffee, doughnut, and a lotto ticket. (I didn’t win sh*t lol) I got back in in his voice the car and I heard in his voice in my right ear this time “atta boy!”

  97. KSlime

    My grandma last words to me was,”I love You king” my last words to her,”I love you too grandma Clara” Couple days later she died by a GUN.She was just cleaning up her closet and went outside cause my cousin’s were arguing with some girl then she came outside and my grandma got involved and and got shot in her chest.the day my mom told me the day I cried the hardest

  98. Krystal Penrose

    Wow what a beautiful story!

  99. Krystal Penrose

    So sweet thank you for sharing this tender moment with us!

  100. Krystal Penrose

    Wow that’s so touching thank you for sharing!

  101. Tom Caldwell

    The following are on a gravestone in Sleepy Hollow cemetery in Concord ma
    “I told you i was sick”

  102. Tuva

    My grandpas last words was ‘my wallet is in the jacket there, I’ll buy you guys pizza tomorrow’ and died without saying anything else. We bought pizza with his money..

  103. Ras Admiral

    My late Partner texted me on whatsapp and said “I will be off for long. Take care of yourself, I love you♥️”

    I replied “oh okay…Thanks for letting me know. Take care as well and I love you too” ♥️

  104. Krystal Penrose


  105. Krystal Penrose

    That is such an epic last words! Thank you for sharing.

  106. Craig Nelson

    My Uncle was a great man and helped raised my brother and I. A Korean War veteran and my hero who inspired me to serve as all. In his final three days he was pretty much out of it and medicated. We rotated to be with him always on his journey. His last morning I arrived for my shift and saw him awake sitting up, watching TV sports with my brother. Fully alert, clear and talking in his whispered voice. I was stunned, surprised and excited he was “back”! I asked him “How are you doing?”…he replied…”I am ok, just dying, not long…How are you doing?” I chuckled as this guy was always a joker and usually tried to get the last word or find that button to fire you up on a subject. He was only awake a few more hours and slipped back into the deep sleep and the death breathing. That night with most around, struggling to breath, I held his hand whispered to’s ok, you can go, we will all be ok. Two lite squeezes of my hand from him, few shallow easy breaths, he was gone.
    After his military honors graveside service, upon being lowered into the ground he grave the gravediggers one last fight. He got stuck going down, they had to pry, dig and push to get him to go down. Yep, he was there.

  107. Ann American

    Confederate General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson.
    His last words seem
    very poetic… I doubt that he actually said anything like that at all. Sadly, “Fake News” existed with even more prevalence during that era.
    Just like Tommy J, the confederate caused was crushed by God, using the righteous Unionists as America still had an important role to play in the future plans of the All Mighty and it was clearly obvious that America had to be united.
    So, let the traitor and pawn of Satan be forgotten.

  108. Glenda Matt

    My 82 year old father was dying of mesothelioma and was on heavy pain medication his last days. He was living with me and wanted to die at
    Home in his room. I told him how happy I was he chose to live with me and how
    Nice it was to get to know him as an adult. He whispered “same”. I didn’t even know he could hear me. He died a few hours later never having awakened from that last word. I miss him every day. It was Feb 2011.

  109. Krystal Penrose

    Thank you for sharing that! Such beautiful words 🙂

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  111. Brian

    My grandmas last word to me was go make me proud I always believed in you booger

  112. Aaron Wilkinson

    My father at age 45 dying of a brain tumor lying on a hospice bed in our living could not talk after the brain surgery he had caused an infection, he started going into long drawn out chocking breaths then stopped breathing roughly 30 seconds later he opened his eyes, looking my mother directly in the eyes said “home” “home”. Then he passed.

  113. Mark Gitmans

    No I cant, I cant, I cant…okay, okay, okay…” My friend Clare’s last words as reported by her brother, the actor Greg Wise

  114. M P Ceran

    On a lovely Sunday morning, my mother, who had just been checked in to a full time care facility a week earlier, was being dressed for a day out with my sister. When one of the attendants noticed she looked a bit pale, she asked mom if everything was alright. Mom replied, “I’d like a nice cup of coffee, please.” and laid back on her bed and passed away…

  115. Krystal Penrose

    Beautiful 🙂

  116. Krystal Penrose

    Wow! beautiful and interesting too.

  117. Ann Rice

    Daryl, Steve’s last words were, “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.” Whenever I hear or see these words, my entire body tingles; for I can only wonder at what he was seeing as he looked beyond his loved ones. Wow. Wow. Wow, it doesn’t have quite the same impact.

  118. Henry Cunningham

    My Father always said he would go to sleep when the ground went to sleep in November. On the 23rd of October he went into a coma and he passed away at 2am on the 1st of November.

  119. Leonardo

    “I have offended God and mankind. My work did not reach the quality it should have.”
    Leonardo dá Vinci

  120. Paul

    I had sat with my mother all night. She was in a morphine induced sleep in hospital. When I was leaving in the morning I gave her one last kiss. At which she woke and said. Are you leaving? with tears in my eyes I replied yes. She then went back to sleep this time for ever.

  121. Mary

    Ann American wow. So you know a man’s heart?

  122. Chris Child

    Possibly the most famous by Admiral Lord Nelson – “Kiss me Hardy”.

    The most important to me are, firstly, to my step daughter when she told her that I had found a beautiful place for her by the sea, “That’s silly. I want him to come and talk to me every day. I love Chris. Look after him for me, please”.

    Secondly, to me, “You’ll have to find yourself a new Dolly Bird”.

    My Mother – “Lord, please take me”.

  123. Titus James

    My grampa, aged 87, was sitting in his deathbed and muttered to my dad, “So much too see, so little time” 133 minutes later, after just being able to see the Fourth of July fireworks, he passed.

  124. Chvngvs

    Tupac Shakur’s last words (allegedly) were “fuck you” according to a police officer who interrogated him and asked if he knew who the guy who shot him was

  125. David

    My grandfather blessed my girlfriend and me from his deathbed in the hospital. We have been married 37 years!!!

  126. Dreyden simkins

    my grandmas last words to me were “goodnight I love you I” she passed away a month later from natural causes a day before her birthday she was 84


  127. Cristapher Allen

    My great-grandmother had Alzheimer’s for 15 years. Towards the end she was very much not herself she couldn’t talk she couldn’t sit correctly she kept sitting on her head.

    She’d forget to go to the bathroom she’d forget how to eat etc. She stayed at an assisted living home.

    One day she had this moment of sanity and her whole demeanor changed and she looks at us and she just goes “you know, everyday I really wish you would bring me-” and that was it. She simply quit talking. And she never uttered another word until she died a year later.

    We’ll never know what it was she wanted so much.

  128. Ethan

    My papaw said i hope you take care of Ethan for me

  129. Ethan

    My papaw said i hope you take care of Ethan for me to may mamaw

  130. Garry Hand

    My friends last words,
    “I don’t want to die.”

  131. Konfidence

    My father’s last words “is this how this world is” and after that he passed. He was 78

  132. Stacy Collins

    January 3,2021 My whole world changed. After 13 years of taking care of my father who had Dementia… whom I learned adopted me. I was 45 years of age. His family….
    (sisters,nephews,) had robbed him blind quick deeded his home and property and split it between themselves… That’s the secret they had after stealing his documents. Through this journey I realized the man that I knew as Dad always had a plan, lived with integrity, and decency, always reminding me don’t come anywhere with your palms up all the time… come with your palms down giving, all that you can in love. Through this journey I was reminded why I was here and that my living wasn’t in vain and then I learned so much from this man when I went in his room I looked at him and ask him daddy are you going to leave me? And he said yes baby papa is coming to get me and we’re going to take off. later that night, I held his little face in my hands, he looked at me for the last time and closed his eyes. I’m so thankful I was there. Did it hurt me? Lord yes! like you would not believe, but at the end of every day I was glad I was there to see him through, and that he never had to die alone. I gave in love as he taught me. Thank you Lord.

  133. Ravi Shankar

    From hepatitis to Multi-organ failure, and then septicaemia, my friend lay on his death bed in the hospital and surprisingly put out the standard parting remark we had for years – “See you later !”

  134. Wendy

    My Dad just before he died said ” I gotta go Dads got the horses waiting to take me home. Wow. I get to ride Sam home. He looks great.” He saw my grandfather leading two horses one of them being my old horse that died a few months earlier.

  135. Mlondolozi Kubheka (Lokza 2002-01-02)

    We are shaking walls but we don’t gonna collapse anytime son ,death is what does.

  136. PHAT SIDE

    It is finished praise Jesus

  137. darryl w

    It is finished! Jesus Christ

  138. hari chaudhari

    That is very beautiful there.????????????@thomes edition

  139. Lia barbour

    I don’t know that I could ever be ready to hear a loved ones last words.

  140. Michael Jackon

    im aliveeeee

  141. Michael Jackon


  142. Hi

    Who is the name of the reddit user that who died?

  143. Krystal Penrose

    We wish we could dig this info up, but we can’t find it! (pun intended :-P)

  144. Bonnie Moore

    My mother had suffered with Alzheimer’s for over 12 years. A few months before she died I traveled back home with my children to visit her and my sister and her family. I took my daughter with me to the nursing home which I later regretted. My mother had drawn up into a fetal position, couldn’t speak, didn’t seem to know me, and just stared with a wild, terrified look in her eyes. I held her hand and kept repeating I I loved her while my daughter sat in the corner and cried. Back home a few months later I suddenly awakened one morning, felt a peace surround me, noticed it was 4am and immediately fell back asleep. Two hours later my sister called to say our mother had passed in the night. A few hours later I went in to awaken my daughter. She said a strange thing happened during the night. She suddenly awoke but felt peaceful. I asked her what time and she replied, “Four o’clock.” I will always believe Jesus let my mom take a little detour on her way to heaven to stop by and let my daughter and me know she was whole again.

  145. Brad J.

    On the morning before my father died at the age of 96, the doctor told him he likely would not live through the day. When he was still alive after midnight, he asked what time it was. He then responded, “I must be the dumbest person around, I was supposed to die”.

  146. Greyson Hendrix-brown

    Todd Beamer ,” Ok my fellow Americans let’s roll,” which he told the FBI instead of calling his family in one of the hijacked planes in the 2001 9/11 and he left the FBI speechless

  147. Paul Marriott

    It was around 9am when the telephone call came from mom’s care home. Not just any old call, THE call. You know, the one you’ve been dreading that tells you your loved one has entered a downward, end-of-life spiral and it’s time for the family to gather at their bedside.

    My sister, brother-in-law and I were there within the hour. Mom, 90 years old and a very frail Alzheimer’s sufferer, was sleeping and unable to be roused. She’d contracted a lung infection a week before and that’s what started her decline.

    By 6pm there hadn’t been any change. Aside from a few minutes of mute consciousness when a carer spoon fed her some ice cream, she’d remained asleep. On advice that this could go on for days, we decided to do shifts. Whilst I stayed, my sister and her husband left, scheduled to return for the morning shift.

    By 10pm, with no change in Mom’s pattern of deep slumber, I decided to leave for home and get my own slumber. I brushed away the hair from her forehead, kissed her, and said I love her and would see her again the next day. But no response.

    Back home, I was awoken at 3am by the phone ringing with the news I half expected. A night duty carer told me that at some time between my leaving and him checking in on her shortly before the call, she’d peacefully passed away.

    So, regrettably, there were no ‘last words’. But there were, nonetheless, lasting words. Words by which she will be remembered.

    In the latter months of her life, Mom would, without prompting, declare to anyone she was talking to: “I’ve had a wonderful life”. It was no idle boast; it came with conviction straight from the heart.

    As custodian of the family archives, I volunteered to create the invitations and the printed order of service for the funeral and a PowerPoint slide show of 200 or so photos for the reception afterwards. I had no hesitation in heading the invitation “Join us to celebrate the ‘wonderful’ life of June”. The order of service and slide show title were headed with the same sentiment.

    Had Mum been interred instead of cremated, I would’ve briefed the headstone mason to carve in big bold letters her epitaph: ”I’VE HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE”.

    The slide show has now been converted to a video and is up on YouTube for family and friends to see — and anyone else in the world, for that matter. I scarcely need to mention how that’s titled: “June’s ‘Wonderful’ Life”.

    Peaceful and enduring civilisation willing, I guess that will be as good as any headstone.

  148. Harry Cathuk

    My grandma sayed I will miss the good old smell of the Beach sunset, it made me burst into tears, she died right after

  149. Harry Cathuk

    My grandma’s last words were “Your lucky to be alive, don’t get comfortable. It got me a little mad and my grandma will have a mood like that no matter what

  150. Harry Cathuk

    I don’t feel bad for her too much

  151. Michel Jackson

    I don’t know who you think you are but I died years ago Mr. Jaaaaackson

  152. Linda

    My boyfriend’s father’s last words “It was a wild ride”…

  153. Rico Lutz

    I guess it’s my turn

  154. Sol

    I was at my grandma Perry’s funeral and I saw her in her casket and I started crying and I could not stop

  155. Lillian B. Montemayor

    My Mother noticed a change in my Fathers completion, from pale in color to a rosy pink. My Father’s last word was Jehovah. Then died.

  156. Lillian B. Montemayor

    My father’s last word was Jehovah.

  157. unknown

    famous arent they famous last words?

  158. Aditi Kapur

    This collection is a treasure, thanks for sharing.

  159. Anne Montague

    On grave stone: I told you I was sick.

    Me: I kain’t hardly go on no more. So, I’ll go on to more, Or less. But not equal to this mess.

    Me: Love my children. Read my story to them. They may be the kinder for it.

    Anne Montague

  160. Collin Wiitanen

    My great grandma passed away from an aneurism in her stomach. She and I were so very close, she raised me to the man I am today, she always was there for me anytime. I got the call saying she wasn’t going to be around much so I called her every day after she got out of the hospital, and one Thursday evening I asked her how she was doing she said “oh you know me I’m still kicking and being taken such good care of” I ended the phone call with “gram I love you with all my heart and I miss you” she replied with “I love you too sweetheart, you take care of yourself and don’t worry about me, I’ll be just fine.” She ended up passing 3 days and I cried my eyes out, still do today whenever I think of her

  161. Irene

    My Dad said, “okay, okay, I’m coming.” I always wondered who he was speaking to.

  162. Anja Gibas

    “I won’t.” – Elvis Aaron Presley. (1935 – 1977)

    Elvis said this right after his fiancé Ginger Alden told him not to sleep on the toilet.

  163. M conachy

    My mom was in her final days. She was at my home. Her bedroom was next to mine. We left the doors open so my wife or I could listen for her. One night, in a clear voice she said “Marty!” my late father’s name, as if he had just walked into the room. They were high school sweet hearts and married for 50yrs. My mom then slipped into a coma. Never spoke another word and passed away quietly almost 2 days later. I like to think my Dad came and brought her home.

  164. Hallie brunskill

    ”i guess im always right”
    (words from my grandpa)

  165. michael allport

    My great grandfather died on January 14th at 1:15am and his last words were “I am leaving earth forever but I’ll see you in heaven soon, bye”

  166. Alex

    My 89 year mother was in a short coma surrounded by my three sisters and without opening her eyes uttered her last words,”Elizabeth knows I’m coming.” Elizabeth was her best friend and preceded her death by 30 years.

  167. Jon S

    My friend suffered from COPD. He was at the hospital, and his last words to me were “Take my wallet and put it in the console of my car.” So I did and he died the next day. At a previous hospital stay a few months earlier, someone stole his wallet from his bedside and used his debit card for purchases at the store. And stole a couple hundred dollars.

  168. Charlie

    After cleaning her, my mother’s last words were, “You’re a good son.”
    She passed a few hours later in her sleep.

  169. sharon meyer

    my father had cancer from 1983-1999 he lived an amazing life owned hus iwn business , had a wife and 2 kids and retired at 50. not bad for someone who only finished year 5 in primary school. he always used to say life is short live each day as if were your last because you jever know when your number will be up. he died in 1999.

  170. Stuart M.

    There were many great moments during my mother’s last days. (Ovarian cancer, she died at home.)
    One morning I was quietly approaching her room, worried she might have died in the night. From her room I hear, “I’m still here.”
    In her last moments, she was pretty out of it, because of the morphine. She had accused me of killing her when the Hospice nurse was there. I held her up, sitting on the edge of her bed, and asked her not to say that, and explained how the doctors had sent her home because there was nothing more they could do. She said okay, then asked me to lay her back down.
    She stared into my eyes and said,
    “So this is it?”
    I said, “Yeah Mama, this is it.”
    I put on some soft piano music and sat by her bed. She began to breathe slowly, little by little she just took one last breath, exhaled, and was gone

  171. Allan Sweeney

    Husband and his wife were sitting on the sofa, watching TV.
    Suddenly he looked up at the ceiling and said lovingly, “Sorry dear. God’s come for me. See you later.”

  172. James Mceachern

    Very touching. My moms last words were i know, after saying I love you,she had alzheimers, so that was a lucid moment, she was gone in her mind for about two years, so that was a blessing. My dad and I both said I love you and hugged so hard crying, knowing I’d never see him again, lived far away,had spent two weeks with him family and friends, cancer ate him up shortly,military honors at his memorial, beautiful people, blessed to have had them both.

  173. Elsewhere

    I took care of my mom for 2 years before she passed from lung cancer. I was foolish enough to think that if I Prayed to God to allow me to take my mothers place…To give her the rest of my time that I had here on earth, that it would happen. I always thought that my mom didn’t love me as she did my younger sister and older brother ( middle child syndrome). But during the last few years we became close and she told me that she was sorry that she hadn’t shown me enough love and that she knew that I didn’t need her as much as my younger sister and that I was strong like my older brother. She was wrong. I needed her to show me love and I put on a false persona of being strong because of the hurt and loneliness I always felt. And the feeling of not feeling loved by her and my dad. My mom told me that she was afraid to die when she first found out that she had cancer. And as time went on she experienced more pain. That when I would Pray even more to God for me to take my moms place. When the time came to where my mom stop eating and slept most of the day,I knew that my time was limited with her. I sat by her bed as often as I could, trying my hardest not to cry but letting my mom know that I was there and telling her how much I loved her. Before my mom went into a nonstop sleep, she told me that she loved me very much and she’s tired and isn’t afraid anymore. My mom was in a nonstop deep sleep for four days before I walked into her room one morning and she took her last breath. December 9th 2018 @ 8:32am my mom went home. And to this day: August 25th 2022…I can’t stop crying.

  174. John Shehtanian

    When my Dad arrived at the hospital after a gallant fight against cancer, he was laid down onto a bed and uterred these last words before going into a coma… “Ah Shit”…. which was his favorite cuss word all his life.

  175. Aiukli Choctaw

    When you’re tired of trying to fix everything only to have it fall apart, my mother would say, “turn it over to God, when he fix things, they’re well fixed,”

  176. Vickie L Brown

    My sister was texting her husband the night she died. Was having trouble with the ice maker in her frig. The very last text to him was “OMG I have no ice I am a dead woman!” They found her the next day she had passed in her sleep.

  177. Cheryl

    My 85 year old mother lived with me and my husband her last five years. I went into her room to ask if she would like some catfish for supper. Being an RN, I knew when I saw her she was going. I sat beside her, held her hand that was clammy and told her I loved her. She said, ‘I love you to hun.’ I felt like I needed to do something. So, for some reason I told her I was going to take her blood pressure. My mother was also an RN for many years and always wore her ‘nurse watch’. I told her I was going to take off her watch first.She opened her eyes, looked at me and said,’Well, don’t lose it.’ Those were her last words.

  178. Robert Geserick

    “That wasn’t speed” a person who received a lethal does of fentanyl in stead of amphetamines .

  179. JeepersCreepers

    My grandmother’s last words were ” If you can’t go with the flow, make your own flow, nobody can stop you from succeeding in life. Have fun in your youth and enjoy what you can.” She died a few years ago and I’ll never forget her.

  180. Samira

    My grandpa’s last words were: “I don’t want to sleep” . Actually he loved life , he loved world , he never chose death .

  181. Rajan

    My father’s last word was ‘don’t fear’ and he just pissed on the car seat!

  182. Paul

    My mother died last year 18/8/2021
    She had been ill for 4 month’s in and out of hospital. The hospital let her go home they thought she was ok she phone me and said Paul can you help me I can’t walk I was coming home from work 45 minutes away, by the time I got there the ambulance had already taken her to hospital. She was in a coma when I got to the hospital she died 4 days later her last words was Paul can you help me I can’t walk.

  183. Jenna

    My great grandma passed away in 2018, we live in Ohio, and she lived in Georgia. The last words to me, were on the phone she said, “Jenna they’re gonna kill me, you need to help me” at this point she was about to go to the hospital as she was sick, and wasn’t in the right mental state. My Grandma (her daughter), my mom, and I all went down to Georgia to see her
    By the time we got there she was dying in the hospital. We couldn’t stay for her her actual last words as we had to get back home. She died that next day, and we went back to Georgia for her funeral

  184. Brian

    My mother had cancer and before she died she had a far off stare an said who is that man standing next to me in the hospital room?
    I was there all by myself and then she said to take all her belongings in the closet away. I asked why Mom? She responded “They are coming for me with the shovels.”

  185. Sydney Sadler

    I was 18, deeply involved with the law from my mistakes the year prior, crying holding my grandmother’s hand the day before she passed and she started trying to soothe me and I choked out an “I love you” and she said clearly, after not speaking all day, “I know. I’ve always loved you, baby. Turn your life around. I did it.” I had to leave the room briefly because it moved me to such racking sobs. I have since changed my life and not taken a day off from it. She was an English teacher for 40 years and touched thousands and thousands of lives. Miss Macie Sadler.

  186. Lorna P

    When my beloved sister was in palliative care in a hospice I told her I would visit again soon, it was a 4/5 hour bus ride for me to get to the hospice, and I had to get home after a 3 day visit. Her last words to me were, “OK sis, I’ll call you when I get home tonight”. She did go home some weeks later, but because she wanted to be with her family, sadly I couldn’t get there quick enough, so they were her last words to me.

  187. Francis Chawinga

    My Grandma,
    Would you please cut my hair, then she died that day during the night.

  188. Krystal Penrose

    What a touching story! Thank you so much for sharing. Gave me full body goosebumps!

  189. Warren

    When My Grandfather passed he grabbed my moms hand and said Thy Kingdom come and smiled really big and closed his eyes for the last time .

  190. Sam

    I shall now go up to heaven

    Words from my grandma

  191. Dakota

    My grans last words to me was can’t wait to see you in the summer and lest than a month later she passed away on the 8 of September 2021 I miss her alot. forever gone but never forgotten…

  192. Histort buff

    Don’t know if it’s true, but I heard that there was a general during the American civil war whoose last words were: “Why are you dodging?! They couldn’t possibly hit an elephant from over th…”


  193. Bruce Allard

    My father reached up and grabbed my beard and said “Its hard ain’t it buck”

  194. Justin

    the padillas are awesome

  195. Frogy

    I think Krystal Penrose is a bot. Did you see her comments?!
    “Wow! This is such a special moment in time. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!” (Krystal Penrose)
    We’re talking about DEATH! That is not ‘beautiful’!

  196. Michael

    “They couldn’t hit an elephant at this dis-” General John Sedwick, a Union General in the American Civil War just before a Confederate bullet killed him.

  197. Kri’tia

    Harriet Tubman’s last words were ” I go to prepare a place for you”

  198. Michael Davies

    My Nain/Grandmother in English,
    Last words to my mother, Me present.
    “ I buried my Mam, Now your burying yours” then she relaxed a little into the bed then waved at us all individually and said “Goodbye”
    She settled herself and slipped away. But my dad was holding her hand as the time. Even when her heart had stopped her grip was firm till there was no more fight left. Rip Nain miss you every day.

  199. Krystal Penrose

    Hi! Krystal here 🙂 Not a bot, and death IS beautiful. If it weren’t why would there be hundreds, thousands, millions forms of art about it? Beauty is also subjective. It’s in the eye of the beholder. You might not think death to be beautiful, but some (or a lot) of us do.

  200. What Did Voltaire Say On His Deathbed – Tech Hangouts

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  201. Clare

    My husband was driving the car and telling me what he was going to cook us for dinner. He then said “Oh Clare” and died or cardiac arrest. He died peacefully and smiling. Luckily our car had automated emergency braking and stopped before we hit a road sign. No damage to the car, me or our dog. I lost my darling husband but I treasure his last word was my name

  202. Hayden

    Love number `13

  203. Ricardo

    My mother Luisa said why do people visit me when I am dying and didn’t visit me while I was alive

  204. AMCR

    My Grandfather always shaved with a straight razor.Towards the end of his life my Grandmother doing it for him is one of my earliest memories. About a week before he died he decided that I needed to know how to shave someone using a straight razor like my Grandmother did. When my dad asked him why the hell he wanted to teach me that, my Grandfather replied…” now now boy. You’ve gone and made me a beautiful granddaughter here. A good girl like her is going to want to know how to properly take care of a husband when she’s all grown up, especially if she gets stuck with a bad one.” He died of cancer a week later.

  205. uya

    May the Lord have mercy on your soul
    ( charlie Chilion )

  206. Mcculloch

    Last words of Meriweather Lewis
    ” it is so hard to die and I am so tough .” after shooting self in temple reloading and shooting his stomache then slicing his skin as he layed in bed in Tennessee . yes it was suicide and he had been on suicide watch since he left memphis days before .

  207. rita

    grandpa died peacefully in his sleep,which is more than i can say for the passengers in his car!

  208. Deborah

    Paul, my third husband: “Honey. I swear, I know what I’m doing!”

  209. Is Jimi Hendrix A Violent Person? –

    […] believe that he was trying to communicate at the very end of his poem, and the last words of the poem are reported to read, “The story of life is faster than the wink of an […]

  210. Cynthia Dee Wilson

    My mother’s last words were “I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter. I love you.”

  211. Brendyn

    George washington’s last words: “Tis well.”
    John adams and Thomas jefferson: Johns last words were “Thomas Jefferson survives,” but what he did not know is that thomas jefferson died hours later and said “No doctor, nothing more.” History likes to remember him as closing out his time on Earth with this fitting speech: “Is it the Fourth? I resign my spirit to God, my daughter, and my country.”
    James maddison: “Nothing more than a change of mind, my dear.”
    James monroe: “I regret that I should leave this world without again beholding him”
    John Q. Adams: “This is the last of Earth. I am content.”
    That’s part 1.

  212. Brendyn

    Andrew jackson: “I hope to meet each of you in heaven. Be good, children, all of you, and strive to be ready when the change comes.”
    Martin Van Buren: “There is but one reliance.”
    William harrison: “I understand the true principles of the government. I wish them carried out. I ask nothing more.”
    John tyler: “Perhaps it is best.”
    James polk: “I love you, Sarah. For all eternity, I love you.”
    Zachary taylor: “I regret nothing, but I am sorry to leave my friends.”
    That’s part 2

  213. Brendyn

    Filmore: “The nourishment is palatable.”
    We will now do in caps in names.
    JAMES BUCHANAN: “Oh, Lord God Almighty, as thou wilt!”
    ABRAHAM LINCOLN: “She won’t think anything about it.”
    ANDREW JOHNSON: “Oh, do not cry. Be good children and we shall meet in heaven.”
    ULYSSES S. GRANT: “Water.” That’s what he last said. He did write something before he died. “There was never one more willing to go than I am.”
    RUTHERFORD B. HAYES:”I know I am going where Lucy is.”
    That’s part 3.

  214. Mary Clayton

    My Mon died in 1988…her 10th child , Margret; died at 3 moths of age. Mom,s last words were, “I’m going to see Jesus and I’m going to hold my baby again.

  215. aiden

    It’s so sad to see that people said stuff look ke that really I’m only nine and I know cuz my mom loves this stuff so she talked to me about it so I can pretty much relate

  216. Donnie Evans

    October 31, my children and I stopped by my mother’s house. She insisted that I take my children home. I took them home and went back to my mother’s. We laughed and talked late into the night. I told her I’d be back after work to take her to the grocery store. She gave a little smile and said,”No, I won’t be going to the grocery store.” I asked if she wanted me to bring her anything. She said, “Some orange juice, bring some orange juice.”



  218. The Tragic Story Of Kurt Cobain’s Battle With Addiction –

    […] 5, 1994, and shot himself in the head with a 12-gauge shotguns. He left a note on the desk. The last words in the book were “peace, love, and […]

  219. june

    Toronto executive bragging to his friends about the floor to ceiling windows in his office “These windows can’t break even if you crash into them” He then ran at the window shoulder-first and plummeted to his death.

  220. Krystal Penrose

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  221. Jane D

    Ok Kristal’s not a bot, but I never heard such nauseatingly saccharin responses that were not stark sarcasm. So beautiful, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Like wow and wow and so amaaaazing! I love you KP ❤️

  222. Krystal Penrose

    I’m sorry that you must be hurting so much inside, that you find joy in putting others down, I wish healing for you.

  223. Linda Huntington

    At 92 my mother was irritated that she was dying. Her last words were But I have a garden to plant…

  224. Ethan

    Mine would probably be this,i’m also a 16 year old dude,going through alot right now,but yeah

    “Life is like a book,you have the beginning,and the end,don’t pay attention to the beginning of mine,pay attention to the end”

    But yeah
    be that

  225. Menonim Menonimus

    Fantastic post. I like reading the last words of reputed persons.
    My grandfather’s last words were: ”The world is nothing. We must leave the world with an empty hand.”

  226. Lance

    Hold my beer & watch this.

  227. David Nealy

    “It’s OK… The Saints ain’t done marchin… Sorry Little boy… ”

    My father Gene Chauvette.

    1946 to 2021

    I think he was trying to say… “Little boy blue.”

  228. Phyllis

    My late husband Willie had been suffering from metastatic prostate cancer for 10 years. The last words he ever spoke were beautiful. He has not spoken or opened his eyes in over 24 hours. A nurse came in and asked if she could take photos because there was a glow in the room she began snapping away. I was straightening his blankets all of a sudden he opened his eyes reached up and touched my face and said, “I love you…I’m going to miss you sweetheart” the nurse caught that exact moment on the camera so I’m blessed to have that and when he passed I made sure Motown was playing Lou Rawls’ song You’ll Never Find because he always sang that to me and I had my head on his chest and felt his last breath. I thank God that I was able to keep my promise of never leaving him alone to him. I never left the hospital.

  229. isabella.woessner

    My grandad when he was dying and his last words were” Tell them to leave me alone i am going home to my lord and savior and i knew he was passed away becasue i woke up crying

  230. wesley smith

    i’m sorry good bye i should die for the bad things i’ve done
    – my great great great grandfather

  231. Curt Peterson

    My grandmother was in the hospital and wasn’t doing well. Mom was visiting her and grandma finally said “you have to get out of here now, I need to talk to someone.”
    Mom left and only 5 minutes later, the nurse came down the hall in the waiting area to say grandma was going.
    Mom went back, but got there too late– in < 5 minutes.
    Grandma was 105. Whoever it was she needed to talk to, as far as I know, those were grandmas last words to anyone– because nobody else was there with her.

  232. Mary A.

    My grandmother had a stroke about two weeks before she passed. You could tell she was trying to communicate still, but her words were broken. When I got ready to leave that day, I told her that I loved her. She said, “I love”, and that was the last thing she said during those weeks that followed. She had another stroke that left her comatosed. I came up the day before she passed and did her nails and toes for her. Sure do miss that lady.

  233. Brent

    I was talking to my mother on the phone.
    Her voice got suddenly rough & she changed the subject that we were talking
    She said “God is finished with Canada.
    Son, don’t ever bend your knee to anything.”
    An inner voice told me to tell mom you love her.
    “Love You Mom”
    “Love You Too.”
    And she went home to be with the Lord.

  234. Phillip Williams

    My maternal grandfather died on the second day of my senior year in high school in 1971. he had leukemia, incurable at that time, and pneumonia. My late mother said his last words in the hospital, where I had visited him one day earlier, were “It’s payday.”

  235. kate s

    Famous last words:

    “I TOLD you I was sick!”

    Heard from a co-worker long ago

  236. Kerry Thomas

    They weren’t his last words, but Johnny Carson once joked he wanted his tombstone to read “ I’ll be right back” in deference to all of the commercials on his “The Tonight Show”. He was the greatest talk show host ever. The worse the guest, the better he got, and the animal antic skits were just hilarious!

  237. Peter

    My dad died July 14 2019. Last words. I’m going on a journey

  238. Pete

    My great grandfather was dying in the hospital in St. Louis in the early 1900’s. He looked up, raised his hand and said, “Anna I’m coming!” Anna his wife had passed before him. My father’s last words were “Son, 93 years, it sure went by fast!”
    My mother, after six good years following a first stroke just answered a questioned I asked shaking her head. I asked her to come home one more time for me from her rehabilitation facility. She was supposed to have had very little cognitive function left, yet she clearly responded, shaking her head no to more struggle. She has made up her mind to go.

  239. Barbara E Johnson

    My mother whispered: “I Love you.” She was surrounded by family; I was next to her on her right and my youngest sister was on her left, I believe. It was very emotional for me. I turned, and my eyes fixed on my sister-in-law when I said, “She said she loves you.” I will never forget that moment. A voice in the room said it was just her death rattle, but I know differently.

  240. Catherine Cockerham

    As a Pediatric Hospice nurse, I was with many young ones when they passed. One of the most memorable was a 10 yo male who became comatose for the last 12 hrs. The whole family had gathered at bedside. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, SAT UP, & sang “Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder who you are.” He looked around the room, smiling at everyone, laid back and took his last breath. We were all speechless. It was quite beautiful.–♡,CC

  241. Linda Akers Taylor

    “Linda, I’m going home tomorrow!” My mom died the next morning at the age of 70.

    “Are we home yet?”. Words spoken to my mother in the ambulance heading back to my mother’s apartment, after the hospital had done everything they could for her mother. She answered, “Almost”. Her mother died right then, she was 92. There would be no resuscitation.

  242. Don George


  243. David Ammons

    My mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 94 she was given a lot of pain medication so she slept until 11:25 pm. She awoke and said “you take such good care of me” and fell back asleep. She died a few minutes later at 11:30pm on my birthday.
    It was months later while thinking about what she said I realized even though I was the only one with her she was not talking to me.

  244. mrs miriam beck

    Oscar wild …total legend ! Guess the wallpaper stayed ! Priceless last words !!

  245. Amy dowden

    Hold yourself tight and never let go ❤️❤️

  246. edward fife

    My mother who had a long battle with Dementia, lost the ability to communicate. She screamed relentlessly for the last 6 months of her life. One night while at her bedside preparing her medications, she speaks. Mom says very clearly and calmly, wait for me. I look over surprised at this and she has her left hand pointing up and outward. I said Momma, who are you talking to? She responded, your Grandma and your Dad, don’t you see them?. She passed a few weeks later, peacefully in her sleep. I love you Mom.