10 Funeral Professionals To Follow On Twitter For Constant Inspiration

It’s easy to fall into a head-down, check-off-the-next-task work pattern when you work in the funeral profession. It’s just the nature of our business.

You wake up (often hours before you want to) to take care of a house call, only to rush into the office for an afternoon of back-to-back arrangement conferences. If you’re lucky, you can start the prep work for evening visitation before the doors open, and then you play catch up on phone calls, emails and funeral service details in the free moments in between.

But with so much to do and so many tasks in a day, it leaves very little time to seek out inspiration and new ways to better serve families… which very well might be the most important thing that you could do for the success for your funeral home.

Why Inspiration Is The Secret To Funeral Success

At a time when families are rethinking what they want out of a funeral, and the very nature of what we do as a profession is changing, unique ideas and inspiration is going to be a big part of what separates those that are successful in the funeral space from those that fall by the wayside.

Luckily, for all of the heads-down, chaotic funeral professionals out there, this doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck… you just need to follow the right funeral influencers who are constantly sharing new ways to do things better and faster. And a great place to find these influencers is on Twitter.

To help you cheat the system and stay abreast of the hottest funeral news and trends, here are some of our favorite funeral professionals that you can follow on Twitter for constant inspiration… even if you just have a minute or two of time to spare.

1. Justin Baxley

Username: @BaxleyJN

Follow him for: The latest news and events in the funeral and cemetery space.

As a second-generation funeral director, Justin Baxley knows all about what it takes to create a funeral experience that is personal, meaningful and intentional for families who are experiencing a loss. And as Senior Vice President of Business Development at Foundation Partners, he knows what it takes from the business side too. Thankfully for his followers, he likes to share insight on both.

2. Gail Rubin

Username: @TheFamilyPlot

Follow her for: A quirky twist on getting the funeral planning conversation started.

As someone who uses humor and funny films to connect with people on uncomfortable topics, you can bet that Gail Rubin’s take on end-of-life planning is nothing but unique. Through books, TV/DVD series, internet radio and more, she helps bring light to a dark subject, for both funeral professionals and the families they serve.

3. Christopher Farmer

Username: @TheFarmerFirm

Follow him for: News and best practices surrounding the topic of Death Care Law.

Formerly the in-house attorney for Service Corporation International, it’s safe to say that Christopher Farmer knows the ins and outs about law… especially as it relates to the funeral service profession. However, it was his passion for protecting and defending those in funeral service who’ve dedicated their lives to serving families that led him to create The Farmer Firm. His Twitter is a great resource for any funeral pro looking for news on Death Care Law, as well as information on how to protect themselves in this high-pressure profession.

4. Erin Erceg

Username: @erinerceg

Follow her for: Funeral news and events from a female funeral director’s perspective.

Funerals are a unique form of storytelling…”Stories that tell of your loved one’s life. Stories that make their life live on.” And no one knows this better than Erin Erceg, Director of Seasons Funerals in Perth, Australia. Erin’s Twitter not only offers insights into funeral news and events from the other side of the world, but also look at funerals from a celebratory, storytelling point of view.

5. Caleb Wilde

Username: @CalebWilde

Follow him for: An honest (and humorous) look at what it takes to be a funeral director.

It’s no secret that we’re a big fan of Caleb Wilde. (He tends to lend his expertise to our funeralOne blog every now and again!) And that’s because his witty humour and unique perspective is often a fresh of breath air in an otherwise buttoned-up profession. Since becoming a licensed funeral director in 2007, Caleb has been transparent about what funeral service looks like from this side of the table – even when it’s overwhelming or not flattering.

6. Jennifer Muldowney

Username: @TheGlamReaper

Follow her for: A refreshing and celebratory take on the future of funerals.

Who says funeral service has to be dark and dreary? Jennifer Muldowney is all about doing things her way, whether it’s the way she encourages families to think about funeral planning, or even the way that families remember their loved one through her Irish Glass Memorial Jewelry. Her take on funeral service and farewells isn’t just glam… it’s refreshingly honest.

7. Matthew Morian and Zack Carnley

Username: @MillennialFD

Follow them for: A look inside the funeral profession from a Millennial point of view.

In case you haven’t heard, Millennials are taking over the funeral profession. But this doesn’t have to be the fear-inducing, dreaded news that many funeral professionals are making it out to be. Millennials actually have some pretty good insights on how to improve funeral service for families, and how to bring meaning and personalization back into funerals. Matthew Morian and Zack Carnley are two great examples of Millennials who are doing just that.

8. Monica Torres

Username: @BodiesbyNXTGen

Follow her for: Inspiring insights on how new funeral pros can make their mark on a traditional profession.

For some people outside of the funeral profession, the transition from salon and spa business to funeral director, embalmer, desairologist and reconstructive specialist may seem drastic. But for Monica Torres, it was a natural next step. Over her career, her passion for the business side of the profession has grown, as has her ongoing passion for helping the next generation of funeral service pros make their mark and make this profession their own.

9. Chris Raymond

Username: @About_Death

Follow him for: Helpful resources to share with families on the topics of death, funerals and grief.

Being in the funeral profession isn’t just about creating great funerals and supporting families in the days following a death… it’s about long-haul support too, through grief, healing and all that’s in between. Chris Raymond, former longtime editor of The Director magazine, created Funeral Help Center in 2016 to help funeral professionals do just that — support their families from a loved one’s passing onward. His Twitter is a great resource for all things death, dying, grief and funerals.

10. Louise Winter

Username: @poetic_endings

Follow her for: Funeral insights and advice that go beyond what’s expected.

We all know that today’s families don’t want the same funeral service that their grandparents had. They want something moving, genuine, unique and personalized. Louise Winter, funeral director and founder of Poetic Endings, has made it her mission to deliver that and more to the families that she serves. She’s after making the funeral profession as a whole more transformative and profound… and nothing like the overwhelming, confusing event that people make funerals out to be.


Who are YOUR favorite funeral pros to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments and we may feature them in an upcoming blog!

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