4 Epic Tools To Share (And Plan) Your End-of-Life Wishes

End-of-life wishes are never an easy conversation to navigate.

However there are so many new tools, platforms and even card games (yes you read that right, keep reading to see what we mean) designed to make these conversations easier and more effective.

We know striking up conversations on last wishes come with their own set of challenges, but these 4 tools we list below make end-of-life planning easy, and, may we dare say, even fun?

Whether you’re a funeral pro eager to help families through this process, or an individual looking for answers, we hope these 4 tools help you on your way!

Check them out below:



Everplans is a pre-planning platform that’s been around for a decade now, and for good reason. According to their website they can help you to:

…Organize, store, and securely share all of your most important information. From legal and insurance documents to how you run your household, and what your end-of-life wishes are. You can organize and store everything your family might need to know in your Everplan.

Why we love it: We love their simple and easy set-up, plus they offer you a way to get started without paying anything. They offer expert guidance as you get started with your plans, offer a secure way to store them, and an easy way to share these plans with your family and friends.

Another great plus is their abundance of resources and guides on their website, and even a book with a hilarious title: “In Case You Get Hit By a Bus: How To Organize Your Life Now For When You’re Not Around Later”. 


The Death Deck

It may not be a legal document to divide up your estate to your surviving families but The Death Deck is surely a great first step in getting comfortable around talking about death. For generations, death has been a taboo subject we just don’t talk about until, perhaps, it’s too late. 

Why we love it: The Death Deck takes big subjects around death and breaks them down into engaging and inspiring conversations we can have with our friends and families. With 112 question cards, you’ll be sure to cover a lot of topics, laugh a little, and maybe even cry too.

You can purchase your own copy of The Death Deck here.



Proclaimed as the largest end-of-life planning online platform out there, Cake supports nearly 40 million people every year to get their death wishes in order. Their services include helping you to create a legal will (for only $40 by the way), put down your end-of-life wishes and even receive grief support after the loss. They also offer thousands of articles on every topic you could imagine in the realm of pre-planning, loss, grief, mortality, aging parents, death wishes, and everything you didn’t even think you needed to know.

Why we love it: Cake does a great job of making end-of-life planning almost seem enticing. I actually felt compelled to sign-up to the website and navigate it for my own interest. Every step of the process in writing down your wishes is so easy and self explanatory. I can see why they use the word “Cake” as the name of the business… because they truly take a tough subject and turn it into a piece of cake!



We’ve got to toot our own horn for a moment here, because our own website platform has some of the best pre-planning tools out there. Funeral homes who use f1Connect for their pre-need client families have reported great success in helping families get their wishes in order. We’ve even seen some funeral homes report a 2,000% increase in their pre-need leads using f1Connect! 

Want to increase your pre-need leads, all while helping your families plan for the expected? Find out how you can by scheduling a free, in-depth website consultation with one of funeralOne’s Website Success Specialists. To schedule your consultation, click here or give us a call at 800-798-2575, ext. 5!


What other tools have you used to share your end-of-life wishes? Tell us in the comments below!

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