7 Questions That Will Start Attracting More Ideal Client Families

So many experts will tell you that strategy is going to improve your funeral marketing.

In many ways, I agree. Strategy IS important

But what I’ve found from personal experience is that when it comes to attracting families, it’s not so much about reaching out, than it is about becoming magnetic.

Magnetic? Yes, magnetic.

Meaning, the content you put out, the words you say, your services, branding (and the list goes on) naturally magnetizes you to your ideal client families.

Yep, it’s possible, and, there’s a really powerful tool for becoming magnetic.

That tool is FEELINGS.

Feelings are the most magnetic force on the planet. We can use our feelings about the world, our jobs, those around us, and ourselves to completely change our reality in a second.

Once we get clear on the way we want our client families to feel through our services and offerings, all the other actions fall into place. Marketing suddenly becomes easier. Content just comes together.

Don’t believe us?  We’ve designed a series of 7 questions to help you get clear on the FEELINGS that will drive your funeral business forward, so you can see for yourself!

If you’re feeling like marketing isn’t your best tool, or you’re having a hard time attracting families who understand your value, use these 7 questions to start attracting your IDEAL client families.

Grab a journal or paper and a pen if you’d like, and get to answering:



1. What is it that I TRULY want to achieve right now?


Sounds simple, and it is. What do you want to achieve by attracting families?? Get specific. Do you want to become an industry leader? The #1 in personalization? The most beautiful cemetery around? Write down the specifics, the numbers, and everything in between.

For the sake of making sense in the rest of this post, we’re going to pretend you want to become the #1 funeral home in your community for funeral personalization.


2. Now that I have already achieved this, how would I show up?

Goals are just dreams without action. Now that you want to be the #1 in personalization, or whatever it is you want to attract, how do you show up with client families, in your community, at your funeral home?

Are you uber-professional, or relaxed? Are you sharing content everyday on how to plan a beautiful life celebration? Are you hosting talks in your community? Write it down, or say it aloud.


3. Now that I have already achieved this, what do I believe?

Beliefs are everything. When you can shift your beliefs about something, you have the potential to change the very reality of that situation. What would you have to believe about funeral personalization to become #1 in your community?

You could also think about what you’d have to believe about the costs, the process, and your abilities as an individual or a collective to authentically celebrate a life lived.


4. How would my client families’ lives change if they work with me and are FULLY all in?

Process is one thing. Results are another. When you begin to market your services, you want to keep in mind the results you’re helping your client families create.

So, what does that end result look like in your mind? How would the client family feel and act as a result of your work? What would they say and do? Really tap into the feelings your ideal client families would feel. Those will guide you places.


5. How can I start delivering value and being of service without expecting any sales?

If you truly want to become magnetic, and achieve your desired outcomes, you’ve got to provide value. Value without expectation is the number one way to draw in those who resonate with you.

What does that value look like? How can you make it look different than what anyone else is doing? This is your chance to use your unique voice to attract families that are going to do more than just write a check and leave without recognizing your undeniable value.


6. What’s my message?

With all of this brainstorming under your belt, maybe a message has begun to shine through. Maybe it peeked through in the last question, or maybe you already knew what your message was. Either way, reflect it here.


7. What’s my REAL message?

Yep, you read it right. Can you simplify, consolidate, add more feeling to, or uplevel your message in any way, to be more resonant with you? Give yourself a chance to do it here.


In the end, it’s all about the feelings!

How do you feel after doing this exercise? Whether this is your first time doing anything of this sort, or your 100th time, we hope it generated some feelings for you. Those feelings are the heart and soul of what you do as a funeral director.

Although we throw around numbers and worry a lot about logistics, the funeral profession is, in fact, an emotions & feelings-based industry.

And naturally, we need to get clear on the feelings our offerings, and business, are generating for client families. Missing this important element of our profession would be short-changing us, and our client families.

We owe it to ourselves, to our profession, and our client families to lead with feelings.  This is the magic sauce, the answer, the way to changing the way the world FEELS about funeral service.

And we can start today.


How do you attract your ideal client families to your funeral biz? Tell us in the comments below!

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