Turn Your Funeral Home Website Traffic Into Dollars


Your funeral home website should be your funeral firm’s most valuable business asset. But without the ability to drive revenues, your website is simply a cost center.

What if I told you there was an easy, effortless way to turn your website traffic into dollars?

With 84% of Internet users shopping online…eCommerce reveals a world of untapped potential for funeral firms.

This revenue-generating opportunity is equally as beneficial for your families, as it is for your funeral firm.

By integrating an eCommerce store into your funeral home website, you’re satisfying your families demand to shop for sympathy gifts and flowers online, while fulfilling your firm’s needs to increase revenue, attract more families and gain a competitive advantage.

And with the high-quality, affordable eCommerce solutions emerging in the funeral profession, selling gifts and flowers on your funeral home website has never been easier.

3 ways to effortlessly make money from your website with eCommerce:

1. Get Ahead of the Competition


Today’s families are all about convenience. And with statistics showing 93% of people send sympathy gifts or flowers to support those suffering the loss of a loved one, your funeral home website has the ability to stand out among the competition by offering website visitors the convenience of purchasing sympathy gifts and flowers directly from your funeral home website.

By incorporating an eCommerce store into your funeral home website, you’re not only feeding your community’s desire to buy sympathy gifts and flowers online, but you’re demonstrating your funeral firm’s ability to adapt to meet the needs of the community—establishing yourself as an industry thought leader.

Although the idea of selling sympathy gifts and flowers on your funeral home website is still a relatively new concept, Forrester Research projects that eCommerce will be a $279 billion industry by 2015.

Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity and get ahead of the competition!

2. Create a New Revenue Stream


After years of decreasing product sales and an overall decline in revenue, eCommerce comes along, providing funeral firms the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream through their websites.

Many funeral firms are earning up to 25% commission on each sale made by selling sympathy gifts and flowers on their funeral home website.

Think about it…your funeral home website is often the first place your families go when a death occurs; why not provide them the opportunity to purchase sympathy gifts and flowers directly from your website, rather than sending them elsewhere?

With an eCommerce store, families no longer have to leave your website to make a purchase—your funeral home website becomes a convenient, one-stop-shop.

3. Keep Families Coming Back


In addition to generating revenue and gaining competitive advantage, an eCommerce store allows you to extend the relationship with your families, beyond the funeral service.

By providing your families the ability to purchase gifts directly from your website, you’re going above and beyond. The convenience and ease-of-use of shopping and sending flowers or sympathy gifts from the same place they are already reading an obituary or looking up service times, is sure to leave a lasting impression on them.

Once your families have determined your funeral home website is a valuable resource for sympathy gifts and flowers, they will return to your website the next time the need presents itself.

By embracing eCommerce, you’re not only making money from your website and getting ahead of the competition, you’re taping into your community’s desire to support friends and family suffering the loss of a loved one with sympathy gifts and flowers.

With the quality, affordable solutions emerging in the funeral profession today, selling online has never been easier!

Now is the time to embrace eCommerce and turn your funeral home website traffic into dollars!

What are some other easy and effortless ways you use your funeral home website to make money? Please share your comments below! 🙂

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