6 Essentials Of An Uber Successful Funeral Home


In our profession and many others, when we think of tips to be successful, we might often jump to the more numerical, left brain aspect of our business. 

We might feel compelled to learn new statistics to track, new platforms or tools, etc. to reach this idea of success.

But what about good old fashioned values? Ones that guide and lead every action, every new idea, every move your funeral business makes?

I believe a business without a solid foundation of a strong mission, vision and values cannot succeed or sustain itself into the foreseeable future.

Below, we offer some essentials of a successful funeral home that we’ve learned after working with thousands of clients over the years.

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Clear foresight

Many funeral home owners are more focused on the past and preserving it. A successful funeral home leader knows better. He or she knows to keep their eyes ahead of them. They read up on current trends, and listen to their audience to navigate the next chapter of their funeral business. 


Solid leadership

What is a team without a solid leader? A leader shows and models the wisdom they have gained over their many failures and adventures. They don’t tell people what to do or micromanage because they know a true leader empowers. Their team feels welcome to be who they are and lean into their natural gifts on the job.


Plenty of channels to listen

A successful funeral business knows that customer feedback is what makes a business remain relevant and supportive of client families’ ever-evolving needs. That’s why they provide plenty of opportunities to receive that feedback, whether it’s on Yelp, Google, Facebook or even feedback forms. 



We’ve all heard the age old “the only constant is change”. And of course this rings true for business. The only way to succeed as a funeral business is to adapt to the unique needs and times we continue to experience. How willing are you to be innovative, more than you’re willing to be right or important? This is the ultimate question to test our ability to adapt.


A solid knowledge base

Cultivating a knowledge base at your funeral home requires attending conferences, reading books, following thought leaders, and continually being open to new ideas. Then, the next step is to share this wisdom with your team. Let it trickle down through monthly talks on new and exciting topics or training, or bring your team with you to conferences. The wisdom doesn’t just belong on the top though. It’s important to empower and equip your team with the same wisdom.



There’s nothing like owning up to your own mistakes. Especially when you’re a business. It’s all too often that companies and corporations don’t take responsibility and practice humility when they make mistakes, especially grave ones (pun intended here). A funeral business that receives less-than-stellar reviews (both online and offline) and not only responds to them, but makes things right, will succeed through many of the challenges life brings. 


The most important aspect… your WHY

Sometimes, with any business, we can lose sight of why we came here in the first place. We have seen the most successful funeral businesses run by people who are truly passionate about their why. It’s what gets them up in the morning, and what keeps them inspired through all the ebbs, flows, and chaos that running a funeral home can bring. 

Our last words we want to leave you with are:

You can be mediocre at marketing, you can have a hard time showing up confidently in arrangement meetings, and you can even make mistakes. But no one or nothing can ever take your WHY from you. Hold that in your heart with much respect and reverence. 

That is the gold of running any business, and that is the key to success.


What other aspects do you think make a funeral home successful? Tell us in the comments below!

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