6 Extremely Unique Aspects of Your Personality that Make You an Amazing Funeral Director

Have you ever told someone what line of work you are in and received a response something like this “wow, it truly takes a special person to do that”?  I think that we can all agree that this has happened at least once or twice in our careers.  Have you ever walked away from this kind of conversation wondering exactly what this means?  Well, wonder no more.  Below are 6 extremely unique and special aspects of your personality that make you an amazing funeral director.


1. You REALLY Care About Others

You take caring for others to a whole new level.  Funeral service is one of the few professions where those who are served (the deceased) can literally never repay the gesture of service that is extended to them. Not only do you shoulder the care of the deceased; you also take on the role of caring for their loved ones. You guide them through one of the most difficult times of their lives wanting nothing in return.


2. You Are a Planner Extraordinaire & 3. Extremely Organized

Your attention to detail is superb.  You have no problem taking the lead in any situation. You have the ability to see 10 steps ahead in any scenario.  This ability allows you to diffuse potential issues before they have the opportunity to become problems. You easily maneuver through your day arranging and coordinating the next steps of groups regardless of how large or small.  You guide others in the direction that you know will be the safest, most productive and memorable to the families that you serve. You plan and execute one of the most memorable events of a person lifetime (their celebration of life). You accomplish all of this with ease and grace.


4. You Handle Yourself Extremely Well Under Pressure

You thrive under pressure. You do not lose your head when things get stressful.  To the average person working with those who are grieving would be exhausting on many levels. Somehow you manage to hold it all together not only for yourself but for all parties involved. You serve as a shoulder to lean on, a reliable source to depend on and guide in the midst of emotional chaos. Do not underestimate or downplay the importance of your role.  You are one of society’s most precious jewels.



5. You Are Fearless

You truly start each day never knowing what to expect.  Work and commitment to the unknown would cause most to go running in the opposite direction.  This mystery shrouded in illusion draws you in. The top two fears of the average person are public speaking and death; surprisingly in that order. You confront mortality on a daily basis yet manage to channel your exposure and experiences into service. You have seen death delivered in many forms yet manage to continue pushing forward through life personally and professionally without cracking or missing a beat.



6. You Have Super Powers

Seriously, I would like you to name another profession that demands more of its members than funeral service demands of you.  Many are called to exhibit one or two of these characteristics from time to time.  You, however, are expected and demanded to exhibit all of these qualities simultaneously and constantly.


So, the next time someone says to you that “it truly takes a special person to do what you do” (or something similar); wear that compliment as the badge of honor that it is.  My fellow Funeral Directors you are AMAZING! Thank you for your work, commitment, and loyalty to being what others need when they need it the most.



Joél Simone Anthony, also known as ‘The Grave Woman’, is a graduate of the Gupton Jones College of Funeral Service in Atlanta, Georgia. She is dedicated to eliminating misconceptions about post-life preparation while stimulating an open, honest and straightforward discussion about death through the use of her blog and website. She also regularly posts videos to her Youtube Channel. To learn more and to submit your comments, questions and requests visit her website at www.thegravewoman.com, The Grave Woman blog, or by email at [email protected]


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  1. Julie Weir

    Thank you, for that amazing description of what a funeral director does.

  2. Linda Davis

    I would like to have a book how do I purchase it?

  3. Joe’l Anthony “The Grave Woman”

    You are so welcome Julie 🙂

  4. Rilee Chastain

    Hi Linda, you can visit thegravewoman.com to purchase one!