The Funeral Director Job Description of the Future

The future of funerals needs you.

Yes you. You empathetic, bright, passionate person who wants to join in on the movement of where the future of funerals is headed.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been doing this for 30 years, or are considering a career in the funeral profession… you are the future of funerals.

So before we start, we should mention that this isn’t so much a job offer as it is a life calling. If you don’t feel the call, you should probably find another profession. Because this one will test you beyond your wildest dreams.

Still interested? Keep reading, and see if you’re a good fit for the job:


Who’s hiring?

The good news is, it’s not just one business or company. It’s the families of today. An entire group of them, waiting for you to show up and shine. These families are discovering that traditional funerals aren’t exactly cutting it anymore. They want more. They’re hungry for information, options, conversations.

And, they’re of all ages. Even millennials are considering their end-of-life, now. Because they’re recognizing it’s important. And even more than that, they’re realizing that it’s special.


The kind of funeral professional they’re looking for:

The future of funerals doesn’t ask for a certain type of person. No religion, race, or gender is better than the other. However, these personality traits are highly helpful:

A space holder.

Meaning, someone who doesn’t want to interject into the families’ process as they express their wishes. But hears them out.


Someone to really, truly listen.

And to ask great follow-up questions. That way, you can come up with the best possible outcome for all parties involved.


Creative and imaginative.

And you know how to apply your creativity to make every service really special and personal.


Sensitive and emotionally intelligent.

You can sense your families needs without them having to tell you. And you’re ready to meet them.


Adaptable and flexible.

When things change, you’re not afraid to follow your intuition and vision and ride the wave.


An educator.

You’re going to be a leader, and expected to educate other funeral professionals to embrace the future, just like you.



Someone who really knows how to draw boundaries and look after themselves. Emotionally, physically and even spiritually, at the end of a long day.


What the job entails:

The role of a funeral director is varied and rewarding. “Many hats” will be worn (and not real hats). You, funeral director of the future, will be responsible for brainstorming, planning, and delivering an exceptional funeral service for families and loved ones.

A funeral is a meaningful goodbye that deserves care, attention, respect and uniqueness. You’ll be in charge of holding space for families to get in touch with how they truly want to say goodbye to their loved one. And even more importantly, how their loved one wanted to be celebrated.

In the end, you’ll be asked to do whatever needs to happen to ensure that the process of the service goes smoothly – from planning, to months after the funeral. Well through the grief process, and beyond.


What the job NO LONGER entails:

You might be hard pressed to find a funeral of the future that requires:

A serious, overly-professional approach.

The families of the future want to feel safe to express their wishes and grief. And a suit, business voice, and forced smile doesn’t offer that.

Traditional attitudes.

No, we don’t NEED to do it because it’s the way it’s always been done. In fact we don’t need to do anything.

Retail experience.

A funeral free from sales speak makes the funeral much less of a cold-cut, retail experience, and instead a therapeutic experience that involves a lot of conversation around value.


Other skills and experience required:

The future is asking for less static skills, and more interactive skills, such as:

Honesty and transparency.

This is the foundation of the funeral professional of the future. Our old reputation that’s been shaped by an unfortunate few is far too damaging, and it’s time to change it.



Gone are the days of up-selling for the sake of profits. That just won’t work anymore.


Powerful questions.

To find out more about the loved one, their wishes, and what’s important to them as well as the family.


An exciting display of what you do.

You’ll be expected to SHOW families what’s possible for a funeral, depending on the way they answered your questions. This requires a great deal of…


Inspiration and passion.

If you’re not stoked about what you offer, your families won’t be either. As we mentioned before, if this path doesn’t excite you, find one that will.



After you show families what’s possible, can you back it up with meaningful stories about work you’ve done in the past? Or your own experiences? People want meaning behind your words, and the future of funerals is asking you to deliver it.


Before your interview:

If you’re not entirely sure that you’re bought into this whole “future of funerals” movement, check out these in-depth readings on it so you can get on board:


How to apply:

If you are already a funeral professional working at a funeral home, you can apply for this epic job very easily. All you have to do, is decide to become this person! If you’re NOT a funeral director yet, find a funeral home who resonates with these values, and apply. Show them who you really are, and what value you’re ready to bring with you.


Tell us, how did we do with this job description? Anything you’d add? Would you apply for this funeral director job? Tell us in the comments below!

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