5 Topics Your Families Want to Know More About (And How to Teach Them)

How many times have you attended a workshop, went to a conference, or read a blog that talked about the lack of education families have around the world of funerals?

We’ve written about it over a dozen times over the years, like here, here and here.

If we’ve been pondering on this topic for years, maybe it’s time we start to look at the gap between families and funeral service.

If we did, we’d be able to serve our families much better, and feel appreciated for our service, too.

Below, we’ve taken actual comments from client families who have read our blogs, and have expressed their desire to learn more about different aspects of funeral services. Then, we share some ideas on how you can actively offer that support and education to families on these topics. We hope this combination gives you some solid insight to take action in the direction of your evolution. 

Check them out below:

Topic #1: Families have a choice when it comes to their funeral service

“I really like how you said that a funeral service should ask the families that come in about what they think an ideal service should look like. If I was asked this then I would start to feel a whole lot better about planning everything. I’d feel as if the funeral service actually wants to help me and not just take my money.”

— Comment from 4 Tips For Kicking Butt In The Funeral Profession

How to do it: Most families are simply ignorant to the fact that they have a choice to create their own meaningful funeral service. Why that is isn’t as important now, but how we can change that certainly is. If this is something that you want to embrace at your funeral home, let it lead all conversations you have with families. 

Let your families know that you have a set of services, but you’ve also got plenty of room for their ideas. Empowering them to find out what’s meaningful to them with a simple worksheet or quiz could be a great idea, too. For more tips on that, feel free to check out this blog for some assistance on this journey. 


Topic #2: And, there’s still options even though we’re in a pandemic

“You made a good point when you said that funeral broadcasting allows relatives and friends from all over the world to benefit from the healing and memorialization during a funeral service. My grandmother recently passed away because of liver cancer. Because of the pandemic, our relatives from abroad cannot come to her funeral service. I’ll mention what you said to my family so we can consider funeral broadcasting. Thanks!”

— Comment from Why Your Funeral Home Should FINALLY Embrace Webcasting

How to do it: Many families who would not normally be able to make it to an in-person funeral service have more options during the pandemic, believe it or not. With the advances in services and technology, we’re able to webcast funeral services so folks can attend from all around the world. Making this information front and center on your website and your marketing materials is a huge way to let families know that even though these are tough times, there are still options. 


Topic #3: The importance and healing in the different elements of funeral service

“Thanks for explaining that playing our loved one’s favorite song helps add a unique element of personality to the funeral. I need to help plan the funeral for my aunt who passed away from cancer last week. Maybe I’ll hire someone to make a custom piano arrangement of one of her favorite songs to make it even more of a meaningful experience.”

— Comment from 11 Modern Funeral Songs That Help To Celebrate Life

How to do it: Sure, everyone knows that there’s typically music played at a funeral. But does anyone know WHY it’s important? Or the impact the music has on a funeral service? Offering your families this information in the arrangement meeting could be a great start to educating on this. Another way is to offer samples of music for different kinds of people and desired services. For example, if grandpa was a motorcycle fan, playing Hallelujah might not be a great fit for him. Instead, guide families to choose music that really meant something to their loved one. 


Topic #4: Funeral directors are truly human, and they care.

“I’m glad to hear that funeral home directors take on your grief too. I was always afraid that they were just emotionless because of all the death they deal with. It’s good to know they are human too and will comfort you if needed.”

— Comment from  6 Things Funeral Directors Are Dying To Tell You (But Never Will)

How to do it: Two words: social media. If there’s one way to get into the hearts of potential families and connect with your community, it’s through social media. Previously, seeing funeral homes on social media was kind of… strange. Nowadays, any kind of business is almost expected to be on social media. Especially the big 2: Facebook and Instagram. Introducing yourself and being vulnerable, authentic, and real on your social channels is the way to let your families know that you’re approachable, and you care.


Topic #5: The investment of pre-planning

“I like how you said that pre-planning you own funeral is a great investment, to not let all the weight on your family’s back when they’re going through a hard time. I have always thought about planning my funeral costs so that I leave the earth with everything prepared. I will start looking for a funerary service that accommodates my needs and budget the must.”

— Comment from 6 Things You Should Do Now to Prepare for Your Own Funeral

How to do it: The old paradigm way of encouraging families to pre-plan is through cheesy, salesy tactics. In the new paradigm, the way of encouraging families to pre-plan is through a service-oriented approach. Instead of selling pre-planning, serve your families with the tips and advice on the importance of pre-planning. This simple shift in approach can make a world of a difference, and really land with your community in a way that is helpful and meaningful for them.


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Was this helpful for you? What other topics do you feel your families need more education on? Tell us in the comments below!

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