3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Funeral Business


Whether you are just getting the hang of social networking or have already dipped your toes in the water, there is always room for improving your online profiles to boost your funeral business.

If you haven’t created a LinkedIn profile already, it is time to jump on the bandwagon.

Though some may feel that LinkedIn is little more than an online resume, this is only the tip of the iceberg. This powerful networking tool can help you connect with over 150 million people who are on LinkedIn, ready to do business.

How can your funeral home leverage LinkedIn?

The whole world is online and it is critical that you make your presence known. Creating a detailed,  LinkedIn profile can make a huge difference in the way that you do business, as well as keeping yourself relevant and connected to your client base. Here’s how a LinkedIn profile can benefit you:

1. Establish yourself as a thought leader

One of the simplest and best ways to use your LinkedIn profile is to create thought leadership via helpful, informative content. How is this possible? You can use your LinkedIn profile to share pertinent and helpful information from your own blog or website. People will be attracted to your profile when you join LinkedIn Groups that are related to your area of funeral business expertise, or through a simple Google search that relates to your content.

How to find LinkedIn Groups related to your funeral home: Click the “Groups” tab on the top of your LinkedIn dashboard and search “funeral director” or “funeral”. You’ll find a list of groups related to our search term. Be sure to join groups with the most members, so your thought leadership will get the most visibility in the profession.

Consider joining high-traffic, influential LinkedIn groups such as:

–  Connecting Directors

Funeral Service Insider

National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)

Funeral Services Worldwide

2. Use LinkedIn Answers to attract families

In a nutshell, LinkedIn Answers is a Q&A forum. By browsing through the categories most related to your funeral business, you can spark interesting conversations and discussions by posting your own questions, or you can take the time to give expert advice to another poster. Answering questions is a great way to educate potential client families and bring them to your profile.

How to do this: As you establish your LinkedIn profile, you must think like your potential families. If you were in their shoes, what would you be searching for? Those seeking your services may type something like “Best funeral service in such-and-such city” or “Top funeral home in X-area”. Finding ways to incorporate these potential search words in your content and profile as “key words” is the perfect way to direct your families to you.

Next, you must connect with these people through their profiles. Taking the time to talk with them, learn their needs, and leaving insightful comments on their own profile page will go a long way in nurturing a relationship with potential customers. And remember – word of mouth is still the best way to draw new people to you. When you build strong, healthy relationships, you will receive the highest praise.

3. Create and nurture relationships

While the funeral profession is very competitive, LinkedIn is a great way to create relationships with funeral homes across the country. You know that a funeral home 1,500 miles away from you won’t steal your business, so why not share tactics and strategies with them?

There are a lot of conversations going on in LinkedIn Groups about valuable strategies, tactics and ideas funeral homes are using to succeed. By using LinkedIn to create valuable business relationships, you never know what opportunities might come your way!

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Has your funeral business used LinkedIn to attract families or create relationships? Do you think it’s a useful tool for this profession? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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