Funeral Website Job Description: Would Your Website Make the Cut?

Your funeral website can be your greatest assest to your funeral firm. But it’s not enough to simply have a website. With the right funeral website you have the ability to not only attract more families and grow your business, but to also save time, effort and money in the process!

Read the funeral home website job description below…would your website make the cut?

Seeking an Affordable Funeral Website to Grow Our Business

Department: Marketing & Business Growth

Position Title: Funeral Website (Full-time – 24/7)

Firm Overview:

The ABC Funeral Firm has been in operation for more than 100 years. We are the most recognized funeral firm in our community, but we are noticing dramatic changes in our business; our call volume is dropping, the cremation rate is rising and our newspaper advertisement isn’t bringing in families like it used to. Something must be done and we strongly believe that harnessing the power of the Internet is the answer.

We know the technology running our current website is no longer capable of performing the necessary duties, so we’ve decided to expand our expertise by hiring a website backed with business platform expertise.

Job Summary:

Responsible for educating families on the value of the services our firm offers, the ABC Funeral Firm website serves to attract and engage families with a strategic online presence. Seeking a simple yet innovative, socially interactive memorial website platform, the ABC Funeral Firm strives to be the online destination for family, friends and members of the community to connect, share and honor the life of loved ones.

Key Responsibilities:

• Build recognition and credibility of our firm beyond our local community

• Increase call volume by attracting and engaging families with a strategic online presence

• Serve families at all hours by answering their questions and being a helpful resource

• Educate families about the value of our services

• Differentiate our firm from the competition

• Provide an interactive way for families to connect and honor the lives of loved ones

• Assist families through the grief and healing process

• Help people arrange their own funeral service in advance with an easy-to-use preplanning tool

• Offer high-quality sympathy gifts and flowers to increase revenue and help our families manage all of their funeral needs from one website

• Increase our preneed leads

• Grow our business

Skills & Qualifications:

• Affordable

• Reliable

• Profitable

• Customizable

• Easy to use

• Socially interactive

• Low maintenance and easy to edit and manage in-house

• 24/7 technical support

Compensation & Benefits:

• Competitive salary

• Many gratifying perks including providing convenience, helping families heal, creating connections and increasing revenue

• Amazing opportunity for social interactions

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