The Biggest Secrets in Funeral Marketing Revealed – Part 3

Inbound Marketing Case Study – Schoedinger Funeral Service

In the first two posts of this series, I explained the difference between inbound and outbound marketing, and shared with you 5 ways to incorporate inbound marketing into your funeral business.

Now that you have a pretty good idea of what inbound marketing is, I am going to share with you how one funeral firm in particular has used inbound marketing to attract more families and grow their business.

The Schoedinger Story   

One great example of a company that’s embracing exactly what I’ve been talking about is Schoedinger Funeral Service, in Columbus, Ohio. Serving about 2,500 families a year, Schoedinger Funeral Service currently has 14 locations. Although I’m using Schoedinger as an example, these inbound marketing methods can work for funeral firms of any size – whether you serve 10 familes a year, or 10,000…it makes no difference.

The Transformation

In September 2009, Schoedinger Funeral Service upgraded their website to the f1Connect website platform. At that time, and I’m sure many of you can relate, Schoedinger Funeral Service was struggling to connect with non-traditional families and get them to understand the value of the services they had to offer. Add that to the fact that their website was outdated, difficult to use and was not generating the amount of traffic they’d hoped for. They decided upgrading their website was a good place to start.

Here were some additional goals they had for transforming their website:

  • Align website messaging with Schoedinger Funeral Service’s new vision
  • Provide more effective grief support
  • Increase the number of preneed leads
  • Collect email addresses to build better,  longer lasting relationships
  • Leverage social media opportunities

The Facts

Schoedinger Funeral Service has seen significant growth since switching to the f1Connect website platform. According to Lajos Szabo of Schoedinger Funeral Service, their new website is generating 10 times the traffic that their old website did and they are now seeing up to 20,000 unique visitors a month.

Here are some more facts and figures about the success of Schoedinger Funeral Services’ new website:

  • 2000% increase in preneed leads
  • Increase in revenue from eCommerce sales
  • Families are more receptive to service discussions in addition to price
  • Using social memorial websites to connect with families through Facebook and other social networking sites

For Schoedinger’s, their website is now their main tool for funeral marketing. The updated website has differentiated Schoedinger Funeral Service from their competitors. Families are more familiar with the Schoedinger name and have a better understanding of the value the services they provide. They’ve leveraged the power of having a website to attract families and grow their business.

We’d love to hear your success stories. Please share your inbound marketing tips below.

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