3 Questions That Will Transform Your Funerals


It’s not every day that families have to face the challenge of planning a funeral.

And their knowledge of this process is often limited to what they learn from the media, online, or from the past experiences of friends and family.

This puts the funeral professional in a unique position to not only help families tackle one of the toughest tasks they’ll have to take on, and then engage them enough to educate them on all of the possibilities for a funeral service. So how can funeral professionals make planning a funeral not just a good experience… but a great one?


It all starts with transforming the arrangement and planning process. Here are three great questions that can transform the funeral planning process, but maybe even the funeral service as well:


1.“Has anyone taken the time to explain the different choices that you have with cremation?”


Let’s face it, in most communities, half the families that come through your doors will opt for cremation disposition. And you’ll probably find that nobody has ever taken the time to inform the family of the different ways they can say goodbye while honoring their loved one’s wishes for cremation. Sadly, the typical answer to this question is “No, not really”. But why? Asking this question is often an invitation for funeral professionals to educate and align the services to what families prefer.

2. “Who are the guests that you know will be at the funeral?”


This may seem like a strange question to ask a family, but it’s a wonderful setup for the next important question. And families do have some knowledge of the guests who they expect to be at the funeral. Brothers and sisters, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Maybe certain and special friends. This question helps families realize that the event is not just for the deceased, but more for the living. And it leads to this next great question…

3. “How do you think the guests you mentioned could participate in a meaningful way?”


When guests participate in services – even in some small, symbolic way – it raises the level of value for all involved. Whether it’s reading a verse, placing a flower, releasing a balloon, or sharing a great story, funeral professionals can help guide families and provide examples of how other families include guests in the remembrance.


Bringing it all together


Today’s families aren’t sure what to expect when they plan a funeral or memorial event. It’s asking these three simple questions that will help you lead families to understand all of the possibilities for celebrating life. And, it’s these questions that will help what your families truly need and want when faced with the loss of a loved one.


What questions do you ask that have transformed your funeral arrangements – and funerals?


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