7 Awesome Gifts For The Funeral Professional In Your Life

There’s nothing better than living your passion… and funeral professionals are some of the most passion-fueled people we know.

Who else would leave the comfiness of their bed at 4am (for the second night in the row) to run off and help a family that’s not even their own? Who else would willingly skip birthday parties, Thanksgivings or family movie nights to make a loved one look as good possible before their funeral service? Someone who looks at their work as a calling, not just a job… that’s who.

So with the holidays right around the corner, we couldn’t help but begin thinking about what kind of a gift we could possibly buy to honor the amazing, selfless, passion-fueled funeral professionals in our life. That’s when it became obvious… what kind of present could be better for a funeral director than something that represents the profession that they are so proud of?

With that in mind, we’ve gathered seven of the most amazingly awesome funeral-related gifts that we could find, which would make the perfect Christmas gift for the funeral professional in your life. Enjoy!

1. A casket business card holder

In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the good ol’ classic business card. But in the funeral profession, these cards are one of the best tools in a funeral professional’s arsenal! They’re how they spread the word about services, how they invite families to follow-up if they need anything, and how they refer their funeral home to the rest of the community. So when we saw this amazing Coffin Business Card Holder on Etsy, we knew it was the perfect practical gift for any funeral director… plus, how awesome would it look sitting on their desk?

Where to buy it: Etsy – $18

2. The world’s largest coffee mug

One thing at the top of every funeral professional’s wish list is more energy during the day. Between the long hours spent at the funeral home, the middle of the night house calls and the lack of vacation days, every funeral professional needs help putting some extra pep in their step each day. So this holiday season, help them do just that with this giant coffee mug that is the perfect size for any funeral professional. (If anything, it still may be too small… especially during the funeral busy season.)

Where to buy it: Amazon – $36.91

3. Toe tag drink tags

If the funeral professional in your life prefers something a little… um, stronger than coffee (after work hours, of course) these drink tags are the perfect addition to their next event! (Even if that event is a solo pick-me-up after a long day at work.) With questions like drink type, cause of death, comments and name of deceased, you can get creative when using these clever drink tags at your next party. You can even come up with funny drink descriptions — embalming fluid, anyone? — to really bring some funeral humor to your next party.

Where to buy it: Pushin Daisies – $2.75 for 24 tags

4. Antique embalming tools wristwatch

While you may not be able to give funeral professionals the gift of 50 extra hours in the day that they so desperately need (how great would it be if you could ask Santa for that?!), you can give them the next best thing… an awesome embalming tool wristwatch! Not only does a watch help funeral pros keep track of the time and make sure they’re on time for the million funeral-related meetings they have each day, but this one in particular looks super cool. Plus, the scalpel, aneurysm hook and groove director images make great conversation pieces, or at least are a fun way to evoke faces of horror as you explain to strangers the details of your job when they inquire about your “interesting watch.” (And that’s priceless.)

Where to buy it: Zazzle – $49

5. Funeral director tree ornament

If you are looking for a gift that truly represents the spirit of the holiday, look no further than this beautifully detailed funeral director Christmas tree ornament. This would make the perfect gift for any funeral professional who is celebrating a landmark occasion this holiday season. For example, is the funeral professional in your life retiring this year? Are they celebrating an anniversary in the profession? Did they just graduate from mortuary school? Whatever the occasion may be, celebrate it by representing their role as a funeral professional on the tree this year (complete with shovel and a death certificate accessories).

Where to buy it: NRJ – $19.95

6. Garnet coffin necklace

When you work in a service profession, you always want to look your best for the families that you serve… and that’s true more than ever in the funeral profession. And sometimes it can be fun to get dressed up and look your best, but when you do it every day, you start to recycle your fanciest accessories and outfits frequently. So when it comes to shopping for a funeral professional, you can’t go wrong with this garnet coffin necklace that will spice up any classic arrangement outfit… and add a little sparkle to a funeral professional’s wardrobe.

Where to buy it: Pushin Daisies – $45

7. Custom funeral home sign

The funeral profession is still very deeply rooted in community and family businesses, which means that are a lot of proud funeral directors in the world who want to show off their company roots. And one of our favorite funeral-related gifts for 2016 let’s funeral pros do just that, by creating a custom, unique sign that shows off a funeral home’s name and history in a vintage format. This would make the perfect gift for a funeral home owner, or anyone heading up the family funeral business who wants to show off their name proudly!

Where to buy it: Northwest Gifts – $120

What is the best funeral-related gift that you have ever been given?! Be sure to share them with us in the comments below! Happy Holidays!

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