What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Funeral Directing Style

Halloween is that time of the year we often find ourselves finding a costume to wear for a party, gathering, or work.

And as silly as we might think it is, your Halloween costume has the potential to say more about you than you think. 

In fact, according to Psychology Today:

“Costumes are communication devices. They say something about you to others and are meant to elicit a response. Nobody (normal) puts on a costume to sit at home alone. Costumes are vehicles of social connection.”

That means what you’re dressing up as this Halloween has a little insight into your personality.

Let’s dive into some classic Halloween costumes to see what they reveal about you, funeral director:  


The “Ghost”


This costume says there’s something about being unseen at your job as a funeral director that intrigues you. Maybe it’s being the person behind the scenes at your funeral home, who plugs away anonymously each day to help families. Either way, being seen isn’t necessarily your medicine right now.


The “Witch”


Ok, so maybe witches have had a bad rep for the last… few centuries. But believe it or not, the archetype of the witch is making a comeback. Trust me, I am one :-P. If you’re feeling called to the Witch identity this Halloween, you have a magic about you. One where you intuitively know what client families want. You also are either already feeling curious about the herbal world, or you already are deep into it. Try exploring your witchy side at your funeral home, and see what happens!


The “Superhero”


An infamous alter-ego costume for both men and woman. If you’re ever feeling down on yourself, this is the costume to go for! Dressing up as a superhero is a sure-fire way for you to tap into your own superpowers. I mean… who shows up to a Halloween party as a superhero and can’t name their superpower! Instead of jokingly coming up with something in the moment, pre-meditate on it. What is your superpower at your funeral home? Have fun with it when you answer of course, but remember these super powers are real! 


The “Minimalist” 

The minimal Halloween costume either speaks to your opinions of Halloween, or where you’re at in life right now. Either you’re wayyyyy too busy at your funeral home to think about Halloween, or you think Halloween dumb. Whichever it is, you still decided to show up to the Halloween gathering, and that shows your integrity. We respect that!


The “Bloody & Gory” one  


A scary Halloween costume might feel like a great opportunity to let your “scary”  side out a little. After putting on a smile for so many days in a row at the funeral home, it’s a way to let loose. 

Another aspect of this costume is that having the power to scare people (appropriately of course) can actually feel energizing and exciting! Fear is just excitement with a little anxiety. Play with the energy of fear a little and feel how it’s actually just excitement! If you’re not dressing up as a gory creature, we recommend going to a haunted house and experiencing this for yourself either way.


The “Fantasy” costume  


Whether you’re dressed as an anime character, a Star Wars personality, or a unicorn, this costume can be a liberating choice. The fantasy realm brings us out of the heaviness of everyday life at the funeral home. If you wear this kind of costume this Halloween, it could mean you’re wildly imaginative and dreamy. You see things a bit differently from others at your funeral home, and you probably aren’t afraid to show it.


The “Funny” costume  

You’re a funny kind of funeral director, so of course your costume is going to be funny. Humorous people tend to be highly intellectual. Even empathetic. You’re a special kind of funeral director, and it’s good to use your intelligence for a good cause… to make people laugh! Laughter is medicine, as you probably know from arranging experiences with families that make them laugh about the good times they shared with their loved ones, so spread it this Halloween.


The “Statement” costume  

Whether you’re dressing up as a politician, celebrity, or in honor of a civic cause, your Halloween costume is making a statement, funeral director. You’ve got something to say, and Halloween is the perfect way to say it. You’re likely very strong minded too. Maybe you’re a leader at your funeral home, or you’re usually the quiet one and want to let your thoughts be known once and for all! Either way, as long as you’re not incredibly offensive or hurtful in the process, we love it!


The “Animal” costume  


As cute as it is, dressing up your pet in a costume means nothing more than… you got to get out of the house and funeral home, funeral director! If your pet is your best friend, it’s time to get out there and make some new ones. Exceptions if your pet’s Halloween costume is hilarious. In that case, you’re a genius.


The “Introvert” aka no costume  

If you’re a funeral director, you’re probably very empathetic, and perhaps introverted. And you’re probably already suffering from an introvert hangover from all of the human interaction at your job. So stay home tonight, and soak in your own vibes. If anyone asks where you were, tell them you were a ghost, and they must have not seen you!


What are you going to be for Halloween, funeral director? Tell us in the comments below what you think your costume says about you!

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  1. Jenny Peck Funeral Flowers

    I like The “Animal” costume – great idea for costume for your pet.

  2. Krystal Penrose

    Thanks for reading Jenny, glad you liked our idea!