How To Celebrate Halloween At Your Funeral Home In 2020

Halloween is here!

If there’s one reason to dress up spooky, ditch your sugar cleanse and enjoy working in the death industry, Halloween is the one good excuse we have to celebrate something in this funky year of 2020!

Without being able to go to Halloween parties or trick-or-treat, this time could feel a little strange. That’s why we put together some funny ways you can still find a way to celebrate at your funeral home this year.



If there’s anyone who knows how to celebrate Halloween, it’s funeral directors.

Besides, Halloween at a funeral home is just about as Halloween as it gets.




It’s just too bad you can’t have anyone at your funeral home because of the pandemic restrictions.

Talk about a literal ghost town.



Instead of spending this spooky season alone, you could throw a Zoom Halloween Party.

You might as well, since you do just about everything else on Zoom these days.


Or if you prefer to stay home, you can get a pumpkin spice drink and read some of these spooky funeral-related tales.



Another option: if you’re really smart, you can send your dogs out to trick-or-treat for you.

Unless the CDC suddenly decides dogs can get covid, too.


But enough on the options. Let’s talk about costumes. Here’s some ideas only funeral pros would understand…


First idea is the safest and easiest, since it comes with a built-in mask

If you’re stuck wearing a mask, best to make it blend in with your costume!


If you do find yourself at a Zoom Halloween party, this costume will bring a good laugh.

After all, who doesn’t love Bob Ross?



There’s always this funeral pro classic, too.

We call this one the “death supports my living” Halloween costume.


If you’re feeling more lazy, you could go more this route.


If you’re missing the luxury of having more time in your life, you could always dress up as time.

Maybe dressing up as time will magically give you more of it?

Speaking of valuable, you could dress up as the liquid gold of 2020.


Last but not least, there’s always the Insta-GRAM costume.

Pro tip: If you don’t know what Instagram is, you can pretend like you do with this costume!


At the end of the day, everyone knows this is a weird year. So Halloween is truly what you make of it.



So… you might as well make the best of it.



Happy Halloween, funeral pros! 



How are you going to celebrate Halloween at your funeral home this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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