15 HIlarious & True Reasons Why Every Funeral Director Deserves To Relax This Labor Day Weekend


No laboring on Labor Day weekend – it’s a rule! 

We know that rule can be one that’s hard to follow in the busy life of a funeral director, so we came up with 15 very convincing reasons why you absolutely deserve to take a break and soak up the last days of summer:


1. First off,  summer is pretty much over, and you probably haven’t even gotten to take those water skiing classes yet!



2. Let’s face it —  after a long busy summer you’re not really available for productivity right now anyways. 

3. I mean come on, you work in one of those fields where laziness simply isn’t an option!



4. And sometimes the pressure to perform is just too much.



5. So… it would be good practice to try to relax for once! 


6. Because you need a vacation to make up for all the overtime you put in EVERY DAY! 


7. Because it’s too soon for you to be your own next client…


8. So put down the paperwork, it can wait for a weekend



9. You’ve already given up your evenings, nights, and all other weekends, so let this one be an exception.



10. It’s better to try to relax now, so you don’t get discovered by your co-workers having your own pity party on Tuesday morning.


11. So soak up that summer sun so you can remember it fondly during winter time services.


12. Honestly, you need to take a break so you don’t end up looking like this guy…


13. There’s nothing worse than being an awkward funeral director because you work so hard, you forgot how to human.



14.  Before you get smart with us, let us remind you that hanging out in cemeteries doesn’t really count as enjoying the great outdoors!


15. If all else fails, remember you work hard for your families and deserve to enjoy some fun of your own! 

PS. Yes, this shirt is actually for sale on Amazon (and we’re not sponsoring them).


How are you enjoying your Labor Day weekend? We’d love to hear about your plans in the comments! 

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