9 Stress-Busting Survival Tips For Every Funeral Director This Holiday Season 

The Holidays are here, funeral director!

For most people that entails lots of holiday parties, present shopping and some time off to spend with the family.

You might be thinking, “what a luxury it must be!” 

But don’t worry, with these 9 stress-busting survival tips for this holiday season, you might be able to squeeze a little merriness and joy this holiday season:


1. Remember the holidays are just a season

Nothing is permanent, as you may well be aware of as a funeral professional. And this especially applies to the sometimes overwhelming holiday season. 



2. Overcome overwhelm

Holiday season CAN be done with ease and grace. Just because things are full on, doesn’t mean you have to respond with stress. Ask any mindfulness teacher how they deal with life without stress. Chances are, they find themselves in similar situations to you, funeral pro, and they do it all with a calm mind. If you want to go deeper into the overcoming overwhelm rabbit hole, check out this infographic we’ve created packed with tons of tips!



3. See the holidays as a good thing

Could you be grateful for this time during the holidays, funeral pro? Could you feel happy to be helping so many families during a time when they need it most? Yes, that means practicing gratitude (we’ve got a whole article on that for you here). 


4. Don’t be afraid to say “NO”

Saying “no” is one of your most important weapons right now. In order to give your best to you, your families, and yourself, saying “no” will make your “YES” so much more powerful. Of course, use your “no” wisely, and with sensitivity.



5. Try not to stress eat

During the holidays, it’s easy to live in a perpetual state of anxiety, and eat as if your house is on fire for all meals. Holiday cookies, fast food and pizza delivery will not fuel you in the way you need energy right now. Take time out to fuel your body with the RIGHT stuff, not just anything.


6. Sleep = the new gold

What’s more important than getting things done this holiday season? REST so you can get them all done! You can’t run on an empty tank, funeral director. If you don’t get a good night’s sleep because of late night calls, you, my friend, shall become an expert cat napper.



7. Become an expert boundary setter

With all the holiday parties coming, it’s easy to say yes to everything because you’re a nice person. But what if this holiday season, you allowed yourself the freedom to only say yes to the holiday events that really bring you joy? Just make sure you… (keep reading below)



8. Avoid isolating

It’s easy to isolate during busy times. And let me tell you, there’s nothing more depressing for me than not spending the holidays with those I love. Ask for support when you need it. Call the shots when you need to. Ask friends and family to bring you Christmas dinner to bed if you need to. For real! It can be that easy.


9. Don’t forget to dance

One of my favorite ways to let go after a helluva day is to just… dance! Like a weirdo. Shaking my behind in ways I would never let another see. Turn on your favorite song and go for it. If you don’t believe me, dancing is known to increase endorphins, improve sleep and a ton of other benefits that you can read about here.



How do you survive the holidays, funeral director? Tell us your tips in the comments below!

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