6 Tragic Love Stories For The Hopeless Romantic This Valentine’s Day

Where there is love, there is often loss.

And if there is anything funeral professionals know like the back of their hand, its loss. Particularly tragedy.

Since everyone else is talking about love this Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d add a funeral profession twist to it… tragic love.

Tragic love is one of the most romantic things out there, that lasts the tests of time.

Think about all the romantic tragedies out there… Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde… the list goes on. Today we’re going to share some of these stories with you. So grab a tissue box, some snacks, and let’s dive into tragic romance!


#1: The tragic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice – Brendan Pelsue

Ever wondered how the idea of a love poem came to be? This tragic, yet inspiring love myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is how! Struck by grief by the death of his beloved, he was able to tap into the love of all lovers, as well as the pain. With all these feelings, Orpheus channeled them into love poems. Watch the myth yourself below:


#2: Antony and Cleopatra

One of my favorite Shakespearan love stories. Here it is, according to HistoryCollection.com

After the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BCE, his general Mark Antony and his heir Octavian split the Roman Empire between them. When Antony met the powerful and alluring Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra several years later, their political alliance became one of history’s most legendary love affairs. Captivated by the Egyptian queen, Mark Antony lived with her until his relationship with Octavian suffered. Returning to Rome, Antony married Octavian’s sister to strengthen the alliance. He returned to Egypt in 36 BCE, renewing his affair with Cleopatra. Furious over the Roman marriage, Cleopatra demanded that Antony marry her, too.

The news infuriated the Roman people: Octavian used political propaganda, labeling his sister as the jilted wife and Antony as a weak man under the power of the Egyptian queen. Declaring war on Egypt in 31 BCE, Octavian’s forces decimated Antony and Cleopatra’s navy at the Battle of Actium. Receiving false news of Cleopatra’s death, Antony committed suicide. Octavian invaded Egypt, and the grieving Cleopatra tried to negotiate for the sake of her children. She killed herself when she realized that Octavian planned to humiliate her by making her part of his triumph when he returned to Rome.


#3: The Notebook

The at-first-wrenching and later heart-warming tale of Noah and Allie isn’t ancient, but it is unforgettable nonetheless. If you were born before the year 2000 you have very likely seen the movie or read the book. If you haven’t we recommend grabbing a bag of popcorn and making this a Valentine’s Day ritual. 3 words to describe this tale: true, undying love!

Here’s one of my favorite scenes below (spoiler alert!!!!):


#4: Jack and Rose, aka “I’ll Never Let Go”

The Titanic is probably the most iconic love story of our time. Even though the narrative between Jack and Rose isn’t even based on a true story, Hollywood truly crafted a tragic love story for the ages. I mean… who didn’t cry for days after watching that film? Or am I just a sappy romantic? 

This particular scene below is sure to get the tears flowing:


#5: A love that created the Taj Mahal

Ever heard of the Taj Mahal? If you have 2 eyes and 2 ears, chances are you have heard of this ancient, intricate and gorgeous spectacle outside of Delhi, India. But did you know it was built in the name of love? It’s true, Shah Jahan fell in love with his third wife Mumtaz Mahal (meaning “jewel of the palace”). During the birth of their 14th child, Mumtaz fell ill and passed away. Before her death, she asked her husband to build her the most beautiful tomb to ever be known. The result? The gorgeous Taj Mahal.

Watch the video below for the whole story:


#6: A love story without words

One of my favorites. A love story with no words that lasts only 5 minutes? Yes, it’s possible. Plus, it’s an animated love story. For children. And it’s sure to make you cry. See for yourself and watch it below. 

What are your favorite tragic love stories? Tell us in the comments below!


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