6 Inspiring Moments from NFDA 2017 + Announcing Our Contest Winners!


It never feels like you’re in the “golden age” when you’re in it.

At the time, the famous Orson Welles radio shows of the 30s were just the usual nightly programs, and the Space Invaders release of 1978… just another video game.

It’s not until you look back on these moments and the impact they made that you can recognize them for what they truly are — golden age moments that shaped each of their industries forever.

Standing on the trade show floor at NFDA in Boston, it was hard to ignore the reality that we were seeing all around us — we are right smack dab in the middle of the golden age of funerals.

The Future of the Funeral Profession

There’s a been a huge shift in the way that families approach funeral planning over the last decade. Funeral directors who had long gotten used to the, “I’ll take it from here” approach were finding themselves in front of families who had their own service requests and ideas.

Luckily, many took this as an opportunity to embrace this new way of doing things, and see what might happen if we put families back at the focus of the funeral profession. And at NFDA 2017, we finally saw the result of what that looks like.

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