11 Ways A Pandemic Changed Funerals Forever

What happens when a pandemic hits, and everything turns to chaos?

Lessons are learned. 

Innovations are made. 

Evolution becomes a necessity.

Whether you like it or not, this pandemic probably taught you a lot. You might feel bitter about these lessons. They might sting a little. But gosh darn it, you learned them. We, as an profession, learned them.

And today we’re going to share them, illustrated with some quotes by the wisest people to walk this Earth.

We hope these 11 quotes inspire you to keep growing, learning, and evolving:


1. We remembered where true innovation comes from

While most other aspects of your business faded away, what remained? The necessities, probably. What were they centered around? Probably around love, authenticity, vulnerability and connection. It’s these simple yet powerful notes of life that often go unplayed until tragedy strikes. And it’s these notes that create the music of innovation.



2. We learned the importance of positivity

It’s hard to stay positive when everything you see around you is negative. We know this. But those who can learn to face the stormy seas with a positive attitude, can make it through this pandemic without losing their mind, or business.



3. We were forced to have faith

The prerequisite of positivity is faith. Without belief in a power higher than ourselves, everything seems a mess. With faith that it’s all here to help us, comes an opportunity to inspire those facing loss around us. 



4. We tapped into the gift of uncertainty

For an industry that is historically very resistant to change, the funeral profession sure did transform its very existence pretty quickly.  And in the face of uncertainty, we continue to change. While uncertainty sure doesn’t feel nice, it’s helping us practice evolution… something that was very necessary.



5. We realized the healing power of a simple act of love

As a funeral professional, you’ve probably gone above and beyond many times before for your client families. And while that act of kindness was likely met with gratitude, this year, the same small act of love has the potential to change a life. With mental health at an all time low in the US alone, we must remember that, again and again. So keep it up with those small acts of kindness. 



6. We learned from compassion fatigue

While it’s nice to be of service, we also must remember our boundaries. It could have been easy to ignore this before, but during the pandemic, it’s the difference between being able to show up and not being able to. 



7. In the midst of chaos, we checked our egos at the door

Throughout this pandemic, none of us have known the answers. It’s hard to know what’s best, when it changes everyday. And it’s from this humble stance that which we must face everyday with our business, even without a pandemic here to burst our bubble.



8. Working smarter (not harder) became a necessity

When your call volume increases 10x in a week, you learn what is a priority, and what isn’t, pretty fast. Look at what dropped from your priority list. What was on it? Is this aspect/task really important to the future of your funeral business? If not, your business just gained so much by letting go of what’s not essential now.



9. True leaders emerged

A real leader is someone who inspires, empowers, and gives hope. Without these qualities, we’re merely managing. It’s important to know the difference. 



10. The state of the industry was revealed

Chances are, a lot of flaws were revealed about your funeral business during this time. The same goes for the funeral profession. It’s important to talk about these flaws. To look at them, and accept them. When we accept them, we allow ourselves to make changes and progress. 


11. We rediscovered our passion

You may feel overwhelmed, emotional, and busy beyond words. But when you get home, and take a moment to rest, there is probably a feeling that comes over you. You sense you are doing something that matters. And even more importantly, it matters to you. Sure, this path isn’t easy. But it’s your passion. It’s probably what you came here to do. And you’re not giving up on it.


What ways has your funeral business evolved, as a result of the pandemic? Share with us in the comments below!

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