6 Death Industry Podcasts Every Funeral Professional Should Follow

Podcasts have hit just about every industry and scene out there in the last couple of years, and the funeral profession is no exception.

As we continue to step into the future of the funerals, this journey will require more inspiration, more drive, more education and more collaboration from us.

And podcasts… well, they just might be the ticket.

Check out these podcasts that we personally love listening to that get us inspired for the content we put out, and see what you think.

Here are our top 6 funeral industry podcasts:



1. Death Goes Digital Podcast


Peter Billingham, who refers to himself as a Digital Death Advisor, started Death Goes Digital two years ago. Nearly 50 episodes in, we get the sense that this topic of death in the digital world is on an upward spiral, and we’re happy to see someone like Peter owning it in such a warm way. What we love most about his podcast is Peter’s honest and authentic hosting style which make you feel like you’re sitting at a cafe having a cup of tea with him.

Check out these episodes:


2. Funeral Nation TV Podcast

The Funeral Nation TV Podcast (and Youtube channel), hosted by Ryan Thogmartin and Jeff Harbeson, offers up a feeling of a no BS, cutting edge space.  It’s fiery, humorous, and at times so honest it’s uncomfortable. Each episode is different and features things like funeral industry news, Q&As, funeral director spotlight, WTF! segment, and commentary on the industry in a entertaining non-funeralesque form. Our favorite part is the lightning round, where they ask a series of quick questions to their guests, and that’s when things tend to get interesting!

Check out these episodes:

| FUNERAL nation 103


3. The Art of Dying Well Podcast

This monthly podcast, put together by St Mary’s University, encourages its listeners to talk about death and dying openly without feeling the density of discomfort or fear. We like seeing those from the general public offering up an approach to a topic as seemingly heavy as death. One unique element about this podcast is that each episode includes “the view from the Chaplain’s chair” which offers a response to each interview from a different Chaplain every week.

Check out these episodes:


4. Death in the Afternoon

Death in the Afternoon, the new podcast by Caitlin Doughty, host of Ask a Mortician, is a breath of fresh air in the death industry. On her website, she says her goal of the podcast is to “dispel myths about death and dead bodies, dive into history and dark tales you’ve never heard before, and hopefully make you less afraid to talk about the inevitable”. Although it’s only a few episodes in, we have high hopes for this podcast, and especially love the dark humor flavors of it!

Check out her first two episodes:

5. Funeral Cribs

Although it’s not in traditional podcast form, Funeral Cribs is a regularly aired series that focuses on the awesomeness of high end funeral homes in the way that MTV’s “Cribs” focused on celebrity homes back in the early 2000’s. On their website, it says their mission is to “highlight funeral businesses around the world that are doing innovative and interesting things… so others can learn from these success stories and improve their companies.” Nothing short of primetime entertainment, we certainly enjoy checking out some of the most beautiful funeral homes in the world in this series!

Check out these episodes:


6. Kaddish Podcast

“Terrible, Thanks for Asking” (TTFA) is a podcast that describes itself as “a funny/sad/uncomfortable podcast about talking honestly about our pain, our awkwardness, and our humanness, which is not an actual word.” We love this podcast because it addresses issues such as depression, sadness and grief that are very familiar for funeral professionals in a heart warming sort of way. The host, Nora McInerny, author of It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too, who labels herself as a widow, offers an open and honest space to discuss the things no one really dares to talk about, and for that we adore this podcast!

Check out these episodes:


What are your favorite death industry podcasts? Share them with us in the comments below!

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  3. Amy Cunningham

    Wake Forest Law School professor and cemetery expert Tanya Marsh is doing an incredibly great job with her podcast Death, et seq.

  4. Rilee Chastain

    Thanks for sharing this podcast with us, Amy! We’ll be sure to share it on our next Podcast post! 🙂

  5. Terrence White

    Please add Rest Easy, https://anchor.fm/terrence-white/episodes/Rest-Easy-Episode-9-eqnrbv

  6. Linet A

    First, you have a great sense of life and our purpose here on earth. Death is just a part of living. I am an unemployed Lab Scientist, doing research on post-mortem thrombus findings, particularly in the major arteries. For a short time, the information was getting through the Narrative filters, but they got shut pretty tight. If you have any experiences, thoughts, or information that you are willing to share privately, or can point me to someone who can help, I am most grateful.

    Linet Awolana MBA, BS, MT(AAB)
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