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Check out the video above to see why we created f1Connect Mobile Websites, how they’ll help you grow your business, and the effort that went into creating them.


Now that 3 out of 4 U.S. adults own smartphones, there is no denying that people are accessing funeral home websites on mobile devices. In fact, 1 out of every 4 website visitors on f1Connect websites are currently accessing them through a mobile device.

According to Martim Schnack, Chief Technology Officer at funeralOne, this means that “having a mobile website isn’t just a nice feature to have… it’s a crucial asset for the future.”

That’s why more than 7,000 funeral homes across the country have optimized their website for mobile with the f1Connect website platform.

What makes f1Connect Mobile Websites so unique is that they’re the only truly mobile optimized funeral website solution out there. Instead of just taking the desktop version of our clients’ f1Connect websites and making them mobile-friendly, we rethought and re-imagined the entire website platform to better fit mobile user’s needs.

Focusing on simplicity

“It took an unbelievable discipline to focus on simplicity and what matters most. The key was to truly understand what the mobile audience is looking for, and how we can [help them reach their end goal] in the easiest, most stunning way” says Joe Joachim, CEO and founder of funeralOne.

Research shows that people who are visiting funeral home websites on a mobile phone typically take 3 actions: 1) lookup service information, 2) share a condolence on the loved one’s social memorial website, 3) send flowers or gifts to show the family they care.

f1Connect Mobile Websites make these 3 actions easy to complete within just a few clicks or a swipe of the finger.

A unique approach to mobile

“When it comes to putting together the strategy for mobile websites, not only is it important to understand the users that visit funeral home websites, but also to know that a mobile user’s needs differ from a desktop user’s. They want quick, scannable information that gives them exactly what they need, right when they need it,” adds Rochelle Rietow, Marketing Director at funeralOne.

As users continue to engage with f1Connect Mobile Websites, we plan to learn more about the audience and constantly improve the mobile websites to fit their needs. The goal is to create a truly revolutionary product with a top-notch user experience that leaves a lasting, timeless impression.

“If you think f1Connect mobile websites are cool now…,” says Joachim, “…we’re just getting started!”

How to get f1Connect Mobile Websites

If you’re already an f1Connect client, you don’t need to do anything to get your new f1Connect mobile website – we’ve already created it for you! Visitors who access your website from smartphones will be directly rerouted to the mobile-optimized version. To view your live mobile website, simply type in your funeral home’s website address into any smartphone.

If you’re not already an f1Connect client and would like to see our f1Connect website solution in action, click here to get a free demo!

Vote for f1Connect Mobile Websites for the NFDA Innovation Award!

We’re extremely excited that f1Connect Mobile Websites have been nominated as a finalist for the NFDA Innovation Award. Help us win by voting for us below… every vote counts!


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