Fox News Webcasting Success Story

You know that this isn’t the first time I have shared a story like this with you…

I hear success stories daily! And today yet another client (JJ Duffy Funeral Home) who TOOK THE STEPS to be the FIRST IN THEIR AREA to offer webcasting received not only local, but national press! I’m talking about the best form of advertising…. FREE ADVERTISING!

I hate to keep on driving this idea home… I don’t want your competitor to beat you to the punch and to take advantage of such a great opportunity!

Read the full story by visiting here:

If you are not convinced yet that being the first in your area to webcast will create a ton of free press for your firm…. Google it

If you want to learn more about webcasting with worldwide leader…. funeralOne, please visit:

Here’s to your success!
Joe Joachim

Joe Joachim


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  1. Fred H.

    I recently had a company come in trying to offer me webcasting. They wanted almost 4,000 up front, 700 a month, and then told me it was a 39 month contract. Thats crazy!

    Thank god I found out about you guys. Anybody looking to webcast shouldn’t even think twice about Funeral One. You let me try it for 30 days free, it couldn’t be easier, I can pay for the service when I use it, I have no contract, and I know you’ve been around for a long time and your not going anywhere.

    Also thank nicole in your technical department for holding my hand throughout this!

    Keep it up!!!!

  2. Joe Smoe

    Hey Fred….. sounds like self advertisement to me, this company has been around three or four years tops. Not saying it not a good idea and all… but they have not been around forever. We are in the business and remember them a couple of years ago in San Diego ICCFA show as their debut. Many FREE resources out there than this. But what ever works.