Happy Holidays From funeralOne! (VIDEO CARD)

2010 has been a great year for funeralOne — all thanks to you! Our community has inspired each one of our teams to work hard, experiment, and embrace constant learning. With the holiday season in full swing, we at funeralOne wanted to say thank you and send warm wishes your way!

Naturally, the best way to do this is by showing the different faces behind funeralOne. Watch our video card to see those faces and read our message. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

Thank you for your ongoing support and passion. We are lucky to have you as a part of the funeralOne family!

Happy Holidays,

The funeralOne Team

Joe Joachim


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  1. Michael J. Curtiss

    Excellent. Thank you for departing from the norm and posting some dreary, ponderously-legato, classical-music-and-landscape “tribute” video as has been the wont of funeral-related websites for lo these many years.

    t’s refreshing to see a site related to the death care industry honoring the fact that that while death is an inevitable part of life, that life in and of itself continues, and that at times it’s exciting, and whimsical, and irreverent, and fun. Well done.

    Thank you for taking a chance, going above and beyond what was commonly regarded as “acceptable” and stepping outside of what others think of as “appropriate” and “expected”. You’ve stretched the envelope and you’ve done it in a way that only makes us accept the fact that there’s more than one way to deal with the fact of death, and that there’s no “wrong” way to celebrate the life we are given. Well done.

    Michael J. Curtiss

  2. Michelle Curtis

    I love the card. You all have been a great asset to myself and Patton Brothers Funeral Homes. Keep up the good work.

  3. Jo Smith ( Howard Funeral Service)

    Loved your Christmas card! Thanks so much, neat idea.

    Everyone loves the videos we create, thanks to you, they are beautiful and add so much to our services. If you ever get a chance to add something for us here in “the land of cotton” please grab it! We live in a small town but the town with the largest cotton gin in the world!

  4. Teresa Peterson

    You guys rock! Thank you for all that you are doing for funeral service!!! You guys are without a doubt our biggest asset for seperating ourselves from our competition and letting our families know what funeral service is supposed to be!

    God bless,

    Teresa Peterson

  5. Jim L. Shakespeare

    I would like to thank your team for all the support for year 2010. I looking foward to your continued support.

    thanks again!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Year.

  6. Craig Bryan

    Thanks for the Christmas card.
    Lots of laughs.

  7. Kim Stacey

    This was great fun, folks! I loved it! Didn’t see it until the 27th – but it was well worth the wait. Love you all! T

  8. Debbie Dawson

    Thank you for the great card. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. Looking forward to the new year and working with you all. I can’t say enough about the great tech support we get. Thank you for all you do.

  9. Cathy

    Happy Holidays from Bongarzone Funeral Home. Thank you for all you do and assiting us when we need your help.

  10. Judy Greene

    Love this. Nice.

  11. Tammie Reading

    Good Job. Love it.

  12. Tom Labanauskas

    Very cute !

  13. Michael Worden

    You know, you could sell this e-christmas card or other holiday cards to Funeral One customers to send out to their friends. Esp. those of use that do not have the talent to create our own online e-card.

    //s// Michael Worden