Introducing the Life Tributes Spring 2011 Release!

We’re very excited to notify you that the Life Tributes Spring 2011 Release is now available for download and it’s packed with exciting new features and improvements.

Here are the updates you can expect with the Life Tributes Spring Release:

  • Cinematic Intros – The highly anticipated Patriotic and Birthday cinematic Tribute Video intros are now available! Check out the previews below.


  • Scenic Video Clips – Breathtaking new scenic video clips for Tribute Videos include Butterfly and Heavenly.
  • Printing Updates – Creating the Tribute Book and print projects is now easier and more efficient than ever!
  • Usability Improvements – Various usability improvements have been made to ensure ease of use.

Ready for the FREE Life Tributes update?

If you’re an existing Life Tributes user, when you log into the software, you’ll be automatically prompted to install this free update…Make sure to select “Yes!”

If you have not yet installed Life Tributes, click the banner below to get your FREE trial!

Reminder: we hold live training events for you and your team on a regular basis.

To check out our training schedule and register for a session visit: (see “Live Training Events” mid-way down the page)

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  1. John

    The new Cinematic Intros look absolutely amazing! I am looking forward to working with them. Thank you funeralOne!

  2. Nicole

    The new Patriotic Introduction is simply amazing!

  3. Jay Michael

    Your company continues to exceeds our EXPECTATIONS! Thank you and your staff at Funeral One for all your commitment on making your tribute software the BEST in the industry.

  4. Peter

    I’d like to congratulate funeralOne for this new release! It’s simply stunning!!!

    The Patriotic video is amazing! I’m happy to be a customer and to be able to present this to the families I serve.

    One more time… you are simply the best!

  5. Tom

    The new Patriotic intro is incredible. This is a fantastic way to pay tribute to our veterans.

    Great Job funeralOne!

  6. George

    We are blown away by the new video intros. The Patriotic theme is amazing! Thank you funeralOne for all of the great products.

  7. teresa

    Love this… the videos are amazing! Thank you…

  8. Jim

    Hey funeralOne,”You guys continue to bring us incredible new healing features for our families”AWESOME !!!!!!!!

  9. Kim

    There’s always something fantastic coming from the funeralOne team! It’s become as expected as the sunrise. Great job – can’t wait to see it for myself.

  10. Rick Canale

    Wow, this looks like a great way to create a wonderful finally memory for the bereaved.

  11. Danielle

    What a deserving intro to all of our military men and women. Beautiful job funeralOne!!!

  12. Natalie


  13. Monica

    So very excited to see such amazing work on new intros and scenic background clips released. Great Job funeralOne!

  14. Lavonda

    I LOVE the new Patriotic intro – Tribute of Honor! Keep up the good work!

  15. Kristen

    Well Done Funeral One!!!!! Your new patriotic intro just gave me the chills. Very moving!

  16. Colleen Regnier

    In printing the material for the DVD cover, etc. I can never get the DVD disc label correct. The Horizontal and Vertical are confusing to me and when I adjust -stlll off

  17. Shawn


  18. Susan

    I’m so excited about the Happy Birthday Intros!! I’m getting ready to do a birthday video for a 98 yr. old man, and this is going to be great!!! The Patriotic video is also beautiful!!

  19. Tony

    Awesome. Again wonderful stuff from a wonderful company. Thank you for making this undertaker look good.

  20. Cheri

    I never cease to be impressed by Funeral One. The spring release completely exceeded my expectations. The patriotic cinematic intro is so moving. I gave some feedback regarding the tribute book, and I noticed you listened!!! Thanks Funeral One!

  21. Mike Carroll

    Please send me information as to how this program works, the charges, what supplies are needed etc.

    Thank you!

  22. Simons Mortuary

    They look great! I would like to suggest to add a label for a Nurse as a profession with a Nurse’s cap.

  23. Tami

    I love all the new features, intros and video clips, but would love new music!!! There are only a few that we like and they are starting to get old.

  24. Lisa M. Foster

    We absolutely love the cinematic intro’s of the software that your company has made available. We are more than pleased with everything, and your staff is fabulous !!

    Thank you once again !!

  25. Rick Young

    Well done ! best product on the market thanks for all you do as ever, Rick Young .

  26. S. Lee Goff

    great work keep it up

  27. Teresa


  28. Jerripearlman

    Oh my God..  this isn’t even my family, and yet I’m in tears watching the Patriotic Tribute. I’m not a member yet, but can’t get to the “Get Started” tab quick enough…

  29. Anonymous

     That’s one of my favorites as well! Wait until you see what else we have in store…I’ll keep you posted!