Why Everyday Should Be Mother’s Day at Your Funeral Home

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day prompts us to think about the women in our lives who are constantly taking care of others and balancing work, family and life in general.

As you think about how you are going to honor the special women in your life on Mother’s Day, take a moment to consider the women who play a significant role in making final arrangements with their families.

Many times, the women you know and love share the very same needs and concerns as the women who are involved in making decisions during a funeral arrangement conference. Women everywhere are looking for services and products that make their life easier and solve real problems.

In the book “Why She Buys” by Bridget Brennan, gender differences in the way women make purchasing decisions are clearly outlined – as well as effective strategies to better communicate and market to women. Bridget puts it best by simply stating, “Women are females first and consumers second.”

So, in honor of Mother’s day, let’s take a look at some powerful insights on how to market to your most powerful demographic: women!

Take a Lesson from Oprah

Mother's Day

Oprah is the master at connecting with women. According to “Why She Buys,” Oprah connects with women in three ways – affirmation, self disclosure and compliments. Oprah is consistently communicating her vulnerabilities, struggles and desire to live her best life. And, above those things, she wants women everywhere to live their best life.

Women also want products and services that help them be more efficient and make their day to day life a little bit more simple. Additionally, they always want to help other people. Oprah appeals to both of those needs. Take a look at any cover of O Magazine and notice the headlines that clearly communicate help for women and how they can help others. The topics and the words emotionally draw women in by addressing those two wants that women have.

Ask yourself the question: “How do I share with families the different ways our funeral home is able to help them as well as how the services they have planned can help others ?”

Realize that the needs of others are a top concern…ALWAYS

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When women are in charge, they are well aware that they’re not the only ones involved in making decisions. Women are constantly thinking about other people who may be directly or indirectly impacted. Whether their decision is about a new vehicle or what to have for dinner that night, everyone’s feelings and needs are taken into consideration.

That’s how women think. Bridget emphasizes that “it’s important to address absent influencers during the sales process by asking your prospect if there are other people who will be involved in some way.”

Ask yourself the question: “In what ways do I help families address the emotional needs of everyone who was touched by the life lived?”

Perfect your communication skills

Show families you understand them by thoughtfully communicating empathy. Bridget addresses the impact of empathy as a way to help women feel comfortable. She writes, “This is a reassuring style of communication that women use with each other in conversation. The technique is especially powerful when it comes to complex and expensive purchases.”

Empathy doesn’t have to start with “I understand what you are going through.” Empathy is simply taking a moment, putting yourself in the families’ shoes and seeing things from their perspective. Demonstrating your empathy is as easy as anticipating the needs and concerns the family member may have on their mind.

Communicate and confirm for families even more that you care by writing a thoughtful note of appreciation. Women want to do business with those who appreciate them. They will remember that you took time out of your day to handwrite them a sweet thank you note. Bridget suggests to “show your appreciation to women customers and clients early and often.”

Follow these simple guidelines for writing the perfect note of appreciation:

1. Use personalized notecards
2. Use the person’s formal name (unless given permission to address them differently)
3. Refer back to their loved one’s service
4. Be brief, genuine & friendly

Ask yourself the question: What am I doing to improve my communication skills with women?

Now that you know some ways you can effectively communicate with and market to women, put your knowledge to action! Try writing a thank you note to the next female you meet with in an arrangement conference.

Not only will the women you serve appreciate the time you took to go above and beyond, but they’ll recommend your funeral home thanks to the level of service you’ve provided them.

How does your funeral home market to women? Have any tips to add? Share them in the comments below!


Lacy Robinson is a Kentucky licensed funeral director/embalmer and a certified member of the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice. As Senior Professional Development Trainer for Aurora Casket, Lacy specializes in helping funeral directors partner with families to create funerals that honor both their basic and personal needs at the time of loss. She presents continuing education programs on both the local, state and national level. Lacy is an active member of the Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky and Bluegrass Toastmasters Group. She is also a Certified Funeral Celebrant, certified Wilson Learning Facilitator and serves on the Advisory Board to the Association of Women Funeral Professionals.

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