It’s Here! Life Tributes Summer 2010 Release

As of today, Life Tributes Summer 2010 release is available to funeral home professionals around the world – and it’s amazing. We’ve made lots of changes, all in response to the client feedback we’ve received. In other words, you asked, and we listened! And that level of responsiveness is going to be the hallmark of everything we do in the future. We guarantee it.

Life Tributes Summer 2010 featuring the following improvements:

New Lighthouse Intro – Need more Intros?
Awesome Hollywood Cinematic Intro Video. This is the new standard in introduction videos.

[flv: 622 371]

Catholic Printing – You want another one and we’re giving it.
Catholic II is now available in the summer release.

Folding Lines – you ask for it, and we deliver!
All printing items will now show a red center line. You will be able to center out all projects.

Enable Auto Repeat Button – Convenience, just like you wanted.
Based largely on client feedback, we’ve made the auto repeat option very easy acces for our clients. p.s. It’s still under advanced options for you advanced users)

Timeline on screen – You thought it might help, so did we.
Many questions always come in about how long each picture will be on the screen or how to slow down or speed up the pictures.

“Copies of DVD are Available” Form – You wanted something to help DVD sales, we’re happy to help.
This will help funeral homes inform service attendants that copies of the Tribute are available for purchase.

“DVD Copy Request” Form – Asked for value in sales? How about sales coming to you?
This makes it very simple for the funeral home to have sales of DVD come to them. That’s a change! You can set the price and just print. Everything else is pre-printed.

Webcasting Audio Sync
A Few customers had issues with audio not syncing, that has been resolved

Disappearing Slider Bar
Some clients reported issues with the slider. It’s fixed.

Spanish Version Fixes (text)
Various Spanish words were updated to suit the update.

Text bug in language cross over
Fixed issue with English cross over to Spanish

Blue bars
In some computers, the blue progress bar was jumpy and sometimes stuck. This problem is resolved.

This build is a free update for all users and will automatically prompt for install.

As always, please continue to keep us informed on suggestions and improvements. It’s all because of you, our most valued customers, that Life Tribute is still the world’s leading tribute video software package.

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  1. Amanda

    Love the new updates! That new intro video is out of this world! My families are going to LOVE this!

    Thanks Funeral One !!!!!

  2. Memory Lane

    The new intro is beautiful. I just did one for a family last week that requested something with lighthouses, awesome. Keep up the good work!

  3. Richard

    Thanks for listening.

    This video introduction is exactly what I was talking about guys. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great support! I’ve got to be your biggest fan?!? 🙂

    PS – I love the new printing features

  4. heather

    Are you Mac compatible yet?

  5. Steven

    I thought your last updated intro was good but this is better one and I am sure that the families that I serve will absolutelt love it, keep up the good work

  6. Anya Shortridge

    Thank you so much – I am excited to use Life Tributes again. I got chills watching the Intro – wow!

    Thank you

    Ashes on the Sea

  7. Matt Graham

    @Steven: And if only we could show you the few that we’re still working on! We’re pulling out all the tricks! We’re confident that this and the updates to come will continue to wow your families! We’re very excited and looking forward to your feedback!

    @Heather: Not yet; but that too is in the think tank. (we’re all mac in the marketing department!)

    Matt Graham
    Creative Director, funeralOne

  8. Richard M. Dean

    Just downloaded the program and I’m really impressed. The qualitiy of intro videos you offer is much better than previously used programs here. I know about your videos and printing, but what do I need for webcasting? Is $40 per webcast it? Are there any other charges? Contracts?


  9. Josh Marler

    You guys are UNREAL. Thanks for your commitment to a quality product and for listening to our needs. This is why you guys set the standard. Keep ’em coming!!!!

  10. Blue Chill

    How much is the conversion of 1 credit to dollar in funeral one?

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  12. Charlie

    I was one of those customers who had the “Blue bars” problem. When I began burning my DVD’s, the blue bar would jump to about the 15% completed mark, then, sometimes, if lucky would continue. But many times, it would get stuck at that point and my dvd burner would simply spin. The only solution was turning the computer off and rebooting. Many wasted disks! Thank the Lord someone fixed this! So far so good!

  13. Anya Shortridge

    Is there a community-based forum moderated by Life Tributes personnel? I have been hoping for one for a while and would be glad to play a part in it… 🙂

  14. TExas

    Need Mac compatibility. Switching to all Macs, and will have to stop using software.

  15. Adrian Admidre

    When will the application be Mac compatible?

  16. George Caceres

    Hey Everyone, Thanks for all the great responses. Love hearing the feedback.

    @ Texas & @Adrian A. In the short-term, Parallels for Mac or a Windows Emulator will be the best solution for using Life Tributes on a Mac. This will be the only way to currently use the software. We do however have future plans to solving this problem. Let me know if I can help with those.

  17. Denis Desrochers

    Can we change for french text for the presentation?
    Video tribut how easy it’s to look professionnel even if we are not computer geek?
    Some famely have controling the number of picture in there tribut … with your product how many pictures can we have?

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