NFDA 2012 Presents: Service of Remembrance

Join NFDA as we honor our funeral service colleagues and loved ones lost this year:

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About NFDA Service of Remembrance Ceremony:

Every year, NFDA International Convention and Exposition takes a moment to remember our funeral service friends and colleagues who have died in the last year. During the ceremony, we acknowledge the impact these people have made on our lives, and pay tribute to their legacy. Service of Remembrance is meant to help you reflect, pray, remember and learn.

The NFDA Executive Board and Staff made the decision to enhance this special service by giving funeral professionals an opportunity to experience different funeral traditions around the world. This year we had the opportunity to experience an “Old Guard” ceremony where we¬† honored not only funeral service friends and colleagues, but also our military, both active duty and NFDA members who are veterans.

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to remember the loved ones in their families’ time of need!

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