Personalization Ideas That Honor Dads On Father’s Day (And All Year Round)

There is no one in our lives quite like our dad. For many people, a dad is the closest thing that we’ll ever have to a real life superhero. He’s our own personal Mr. Fix-It, our go-to source for wisdom and jokes, or even our first best friend. So when it comes time for Father’s Day each June, many of us search for ways that we can come close to honoring Dad in the way that he deserves.

But, as many of us in the funeral profession know, not every family has the luxury of being able to spend Father’s Day with their dad. And for those people, the idea of celebrating this personal holiday may not be something that they think they can do anymore.

However, just because a person’s father has passed away, that doesn’t mean they ever stop being their dad. And that doesn’t mean we should no longer celebrate and remember all of the amazing stories and memories that we share with them. Just the opposite, actually.

We should encourage families to remember their dads on Father’s Day, devote the day to recalling and retelling their favorite stories of him, and even find unique ways to personalize this special holiday to their own father. To help you get started, here are 6 personalization ideas that will help your families honor their dad this Father’s Day, and all year round.

1. Custom Magnet Board


If you are looking for a unique way to show off photos at an upcoming funeral service, other than the classic photo frame that you’ve used for years, try creating a custom “Father” magnet board. (Find instructions here.) You could theme the board around a dad’s favorite sports team, their favorite activity, or simply customize it with their name.

Not only does a personalized magnet board help tell the story of a beloved dad, but it also makes a great keepsake that the family can take home once the funeral is over. The above magnet board also took personal Instagram photos that friends and family had taken of their loved one, and turned the photos into magnets that could be shared on the board. This helped bring in everyone’s stories and memories of their loved one, not just the direct family’s, making it a great conversation piece at the service.

2. Unique Tie Wreath


If your families are anything like ours, then their fathers are sure to have collected their fair share of ties from Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmases over the years. (After all, it’s a classic Dad gift!) But while many families may choose to bury their Dad in his all-time favorite necktie, what should they do with the rest of dad’s prized collection?

We love the idea of a custom do-it-yourself tie wreath, as shown above. (Instructions here.) Not only is this a unique decor piece that can be displayed at the funeral service (and it’s super easy to create), but the family can take it home to hang up every Father’s Day or birthday in remembrance of their dad. You could also encourage your families to turn dad’s favorite ties into custom keychains that they can always take with them on the go, as well.

3. Fun Photo Puzzle


While meaningful photos and stories about Dad or Grandpa can help jump start the healing process for many, these elements of a funeral service are not always as engaging for any kids that may be attending. They are looking for more physical, tangible way to relate to their loved one. So instead, create a personalized remembrance game that encourages kids to honor and connect with the loss in their own way.

The fun photo puzzle above is a great keepsake for families, and a fun way for kids to connect with memories of their loved one. Simply follow these instructions to create a few personalized photo puzzles that you can place around the service for kids to put together.

4. Game Night Photo Frame


For many kids, one of the best memories of childhood was always game night with their family. But instead of simply sharing photos of your families playing games with their dad, or encouraging them to tell stories about how he always won every game of scrabble, bring these memories into the funeral theme itself.

Frame your families’ photos with scrabble tiles, as shown above, if their dad was a big wordsmith. You could also incorporate other classic past-time pieces, such as a Crossword puzzle grids, Yahtzee dice, or any other elements of their father’s favorite game. These make great display pieces at the funeral service, as well as meaningful decor for your families to take and hang up at home.

5. Recycled Shirt Apron


Do your families often tell you stories about how dad or grandpa was master of the grill? How most of their family events took place in the kitchen, where their loved one was always cooking up a new masterpiece? Many of life’s greatest memories are tied into food and taste, so it’s only natural that these stories take focus when remembering a loved one.

If you are hosting a funeral for a dad who was a great chef, there are many ways you can incorporate food into the service. Share his favorite recipes and meals on keepsake cards for visiting friends and families, so his best dishes can be passed on for generations. You can also encourage immediate family to bring some of dad’s favorite shirts with them into the kitchen, so he is always still cooking alongside them. These instructions for a recycled shirt apron above are super easy, and are a special way for families to remember their favorite grill master.

6. Personalized Life Tribute Videos


There are few elements of a funeral service that are as powerful and moving as a personalized life tribute video that shares photos, videos and stories of a person’s life. We’ve seen it time and time again while working in this profession – the laughs, tears and memories that come out of a beautifully created tribute video help families connect with their loved one, and help them through the healing process. Plus, with Life Tribute’s Hollywood-style creations, you can choose a video that is personalized just for your families’ dad, whether he was a known fisherman or a proud veteran. Life Tributes has meaningful, pre-made templates that will bring a loved one’s favorite past times into their remembrance service.

To learn more about Life Tributes and how you can use them to help your families remember their dad on Father’s Day (and all year round), click here.

How are you honoring your dad this Father’s Day? Do you continue to celebrate him on this day, even after he’s passed? Be sure to share your stories with us in the comments below.

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  1. Richard Lawrence Belford

    I had the pleasure of working with my father in a family owned business for almost fifteen-years. They were easily the most rewarding and memorable years of my life in which he taught me many things, but showed me so much more.

    It was during this time that we became extremely close; both my daughters were born; I bought my first home and experienced the loss of a grandparent, his father.

    We also met a variety of interesting people along the way from many walks of life, which allowed me to witness his interactions with others in amazement, as there was never a time that he didn’t treat everyone no matter who they were, the very same way he himself would like to be treated.

    It was truly very inspiring and I could not have had a better role model. So, Dad I thank you, not only for all you taught me, but also for what I have become.

    Like Father, Like Son

    I have followed in your footsteps,
    you have taught me many things,
    shown me many more.

    Like, what it was to be a caring son,
    takes to be a devoted father,
    means to be a loving grandfather.

    I will never forget all you taught me,
    always treasure what you have shown me.
    In life, it is less important what you are,
    than what you become.

    If I can become, as caring a son,
    devoted a father, loving a grandfather,
    It will be your legacy I keep.

    ©2000 Richard Lawrence Belford